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November ESP Photo Caption Contest

At Sonic Electronix we truly appreciate the support and loyalty of our customers, and we figured what better way to show you all a big “Thank You” then by hosting an awesome contest for the month of November. Sonic Electronix has teamed up with ESP Guitars and guitar hero George Lynch to put together some awesome prizes for this month’s contest, including a signed Kamikaze Electric Guitar by George Lynch himself! Watch this video now for a short message from Lynch and some details.

ESP Guitar Company was founded in Tokyo, Japan in 1975 and has since then established itself as a top manufacturer of electric guitars and basses. They sponsor some of the most renowned guitarists in the industry, such as George Lynch (Lynch Mob), James Hetfield (Metallica), and Jeff Hanneman (Slayer). Enter for a chance to win a swag bag with ESP shirts, a mug, and guitar care kit as well as a chance to win one of the two top prize guitars. One prize winner will receive the LTD EC-256 Six String Lemon Drop Eclipse Guitar. The EC-256 has a strong set-neck construction, flamed maple top, lemon drop finish, and great three-way toggle volume controls. The grand prize winner will receive an autographed George Lynch LTD Signature Series GL-200K Kamikaze Guitar.

The grand prize autographed George Lynch Kamikaze Guitar is a must have for George Lynch fans and hard rockers, this modern day metal classic features a contoured basswood body with sleek beveled edges and a Floyd Rose special bridge. George Lynch is an American hard rock guitarist and songwriter who is best known for his work with the bands Dokken, Lynch Mob, and Souls of We. Can you think of a funny caption for this photo? Then enter our contest!

ESP Photo Caption Contest

ESP Photo Caption Contest

So, now you must be yearning to know what exactly the contest is all about. Our Sonic Electronix Team has decided that it would be awesome to have a photo caption contest! Throughout the month of November, Sonic will have the unique photo shown above displayed on our Facebook Page for contestants to submit creative and funny captions. Once you submit your caption seek voters to support your entry, like your friends, and the highest voted captions will be eligible to win. For more information make sure to check out our Facebook Page and submit your funny and creative photo caption for the chance to win one of the awesome prizes available.


How to Choose a Guitar for Beginners

In the world of music, there are three main types of guitars, and picking a guitar from one of the three categories is dependent on the style you choose to play. To break it down simply for beginners, it’s important to decide whether you are looking to purchase an acoustic or an electric guitar.

Pyle PGA44 6 String Acoustic Guitar

The Pyle PGA44 6 String Acoustic Guitar is a great inexpensive choice for beginner guitarists

Steel string Acoustic and classical guitars look very identical, but both feel and sound completely different. While both types are technically acoustic guitars, steel string guitar strings are obviously made of steel, and produce a big, bright, brash tone. One the other hand classical strings are nylon and sound mellow. If you want to play acoustic rock, such as Bob Dylan, Jack Johnson, Dave Matthews, Tim Reynolds, etc. you’ll most likely want to look into purchasing a steel string guitar. If you want to play more of a Spanish style or traditional type of music then you’ll want to look into the classical guitar. Steel string guitar necks are narrower and longer than classical guitar necks which means that it’s a little easier to fingerpick on a classical guitar and easier to play common chords on the steel string.

Fender G-5-3TS Stratocaster Powered by Roland COSM Technology

Electric guitars come in types depending on the pickups they have. Pickups are like microphones that literally “pick up” string vibrations when you are playing. Pickups are the bar shapes under the strings in the area where you strum the guitar. Two types are single-coil pickups and humbuckers. Single-coil pickups are the narrow, and tend to have a brighter tone generally considered to be the best-sounding pickups for clean guitar playing. Humbuckers sound great with distortion, so they are the pickups of choice for the hard rocker style. But also keep in mind, when you are purchasing an electric guitar you will also need to purchase an amplifier as well.

Last but certainly not least, you also want to make sure you purchase a guitar that is the right size for you or whoever will be playing it. Guitars that are too big feel awkward when you place your strumming arm over the top of the body. If purchasing a guitar for a younger child there are ½ and ¾ sized guitars available, it may be a good idea to have them test it out before purchasing the guitar just to make sure it feels right for them.