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Infinity BassLink SM Shallow Mount Powered Car Subwoofer

One of the great new products that Infinity™ introduced at the International CES show this year was their completely redesigned BassLink SM. The BassLink is a shallow mount powered car subwoofer. This compact, under the seat subwoofer is designed to improve the bass performance in vehicles while putting the richness back into the music. In addition, the BassLink SM’s small housing makes it possible to add bass to your vehicle without taking  up a whole bunch of space. In fact, you can even install it under your car seat!

Infinity Basslink SM

  • Compact, Long Excursion, 8-Inch Subwoofer
  • Class D 80W Amplification
  • Extremely Shallow Design
  • Fits Underneath or Behind Car Seat
  • Beautiful, Sleek Design
  • Easy Installation


The release of this brand new BassLink design definitely impressed us. The last model of Infinity’s BassLink powered car subwoofer was a much bigger design, with a 10″ subwoofer and a much wider housing. We love the new BassLink design and the fact that it adds excellent bass to your vehicle – at a great price! The BassLink SM powered car subwoofers will be available for purchase at Sonic Electronix sometime in April. Until next time, we’ll cya later!

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Dear Cody – Top 5 Way to Annoy Your Co-Workers

Dear Cody,

I work in an office and I’m frequently the butt of practical jokes from everyone else in the office. Like one time, I came in to work to find my entire work station shrink wrapped. Another time, my entire work station was upside down: the computer monitors, my pictures, pen holders… Everything! And another time my jacket went missing. A deliveryman showed up at work with a package sent COD (cash on delivery) and I come to find out it was my jacket in the package! I couldn’t get it back til I paid the UPS man! I’m not very good at practical jokes, can you give me some ideas for payback?


Butt of the Joke

Dear Butt of the Joke,

Office hijinks can be fun as long as you know how to fight back. Hardly a day goes by over here at Sonic without some sort of prank. Check these out:

Android Keyboard1. The Autopro MWKB

We had a lot of fun with this seemingly inconspicuous Bluetooth keyboard. You use the tiny little USB Bluetooth dongle to pair the keyboard to whatever the dongle is plugged into. So, take the USB dongle and plug it into a coworkers computer tower when they’re at lunch or something, the software installs pretty quick. When they come back, wait until they have important web pages up and CTRL + W the heck out of them. Minimize all their windows when they’re working on something and typo up whatever they’re working on. Loads of fun.

RC Helicopters2. RC Helicopters

These things exploded in popularity a couple years ago because they’re just so darn fun to amuse yourself with. And like many other things that amuse you, they annoy the heck out of everyone else. Whip out your RC copter and “show it off” to your coworkers. While you show off your latest toy, repeatedly crash it “mistakenly” into their cubicles and knock their stuff all over the place. Just apologize to whoever sits at the cubicle you just bombarded—And then do it again.

Piezo Siren

Small package, big punch

3. The Piezo Siren

If you haven’t heard a piezo siren I highly encourage you to try it out. They ‘re absolutely ear splittingingly painful to listen to. Imagine a young child throwing a tantrum and screaming bloody murder, and amplify those shrieking screams by like 10. That’s what a piezo sounds like. They were designed to hook up to a car alarm and mount on the inside of the vehicle. That way, if a thief breaks in, this piercing siren goes off and the thief’s ears are in too much pain for him/her to sit in your vehicle for more than a couple seconds.

With that being said…

Here’s how this works: You need a small 12 V battery like an A23 battery a little bit of electrical tape and some earplugs. Tape the black wire to the negative side of the battery and leave the positive red wire not attached. Keep the siren in a big pocket of yours and make sure the red wire does not touch the positive terminal on the battery. When whoever it is you want to annoy starts talking, connect the red wire to the positive terminal and interrupt them and everyone else in the vicinity with an ear shattering siren. In case it wasn’t obvious, make sure you’ve got your ear plugs in before you do this.

4. Voice Recorders

Have you ever had a boss who tells you to do one thing, you do that thing, then they tell you that they didn’t tell you to do the thing you already did because they told you to do it, and that you should have instead done this completely other thing? (confusing right?) Well that’s what a voice recorder is for. This is not so much a practical joke as it is practical (and funny.) Anytime your boss tells you to do something, record it! That way, when you’re getting yelled at for doing the wrong thing you can casually pull out your recording and say something along the lines of, “Well actually, ahem, quite the contrary ol’ chap, you in fact told me to do this, which I did. Because you told me so.” Granted, whether or not you keep your job after that is a different story entirely, but it’ll definitely annoy your boss.

Tone Generator5. The Tone Generator

For this one you’ll need the TLPTG2 tone generator and a coupler to turn a male RCA into a female 1/8″ jack. Your victim needs to have a set of external computer speakers with an On/Off switch for this to work. Connect the coupler to the RCA end of the tone generator and connect their speakers to it while they’re in the “Off” position. Turn on the tone generator and turn the frequency up all the way to the 13,000 kHz range, and make sure the generator is well hidden. Then, turn the volume on the speakers and computer all the way up. And from here, we wait. As soon as your victim turns their speakers on to enjoy some peaceful and pleasing music, they’ll be greeted will a high pitched obnoxious tone and won’t be able to figure out what’s wrong while also annoying the entire office. You may blow their speakers out and have to replace them, but hey, we gotta make sacrifices.

And these, Butt of the Joke, are the top 5 ways to annoy your coworkers! Have fun! And if anyone else can think of other funny pranks, please share them!


Bring Sonic Electronix Home

Since the year 2000, Sonic Electronix has strived in becoming a primary online shopping destination for car electronics and other consumer products. Reaching out and growing progressively alongside our loyal consumers, Sonic Electronix has now been able to reach out to other shoppers with our Home and Outdoor Category. While still continue our slogan “The X-Factor When Shopping for Electronics” we carry on our goal to help find solutions and great prices without sacrificing service. Three of the most common products sought in the home and outdoor category we provide are: Vacuums, Coffee and Espresso Makers, and our Toasters and Ovens.

There are many choices that consumers have to look into making when looking into purchasing a vacuum cleaner. These choices may be based how often the vacuum will be used and how much area it will be covering during use.

LG LUV200R Vacuum

LG LUV200R Vacuum

Here are some other considerations: Requirements for the vacuum cleaner (such as type and amount of carpet), allergy issues, attachments needed, physical issues that might make vacuuming more challenging, price, and durability.

Waking up may be one of the most difficult parts of the day, so at Sonic we definitely feel that it is important to make that moment not only a bit easier, but also maybe even enjoyable.

Cuisinart SS-300 Coffee Maker

Cuisinart SS-300 Coffee Maker

With our vast amount of coffee and espresso makers we definitely make sure to provide all of our consumers the a variety of appliances that could make your mornings maybe even the most sought out part of your day.

Now because living a healthy lifestyle is also very important to us at Sonic Electronix that right along with your coffee or choice of espresso that you have a good meal to start if your day. Knowing that time is of essence, we have also included various amounts of toasters and toasters ovens to choose from our home and outdoor category.

Black & Decker TRO480BS Toaster Oven

Black & Decker TRO480BS Toaster Oven

Depending on the type of toaster or toaster oven you choose to purchase, there are numerous functions that may be considered when purchasing either appliance. Some are: settings provided, removable slide out crumb trays, temperature settings,  safety anti-jam, and shade settings.

So definitely make sure you check out all of the new items we carry in our home and outdoor category at Sonic Electronix.



Some of us at SonicElectronix.com were lucky enough to be able to attend the 2008 SEMA Show this year.  If there is one word to describe the overall SEMA experience, it would be “impressive.”  Almost everything that we saw impressed us.  The new products, the incredible cars, the amazing sound systems, the elaborate booths, the precise attention to detail, beautiful paint jobs, the newest technology, and last but certainly not least… the girls.  There was so much to do; we could not see everything that we wanted to in the time that we were there.  There were a few booths and manufacturers that did stand out in our mind.  Some of them were quite… impressive.  We would like to outline some of our favorite moments that we had at SEMA, something that is hard to do because there were so many highlights.

The first thing that we noticed when we got off the bus was the insane amount of cars that were tricked out and blasting their loud systems.  We first met Scooby who had a sweet green truck that was loaded with all MA Audio subs and speakers.  With the 20 Subs in the back seat, this thing got LOUD!  He had even more subs raised above the bed of the truck and MA Audio amplifiers lining the bed of the truck.  Now here is the catch.  Scooby rigged this truck to have a pool of water in the truck bed (below the amps), a pump that will pull the water up to the subs, and a waterfall that falls into the pool of water.  It was a waterfall fountain in the bed of his truck!  So while the truck is pounding some hardcore tunes, it is also rotating some water for an incredible show.  Way to go Scooby!

Through the show we saw a lot of really good looking Scions.  The single Scion that stood out to the SonicElectronix.com crew was the Rockford Fosgate Scion.  Beautiful silver and black paint job with decals in all the right places.  The system housed a fully loaded Rockford Fosgate system, complete with custom made amplifier covers.  We were lucky enough to be at the car while the owner was there and we got a full tour of the vehicle.  Very nice and very clean.

When we got inside we found ourselves at the Kicker booth checking out the Scion that they made.  Talk about one loud Scion… This system was loaded and complete with ZX Amps, SS component speakers and CVR subwoofers in the back.  They had it all playing a Microsoft Zune thought the factory head unit with the help of some Soundgate accessories.  We talked with Aaron there at the Kicker booth and he gave us a whole run down on the product lines and the Scion.  He also showed us some of the new marine products that we had never before seen.  We saw some new components and coaxial speakers with some new pure white speaker grills.  These speakers looked great, and sounded even better on the show boat that they had there on site.

As we were walking around the floor we saw the guys over at Mitek Factory.  They had their new Malibu show car, and we could hear from across the hall.  The black 2008 Malibu looked clean and smooth on the outside, but possibly even smoother on the inside.  The way they used the factory head unit in conjunction with the MTX Audio re-Q created an incredible bass response.  The several square subs sitting in the back were pounding like no tomorrow.  The speakers were custom mounted components and very clear.  The MTX Audio amplifiers were powering the MTX Audio subwoofers and the MTX Audio speakers.  The Mitek guys placed the four MTX Audio amplifiers in a track that moves in and out of the truck.  This is perfect for show, as the amps were normally exposed and then hidden from view with the push of a button.  Words cannot give this breathtaking car enough credit.

There was so much to see and talk about at the show that we cannot possibly describe it all.  RE Audio gave us an remarkable demo of their subs and speakers.  Kenwood showed off their 2008 product line with more detail and helped us understand why they are a top-notch company.  The folks at AudioNet Mobile showed us how easy it is to hook up a wireless network in a car and broadcast a short range network for the ultimate mobile internet access.  The GoPro booth was catching a lot of attention with the Motorsports Hero Wide camera.  Mount that camera anywhere and film in great detail all of your extreme sports. We had a good laugh when we heard cows and Duffy Duck over at the Horntones booth. They offer a custom horn that plays any MP3 that you load on to the unit. The horn will play any MP3 load and clear for all to hear.

As usual, Scosche and Metra both showed us some of their new and improved in-dash installation kits.  But each had much more than just installation kits.  Our friend Chris from Metra showed off their Ballistic dampening material, the Shuriken batteries and power cells, and the brand new Xenonworx HID headlights.  Metra seems to always be working at bringing out the best in our vehicles.  Scosche showed us some of the e2 amplifier installation kits, the navigation accessories, and the bluetooth products. Most notable from Scosche was the new BlueFusion technology, which integrates Bluetooth technology into a factory headunit for seamless integration and superior sound.  We had Nathan help us out and give us a tour of the BlueFusion. The tour left us astonished at the capability of BlueFusion.  Keep looking at these companies as there are always bring out some new products that will move this market to the next level.

Overall, SonicElectronix.com had a great time at SEMA 2008.  We saw a lot of new products that we had never seen.  We saw some amazing cars that took our breath away.  We got to hear firsthand from the manufacturers themselves what makes these products so amazing.  We gained a new understanding of all the work that these companies are putting in to bring forth newer products and more advanced technology.  We saw that these companies really care about their customers and that they are dedicated to bring forth the best products that they can.  We saw incredible booths.  We heard some marvelous sound systems. All of us here at SonicElectronix.com cannot wait until next SEMA show.  Like we said before, if there was one word that we could choose to sum up all the events at the 2008 SEMA Show, that word would be “impressive.”

Article by Seth Wilde