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The JBL MS-8 Audio Optimizer

JBL MS-8 Sound Processor

By Seth Wilde – Product Specialist

Are you looking to get better sound out of your car’s existing audio system?  If so, then get ready to learn about the JBL MS-8 audio optimizer.  No matter if you have a stock system of an aftermarket system, this device will bring clarity and dynamic imaging to your mobile audio system.  If you are looking to experience music in a way that you never dreamed possible, then this easy to install sound processor is about to forever change your life… and your ears.

The JBL MS-8 is rightfully called a sound optimizer.  Once installed, this revolutionary device will forever change the way you experience music in your car.  It is designed to bring the audio system in you car to life, filling your vehicle with rich music you only thought possible in expensive audio systems.  One of the main purposes of the JBL MS-8 is to take your audio system and turn it into a finely tuned system that audiophiles become jealous of.  All of this is completed in a fraction of the time that professional tuning takes, as well as a fraction of the cost.  The MS-8 is installed in-line to your speakers by way of the speaker wires or RCA low-level inputs.  Included in the box are a small display, a pair of bi-aural microphone headphones, and a remote.  The tuning process is perfected as the headphones analyze the music and make the necessary adjustments according to the listener’s location, internal acoustics of the vehicle, and many other options.  The advanced DSP processor and Logic7 system bring incredible sound quality to the car’s audio system.  While this device was originally developed for audio optimization in factory audio systems, it can also bring the most out of any type of aftermarket audio system.  At JBL, it is all about the sound and the MS-8 is proof of that.


Peripheral iPod Accessories

PXDPBy Gideon V. – Sonic Electronix Editor

Now you can integrate your iPod with your factory stereo using the Peripheral PXDP universal iPod interface. This handy device enables you to control your iPod through the factory stereo controls. You can use the factory stereo faceplate to change tracks, skip forward or rewind through songs, and generally tweak any other playback controls. Unlike most external connection devices, this unit will produce CD sound quality. Also, it does not require any RF modulators. It simply connects the iPod through the CD port. Keep in mind that in order to use this device, your radio must be compatible with either a CD changer or Satellite radio.

If you would like to integrate your factory stereo with both an iPod and HD radio, check out the Peripheral PXAMG-A universal iPod Adapter and HD Radio interface. This is the ultimate expandability device, as it provides you an outlet for integrating your iPod, HD radio and many other portable media players. With this device, you will be able to use your factory stereo to navigate thru your music library. And the expansion possibilities are endless, as you can add MP3 players, satellite radio tuners, DVD players, GPS navigation units, and other portable devices through the additional aux inputs. Best of all, regardless of what playback option you use, the sound quality is absolutely tremendous. You will enjoy clear playback without the hiss or buzz of most iPod adapters. Best of all, it will not drain your iPod battery because it also acts as a charger, even when playing back music. It is important to note that in order to add this to your vehicle, your radio must be compatible with Satellite radio.

Both the PXAMG-A and the PXDP require a vehicle specific harness. We carry a multitude of vehicle specific iPod harnesses. These units enable you to add an Apple iPod input to your factory stereo. These harnesses are designed for luxury vehicles such as Mercedes, Lexus, Cadillac, as well as major brands such as Chevrolet, Dodge, Ford, Honda, and Toyota. Make sure you make a selection based on the make and model of your vehicle. In some cases you may need to know the year of your vehicle to make sure it fits within the compatibility range of the vehicle specific harness.