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Roland R-05: Handheld Recorder for Musicians, Engineers & More

Roland R-05
The Roland R-05 field recorder has arrived at Sonic Electronix! This little darling packs a lot of great features in a small (read as “affordable”) package. It certainly defies those nasty old connotations behind the phrase, “You get what you pay for.” How would you like the ability to record audio at professional studio quality resolutions without the hassle of carting around a bunch of gear? The R-05 can record uncompressed WAV files at 24-bit/96kHz for just under an hour on the included 2 GB SD memory card.

Or, if you’d be satisfied with CD quality audio at 16-bit/44.1kHz, you can record up to 88 min. per GB: the length of several albums worth of material. You can even record both WAV and MP3 files, for quality and sharing purposes respectively, without the tedium of dumping the files onto your computer and converting them manually. Pretty convenient, eh?

What About The Musicians, Man?

This unit is packed with some real handy features for musicians. The R-05 comes with Looping and Speed Change features that can help vocalists and guitarists to practice by looping or slowing down pieces of audio without altering the pitch. You could conversely speed up the audio 150% to quickly skim through a song in order to start jamming as soon as possible.For the more eager (read as “impatient”) of us out there who want to start playing immediately, the R-05 has a feature called Rehearsal Mode that will automatically set an optimum recording level – no need to spend lots of time messing with input levels. With this convenient feature, there’s no need to worry about overloading the input(s) and ending up with a remarkably high-resolution recording that’s sadly distorted beyond recognition.


Did You Fall Asleep In Class AGAIN?


While certainly no substitute for a good night’s sleep or for the highly respectable behaviors of actually staying awake and paying attention in class, the R-05 can serve as a real handy backup study aid for students. Simply set the recording quality to 128 kbps MP3 (lectures don’t necessarily need to be recorded at astounding, crystal-clear quality, you know), and hit record. Backups like that can definitely be life savers, especially if you’re not too good at taking notes.After you’re done studying, feel free to give your left brain a rest, load up some tunes onto the memory card and rock out for the next 30+ hours or so. The R-05 has quite the extensive battery life – perfect for you insomniacs out there! Hey, if KISS could rock and roll all night, why shouldn’t you? Make sure to check out our handy list of optional accessories when you pick up your R-05!

The Zoom H4n and Your DSLR

Zoom H4n

The Zoom H4n handy recorder is the most popular field audio recorder on the market. This handy little device is revolutionizing the way we look at the deployment of field audio recording for DSLR video as well as the recording of live music, podcasting, post production sound effects, and many broadcast applications.
H4n on a DSLR

With the onset popularity of the new go anywhere portability of DSLR cameras in professional production it is imperative to equip comparably portable peripheral equipment. The Zoom H4n is perfect for these applications. Typically in order for a production to have the best audio possible there is a technician present on set with his or her own kit of dedicated gear. This kit includes a slew of audio equipment including very complex field audio recorders, mixers, wireless lav mics, transmitters, receivers, boom poles, blimps, shotgun mics, and a coffin case full of cables and connectors, as well as all the necessary equipment to sync up with the cameras. This poses a problem for videographers working on smaller productions or documentary pieces with limited budgets. In the best case scenario the more responsibility that can be placed in the hands of capable professionals the better your results will be; however, in some cases videographers simply cannot afford to hire a technician to operate all of the conventional audio equipment needed for great sound. The Zoom H4n is the perfect solution for such applications. In today’s “run and gun” video production industry indie film makers wear many hats including the sound guy.

The Zoom H4n is equipped with a coincident pair of condenser microphones set in an x/y pattern for binaural stereo imaging at either 90° or 120°. In addition to the onboard mics the H4n sports two XLR ¼ combo connectors with a phantom power supply and the ability to record all four tracks at once. This means that you can have a boom mic and lavaliere on your talent  or you can record ambient sound with the onboard stereo mics all to discrete tracks on the H4n. As you can imagine that makes the H4n a very powerful recording tool for taping live shows or record anywhere it isn’t practical to bring more complex recording equipment.

There RC4 for H4nis also an available remote control (RC-4) with standard transport controls and track arming, a very handy feature since the H4n has a ¼ 20 tripod mount as well as a mic stand adaptor. Just a bit larger than an iPhone and weighing just over 2lbs, the H4n has no trouble being mounted to a fish pole or camera shoe.

Zoom really hit the nail on the head with this device and now they are introducing the Q3HD which incorporates the same x/y stereo mics, preamps, and encoders as the H4n with a 1080i digital camera, comparable to the popular Flip cams. This sort of professional quality equipment designed for ease of use and the quick turnaround of production makes me very excited to see what’s next from Zoom.