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A102M Motorized Flip Down LCD Monitor and DVD Player

There was a time… A dark time when you actually had to manually pull down your overhead monitor when you wanted to watch a movie… With your hands and your arms! Can you believe that? Step into the 21st century with Concept’s A102M motorized LCD flip down DVD player. Flip down the crystal clear LCD screen when you want to watch and flip it up when you’re finished with the push of a button. Besides this being extremely convenient on those long car rides when you want to keep your passengers or kids entertained, it also prevents defects and damage that could be done to your monitor from continually pulling and pushing on your screen. Not to mention it’s safer if you’re the only person up front and want to put the monitor down for the people in the back. Besides being convenient, functional and cool it even has a built in DVD player that is PAL/NTSC and SECAM compatible so you don’t NEED an external player BUT it has 2 sets of RCA inputs just in case you DO want to hook it up to an external source. In addition, it has a built FM and IR transmitter so you can either listen through your factory stereo or use a pair of headphones to enjoy your movie. Concept also makes it simple to match your factory interior by providing three different trim rings in Tan, Gray and Black. And hey, if you’re really that technologically advanced and DVD’s are a thing of the past for you, the A102M has built in USB and SD ports so you can watch your digitally stored media. So whether you want to have some added convenience and entertain your kids in the back seat or you want some awesome bling to to show off to your friends, the A102M Chameleon motorized flip down monitor is the way to go. And at a price point that is about the same as standard pull down monitors, what are you waiting for? And you better hurry too because we bought the last ones that Concept had in stock so once they’re gone, they’re gone. Get yours today at Sonic Electronix.



How to Listen to Pandora in your Car

Pandora internet radio is becoming more popular in vehicles on the road today. There are many ways to listen to Pandora while taking a drive and it isn’t too difficult to figure out which method is best for you. With the convenience of such simple controls, Pandora is also much safer then fiddling around with an iPod or other portable device looking for your favorite song or artist. Simply choose your desired station and you may play, pause, or skip to the next song.

Listen Through Your Car Stereo

Pandora StereoArguably the most visually appealing method of listening to internet radio in your car is through a Pandora integrated car stereo. Manufacturers such as Alpine and Pioneer are now creating stereos that will connect to your mobile device through USB and play music without having to control it through your device. Pandora Link offers the ability to view song information directly on your stereo and gives you the option to “Thumbs up” or “Thumbs down” each song, depending on your taste in music. Vehicle manufacturers such as Ford and BMW have systems that are already built into the car that will link to your Pandora account as well, eliminating the need for an aftermarket stereo. If your stereo doesn’t have Pandora integrated but is equipped with an auxiliary input, you may use a 3.5mm auxiliary cable to connect your portable device for playback.

Listen by Streaming Through Bluetooth

A2DP Bluetooth StreamingA very popular way to play Pandora is through A2DP Bluetooth streaming. Any vehicle that comes with a Bluetooth connection and allows audio to stream through the stereo will support playback of Pandora internet radio. Although you have to control your music through your device, it is still a convenient feature having the ability to drive down the road with your iPhone in your pocket and your music wirelessly tied to your stereo.

Listen With an FM Transmitter

FM TransmitterLast but certainly not least, an FM transmitter will work great for getting music to your speakers. If your car lacks expensive stereos and integrated systems there is no need to worry, these transmitters are very budget friendly. FM Transmitters plug directly into your cigarette lighter and typically create a 3.5mm auxiliary input that can be utilized to connect your portable. FM Modulators serve for a slightly better quality solution, but there is a bit of installation necessary. FM Modulators cut off the signal of your AM/FM antenna and feed an input signal directly into the stereo.

Pandora internet radio is an overnight sensation that is becoming very popular. It offers very limited advertising, and high quality audio that streams directly from your cell phone’s signal. With an inexpensive premium account, there is no advertising and the quality of audio is even higher. Pandora helps you discover new music that may interest you by fine tuning each station to your liking based on your Like and Dislike selections. Give Pandora a try, and you won’t be disappointed.