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B-52: American Out Loud

B-52 American Made Loud

B-52 is one of the most celebrated manufactures of sound reinforcement and professional audio equipment in the world, that just so happens to be made right here in the good ol’ US of A. B-52 is committed to producing high quality loudspeakers amps and serious bass bins that can be heard from their Stratofortress namesake.

Matrix 2000

30 years ago Eli El-Kiss and his son Avi built and designed their first speaker box and sold 100 orders to a Los Angeles distributor. Today they continue to perfect their enclosure design and continue to manufacture their products right here in America.

The ACTPRO series speakers are an advanced live of professional speakers that incorporate ultra-efficient class G amplifiers. ACTPRO speakers deliver clear sonic reproduction at extreme SPLs. ACTPRO amplifiers employ sophisticated circuitry such as built-in intelligent compressor/limiters and short circuit/over-current protection. An extra high current output stage allows for continuous extended play without risk of thermal shutdown. Custom Celestion loudspeakers and compression drivers are built into all full range models. Each features tough birch plywood enclosures with durable black finish and wrap around steel grilles.

LX 18AV3
The LX-18AV3 subwoofer features a built crossover with high pass and full range outputs, allowing easy expansion of your system. The cabinets are built in the USA at their state of the art Los Angeles manufacturing facility. The folded horn design allows for proper wave expansion ensuring an absolute power bomb bass dropped from this B-52 sub.

B-52 also makes world class guitar amplifiers as well such as the ATX-100 which features an all tube design just like those classic British screamers. With available slanted and straight 4×12 cabinets B-52 supplies everything a guitar player could ask for, which is mainly a ton of power.

There are a few toys available for you DJs as well. The Prodigy FX is the perfect  mix and media platform for the professional DJ.  Combined with a Matrix 2000 portable PA you have an unbeatable mobile dj rig.

Prodigy FX


Rockford Fosgate Punch & Power Speakers


By Chelsey P. – Sonic Electronix Writer

I am here to pass along a great deal to you. Right now, we’re offering a 20% off coupon on select Rockford Fosgate full-range and component speakers. Not only do you get a great set of Rockford Fosgate speakers, but you are getting them for 20% off! This offer can mean a savings of up to $40.00 on select Rockford Fosgate speakers. Where else can you find a great deal like that?

Aftermarket speakers are a must if you are upgrading the sound system in your vehicle. I spend much of my time in my car driving to and from work so I, of course, want a great system to keep me occupied during those long drives. I listen to different genres and types of music, from classic rock to hip-hop, so I needed a pair of auto speakers that would do the job in that sound environment. A few months ago I decided to splurge on a pair of Rockford Fosgate speakers. And there is a definite sound difference from the stock speakers that were in my vehicle before.

To achieve the right sound, you will first need to determine your vehicle’s speaker size. There are many different sizes to choose from, such as the P1692 6” x 9” Full-range speakers and the P1653 6-1/2” 3-Way speakers. Full-range speakers, also called coaxial speakers, are perfect for basic applications. Looking for something with a little more power? The P1652-S 6-1/2” Punch Series component speaker system has a concealed crossover in the basket and separate tweeters.

No matter which set of speakers you decide to buy, you will be getting great value with this limited time offer. Now you can rock & roll with Rockford without breaking the bank!


Coaxial vs. Component Speakers

By Gideon V. – Sonic Electronix Editor

Ever wonder about the differences between coaxial and component speakers? Your host Seth Wilde gives a complete breakdown on component vs. coaxial speakers in the latest episode of SonicElectronixTV, our YouTube channel. This episode is actually part one of an ongoing series on car speakers.

If you are looking to purchase a set of auto speakers, you are probably wondering what the difference is between coaxial and component speakers. Coaxial speakers are essentially one full-range speaker. A coaxial speaker has a midwoofer and tweeter attached. The coaxial speaker has one terminal and one small built-in crossover, which is used to separate the frequencies running to the tweeter and the crossover. The Kicker KS650 is a great example of a traditional coaxial speaker.

Component systems have a mid-range speaker, a tweeter and a crossover. The tweeter does not arrive mounted onto the middle of the woofer, because the system comes with a separate tweeter and crossover. Some component systems allow you to manually mount the tweeter in the middle of the woofer, or you can opt to mount it elsewhere since the tweeter is separate from the woofer. The crossover is also separate from the woofer, so you can choose where to mount it. Unlike the coaxial speakers, the component systems are first connected to the crossover, then to the speaker and finally to the tweeter. While coaxial speakers require one input connection with the speaker wire running directly from the amp, a component system will require three different connections and three sets of speaker wire. Precision Power PPI 356cs is an example of traditional component speakers.

If your car has one speaker per door panel, coaxial speakers are probably the way to go. Component systems require a more advanced install, but for vehicles with separate tweeters, they are a good option. Component systems will likely give you a higher quality sound too.

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Watch the Coaxial vs. Component Speakers video below: