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Top 6 DJ Controllers to look for in 2013

Pioneer DDJ SX

The DDJ SX is one of the most advanced Serato controllers available today.  The  DDJ SX features eight hot points per deck and vertical waveform display for fast tempo syncing.  The DDJ-SX enables two tracks to be controlled at the same time with dual deck mode.  This allows scratching or setting and recalling hot cues on both tracks as if they were performed on a single track which is a very handy tool for simplifying complex mixes.

Pioneer XDJ Aero

Finally the wireless DJ Controller is here with the XDJ Aero from Pioneer.   The Aero takes advantage of Wi-Fi technology to sync to Wi-Fi enabled media players such as iPod and iPad.  The can be used as a stand-alone 2 channel mixer and player as well as recording capabilities to a USB storage device.  Aside from the convenient Wi-Fi features the Aero is ascetically beautiful with a space age feel and sleek stream line profile  the XDJ Aero is sexy!

Numark NS7 II

The newest Flagship of the Numark family of controllers the NS7 II doesn’t disappoint with the new Serato optimized second generation of the NS7.   The NS7 II features 16 velocity sensitive pads as well as four decks.   Like the DDJ SX the NS7 II features iZotope effects processing as well as a durable all metal construction.  The  Sample, Loop, and hot cue controls are familiar and laid out in an intuitive and ergonomic  fashion  as well as the same 7” motorized platters with 3600 ticks of resolution.

Behringer CMD Series

The CMD series of controllers from Behringer are an exciting line of modular DJ solutions that allow for a customizable DJ system for every DJ style and set up.   The CMD DJ controllers allow for customizable setups with the modular components including:  the MM-1 four channel mixer, the PL-1 platter transport and four deck controller, the CMD LC-1 Ableton Style controller, CMD DV-1 effects controller, and the DC-1 sample pad controller.   All these modules can be used in addition to the comprehensive Studio 4A and Micro controllers.

Terminal Mix 4

The Terminal Mix 4 is the new flagship controller from Reloop and doesn’t disappoint as a feature packed 4 deck Serato controller.   The Terminal Mix 4 can also be used as a as a stand-alone mixer with RCA ins  built in sound card and a phono preamp for turn tables.   The Terminal Mix 4 is designed to be used with Serato but can be easily mapped to your favorite software.

Gemini G4V

The G4V from Gemini is a cost effective alternative to the higher priced 4 deck controllers on the market without sacrificing functionality.   The G4V is nicely equipped with 16 velocity sensitive sample pads advanced sampling controls auto loop roll modes that can be moved on the fly.  Each channel has dedicated gain eq and filter controls.   The G4V from Gemini is a Bang for your buck alternative for a feature packed pro controller.



Gemini CTRL-SIX DJ Controller

In todays world of crazy technology, most DJs have their whole music library stored on a computer, so manufacturers had to produce products to keep up with the times. Well Gemini is one of those manufactures that didn’t miss out. They have created products that make it simple to produce and manipulate music straight from your computer. One of their products that allow you to do such is the CTRL-SIX.

Gemini’s CTRL-Six is a professional USB/MIDI DJ controller that allows you to access the music stored on your computer and create your own mixes with simplicity and quickness. This controller is equipped with a built-in mixer, audio input and output jacks, and all the necessary tools you need to be a creative with your music as you can get. The CTRL-SIX features an interface that is familiar with most DJs giving them the feel of their traditional turntables and decks. It has 2 individual mixing channels with 2 large touch-sensitive jog wheels for scratching, cueing, and other assignable parameters. To make this controller even easier to use, Gemini has made it switchable between USB bus-power or a DC adapter, giving you, the DJ, the option of what power source suits you best. The CTRL-SIX also features 46 buttons, 5 faders, 18 rotary knobs, cross fader with adjustable X-Y slope, adjustable channel faders, brightly illuminated buttons, and a soundcard.

Wait, that’s not all, I know you’re wondering about the inputs and outputs, one of the most important features on any DJ controller. Gemini’s CTRL-SIX controller has all the jacks you need to slide confortably in to any setting including two-channel switchable line/phono inputs, rec, master, and booth RCA outputs, balanced XLR output; 1/4” and 1/8” headphone output with volume control; and XLR and 1/4” mic inputs with mic volume control.

This Gemini controller also comes with the very popular and much needed Virtual DJ LE Software. This DJ software is used by beginner DJ’s all the way up to professional DJ’s. It features BeatLock engine, which allows songs to always stay in beat and lets the DJ works their mixes faster than ever before.

The CTRL-Six is a perfect controller for all you beginner DJ’s, and has enough features to satisfy a top notch professional DJ all for a very reasonable price.