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Top 3 Gadgets for Truckers

Being a trucker is a lot of hard work so we decided to recommend a few items to make your lives easier while on the road. Here are The 3 Gadgets For Truckers!

bluetooth hands free headset#1 Bluetooth Handsfree Kits

Nothing says convenience like a Bluetooth handsfree kit. Not only is it extremely dangerous to talk on the phone while driving, it’s also illegal in many states including here in California. That’s why we’ve got plenty of Bluetooth headsets to choose from from brands like Motorola, Jaybird, Parrot, Samsung and more. Just them all out here. And we know it’s tempting to answer that text message right after you get it, even if you’re driving, but that’s even worse than than talking on the phone. That’s why we’ve got Bluetooth headsets with the Text-to-Speech function. This handy feature will read your text message aloud to you and allow you to send a message back just by using your voice. This even works for emails as well! So be safe and be responsible, stop talking on the phone while you’re driving and get yourself a Bluetooth headset! Check out the VXI Xpressway, one of our top sellers!

Radar Detector#2 Radar Detectors

Radar Detectors are an absolute must for anyone that spends long hours on the road. It’s always a relief to know where the cops are but that’s not all a radar detector does; the CR85 from Whistler features a Safety Warning System that can decode signals sent from emergency vehicles or hazard crews to warn you of approaching emergency vehicles, obstructions on the road, or road crews. In addition, the Whistler CR series have the exclusive Stay Alert feature to keep you awake. Every 4 hours the radar detector will emit a tone to make sure you’re alert and awake.

GMRS Radio#3 CB and GMRS Radios

The technology might be old but the value is definitely still there. Check out my other article, Why the Technology of the 50’s Is Still Relevant Today, if you don’t believe me. As a trucker, you probably drive through stretches of road that still have never even heard of a cell phone tower—Hence, GMRS and CB Radios. In addition, these radios allow you to contact emergency services and receive weather alerts instantly. With a Smartphone you’d have to dial the number, wait until someone picks up, wait to be directed to the right person blah blah BLAH! CB and GMRS radios get you that information instantly. Boom. Not to mention, YOU SHOULDN’T BE ON THE PHONE WHILE YOU’RE DRIVING ANYWAYS!!! That’s why Bluetooth headsets are #1 on this list! So anyways, yes CB and GMRS radios are still very much useful, even 60 years later.


How to Use MediaBridge with Siri Integration

Audiovox and Dice are pleased to announce that their MediaBridge 1500 line of products now has Siri Vehicle Integration. Siri commands iPhones to choose music content, place phone calls, find directions, and many other useful actions. Speak to Siri as if she were your personal assistant! MediaBridge with Siri Integration improves driver safety plus adds fun and convenient features. Kits are available for many different makes, from BMW  to Toyota.


For Siri to work with the MediaBridge 1500, your iPhone must be connected via Bluetooth to your MediaBridge 1500. Siri can control music played via Bluetooth streaming or through the MediaBridge 1500 USB dock connector. VW/Audi SAT and BMW MediaBridge 1500 users press the Voice Dial button on the steering wheel to summon Siri. All other MediaBridge 1500 users press the radio Scan button to summon Siri. After you hear the familiar chime, your spoken commands will be received through MediaBridge 1500 microphone.

Music playback can be sent to different paths on the MediaBridge 1500. To hear music in USB/iPod MediaBridge 1500 mode, select the Dock Connector option on the Airplay button in the iPhone Music app. To hear music via MediaBridge 1500 Bluetooth streaming, select the MEDIABRIDGE option on the Airplay button in the iPhone Music app.


When Siri is used with Audiovox MediaBridge 1500, a person has complete control over music playback on his or her car audio system. With the press of a single button, your audio control wish is Siri’s command. Siri can tell the MediaBridge 1500 to Play, Pause, Skip, and Stop music. For example, to play a particular song, press the designated MediaBridge 1500 radio scan button or steering wheel button to summon Siri, listen for the familiar chime then say, “Play Sweet Child of Mine” and the song will play. To listen to a playlist say, “Play Club Mix” and your favorite club songs will turn your car to a party on wheels. Music can also be chosen based on other criteria such as Artist, Genre, and Album.

Having trouble deciding which song to play? Let the iPhone choose by commanding Siri to shuffle songs through your MediaBridge 1500. Press the designated MediaBridge 1500 radio or steering wheel button to summon Siri and tell it to, “Shuffle my music” and then you will then hear a random song from your iPhone collection on your car stereo. If you are in the mood to hear a song with a music genre but you don’t know where to start then tell Siri to, “Shuffle Jazz” for instance and all Jazz music within your collection will begin to play in random order. Similar music shuffle controls are available based on Playlist, Artist, and Album. If the currently playing random song isn’t to your liking then simply tell Siri to “Shuffle” and another song will be chosen at random.

Not only can you access your own personal music library with Siri’s help but in iOS6 you can also launch your favorite music streaming application. For instance, tell Siri to launch Pandora and the Pandora App will automatically open and begin to stream. Once a music streaming app is open, the control of music content must be performed using radio or steering wheel buttons.


Through the MediaBridge 1500 interface, Siri will enable you to dictate and send a text message without taking your eyes off the road. For example, to do this you must press the voice button, wait for the chime, then say, “write a text message to Bob.” Siri will then ask you, “What do you want to say to Bob?”Then you must press the voice button again and speak your message so it can be converted to text. Next, Siri will repeat the message back to you to make sure it is  orrect and then Siri will ask if you are ready to send the message. If the message is correct then you can press the voice button one more time, say the word “Send”, and your text message will be sent to Bob. Furthermore, Siri can be set up to read incoming texts as well so that there is no delay in communication with your loved ones and associates.


There are additional measures you can take to ensure Siri understands your voice commands most efficiently. For instance, there are language preferences that can be set on the iPhone which configure Siri to understand different English dialects and languages like French, German, and Japanese. Also background noise should be taken into account so you may wish to roll up your car windows or raise the top on your convertible to eliminated noise caused by wind within your vehicle. (Only raise the top on  your convertible when you are stopped) Also to gain access to Siri she must be enabled. To enable Siri open the settings menu and tap “General”, look for and then tap “Siri”, now you should be in a Siri menu where you must switch Siri on. If you need to adjust language settings and other related features, this is all done in the Siri menu as well. When you are finished making changes, close the menu and Siri is ready to assist you.


Siri has the greatest range of features and capabilities when used with the newest version of iOS which is iOS6 at the time this document was drafted. Therefore, it is best to ensure that your iPhone is using the newest version of iOS. For example, with iOS6 Siri can control music playback when the iPhone is connected to MediaBridge 1500 in locked where iOS5 users do not have this ability. Also iOS6 has a more extensive language support system including different Chinese dialects, Korean, and Italian. In addition, Turn-by-Turn Navigation is available beginning with iOS6 to help drivers negotiate unfamiliar territory or find a swift route to your destination. It is important to note that Siri is only available for the iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, the 5th-generation iPod touch, and the 3rd-generation iPad



California Legalizes Hands-Free Texting While Driving

In a world where technology gives us the freedom to do whatever we want, whenever we want, it’s not always easy following the rules. One of the more recent laws that we have all had to deal with is the ban on texting and driving. Now I will admit its much more efficient to shoot off a text while out on the open road, rather than pulling all the way over to poke a button or two, but it is in fact 100% illegal to text and drive in the state of California. Luckily a solution will soon be available.

Effective January 1st, Governor Jerry Brown is enacting a bill that will allow you to use a hands-free device that assists you in sending a text message or an email. I know it’s not the most exciting solution in the world, but it’s much better than not texting at all! We’ve all been in the position where you’re trying to shoot off a text and suddenly you look up to find yourself in the next lane over. Not safe! This law will assuredly cut down on your near-death experiences. You’re probably wondering… where can I get one of these fancy hands-free doodads? Sonic Electronix of course, duh.

We actually carry a couple of solutions to texting and driving. First, the Motorolla HZ800 is a Bluetooth ear piece that not only gives you wireless call capabilities, but let’s you dictate your own text messages to send off to your friends. It even cancels out wind noise up to 40mph for a more accurate dictation. Now, if you’re like me and hate things poking you in the ear, go with the Motorola Tz710 Roadster. It’s essentially a Bluetooth speakerphone that clips onto your sun visor, giving you voice commands to many of your phones functions including, yes, texting. This universal piece is great because it’s affordable, and lets you send and receive messages and emails clearly and effectively.

There you have it. No longer should you be a trouble maker, because there are multiple solutions that almost anyone with a Bluetooth phone can do. I’ve got my hands-free device… now it’s your turn!


The Oxygen Audio oCar Stereo Receiver

The Facts

The oCar, by Oxygen Audio, is one of the first in-dash receivers that fully integrates your Apple iPhone into your vehicle. Being built with a universal design, this radio replaces your factory stereo and is compatible with most standard vehicles on the road. If you own an Apple iPhone, this is the perfect unit for your car. Simply attach the included cell phone case to your iPhone, and click your phone into the center of the stereo for a secure hold. Once your phone is attached, it will receive a constant 5 watt charge to ensure your battery power is always topped off.

The Figures

The Oxygen Audio oCar supports playback of any audio and video you can access from your iPhone, whether it be YouTube, Pandora, or the music you have stored in your music library. Being able to produce 4 channels of 22 watts RMS, this stereo will force your stock speakers to liven up and sound better than ever. If you plan to use multiple car amplifiers, this stereo supports it. 3 pairs of 4 volt RCA outputs are provided for direct input into your amps. Download the Oxygen oCar apps from the iTunes store to even further expand the stereos functionality. With these apps, you gain a 3-band equalizer as well as a local and national AM/FM tuner.

The Fun

This premium car stereo incorporates everything you do on your iPhone into your vehicle. There is no need to spend time learning how to adjust your sound or mess with confusing menu screens, because there is no learning curve for a device that you already use on a daily basis. The familiar iPhone interface is utilized throughout the entire design of the stereo, making it very easy for anyone to operate. Pick your oCar up today and open the doors to a world of media and social entertainment like you have never seen before!


Got2bWireless Hands-free Bluetooth

<br /> Got2bWireless G2-2200

By Seth Wilde – Product Specialist

Getting quality Bluetooth integration can be a challenge, especially when the integration is using the factory car stereo.  There have been many companies that have tried to make a one-stop solution for adding Bluetooth seamlessly into the vehicle.  However, many of these companies were unable to capture all the features and convenient options that the consumer market requires.  All of this proved true until Got2bWireless released their recent hands-free Bluetooth harness.

The universal Bluetooth hands-free harness from Got2bWireless is the perfect harness for those that want to add this convenient feature.  There are two universal models, as well as the GTS-501 made for Toyota and Lexus vehicles. It has all the great feature of the standard integration piece, and much more.  Some of the other features include accurate voice controls, social media integration, and vocal text messaging.  Included with all the Got2bWireless Bluetooth harnesses is a sensitive microphone that is great for talking to friends, as well as voice commands.  All the controls of your cell phone can be controlled by voice, as well as many other features that the phone has to offer.  Quick commands allow the user to go into menus and navigate through the different commands.  By naturally speaking into the microphone, the Got2bWireless interface truly becomes a hands-free solution.

One of the most impressive features of the Got2bWireless Bluetooth system is the ability it has to connect to social networks.  If you have a Facebook or twitter account, then you will have the ability to update your Facebook status and make tweets from your car as you are driving.  And the best part is you don’t have to touch your phone at all.  Simply talk and command the Got2bWireless interface to make the update.  Using the text commands, you are also able to send emails and text messages.  The world is at your fingertips.  However, with Got2bWireless you don’t even have to use them.