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Features to Look For in a Car Stereo Receiver

When it comes down to choosing a new car stereo receiver for your vehicle, it’s always nice to have a few extra features that your old one didn’t have. There are many new ways to communicate, search for music or even navigate with a stereo receiver and we are going to touch on just a few.

Bluetooth Technology is one of the most sought after technologies in the car stereo world. It allows you to receive or make calls completely hands free, using a wireless communication between your stereo and your Bluetooth enabled phone. Bluetooth car stereos equipped with A2DP will additionally support Bluetooth audio streaming.

HD Radio is great when you live in urban or metropolitan areas with lots of radio signal. An HD Radio stereo will receive high definition digital AM/FM audio signals, resulting in very clear music. Many times, an HD receiver will allow you to tag songs that you like to later view in iTunes for download.

GPS Navigation is important for those daily drivers and commuters who do a lot of traveling. There are many different types of map databases in receivers. Some include helpful details like traffic tuning or points of interest searching. Navigation is also useful for finding the most economical routes to your destinations.

Pandora Internet Radio integration has quickly become huge in car stereos. If the receiver supports it, simply start up the Pandora app on your smart phone and plug it in through a USB connection. The stereo will typically be able to skip tracks, and sometimes it will support the use of ‘Thumbs Up’ and ‘Thumbs Down’ buttons.

iPod and iPhone Support are becoming a must in today’s industry. A good majority of people in the United States now own an Apple device to store their music, so why not utilize the iPod to bring your whole music library into the car.

These are some common features to look for when shopping for your new stereo. We hope this guide helps you track down that perfect receiver that does everything you need. If you have any suggestions of other popular features, please let us know in the comments field below!


Upgrade Your Vehicles Sound with Pioneer Stage 3

Pioneer Car Audio

How often do you find yourself listening to music in your vehicle? Are you among the many who find themselves listening to their car stereo on any trip they make, even if it’s just to drive to the store to pick up a candy bar? If you are the type that just can’t help but crank their stereo most of the time they’re in their car then hopefully you’ve considered upgrading your car stereo, speakers, or even perhaps adding a subwoofer. If you haven’t considered it, start now! Pioneer’s innovating Stage 3 series of products is designed to help those looking to take their car’s sound to the next level. The best part about this series of car audio equipment is you don’t have to be making six figures to have your car sounding like one hundred grand.

Starting with a car stereo, the Pioneer DEH-P7200HD is the perfect epicenter for a car audio system to run off of. Pioneer is known for its superb sound quality when processing music, and this unit goes even further by having Advanced Sound Retrieval which helps improve the sound quality of compressed digital music files. Built-in HD radio and iPod connectivity give you plenty of source options.

A system always needs a voice, and what better voice than the Pioneer TS-D1602R D-Series Speakers. These speakers are engineered with injection molded matrix aramid-basalt fiber composite cone’s which allow for premium linearity and mid-bass response. The D-Series speakers perform well for mid and high frequencies, but to help completely even out the system a subwoofer is recommended. The Pioneeer TS-W308D4 is the perfect addition to the system. This 400 watt RMS subwoofer will help respond perfectly alongside with the speakers to give the lower frequencies the perfect bass tones.

Finally, to amplifier the speakers and subwoofer, the Pioneer GM-6400F is the perfect 4-channel amplifier to drive the D-Series speakers. A small and compact design keeps the amplifier easy to hide and the small footprint also allows the amplifier to be cooled in tight surfaces. The Pioneer GM-D7500M is a great amplifier to drive the subwoofer. This compact class D amplifier will drive the subwoofer for optimal bass response, and stay at lower temperatures with its class D digital design.


JVC Integrates iheartradio Onto Their New Flagship Navigation Systems

JVC Nav Systems

This year at CES 2011 we learned more about JVC’s new flagship navigation units, the KW-NT30HD, and the KW-NT50HDT. Not only will these carry on the Total Traffic HD+ Network from their previous flagship model, the KW-NT3HDT, but they’ll have the first aftermarket manufacturer to bring connectivity with the iheartradio mobile application. This mobile radio application is a convenient way to bring all of your favorite radio stations from around the world into a simple mobile phone application. With this new integration technology you will be able to view song and artist information, high-resolution album artwork, and control channel up or down functions from the navigation unit or from the iPhone itself.

The KW-NT50HDT will also feature a built-in dual HD tuner system, which can feature audio content on one HD radio tuner, and support the HD Total Traffic Network Data on the other. This will allow the user to simultaneously listen to HD radio programming, while also receiving traffic information at the same time. Another cool feature the KW-NT50HDT will also feature Hybrid Total Traffic HD+ Network (Available in June 2011) functionality which enables users to get HD Total Traffic Network service in even more areas. When you have an iPhone connected while running the iheartradio app, the KW-NT50HDT receives news, sports, weather and real-time traffic information over your cell phone network – even outside of HD radio coverage areas.

This innovating breakthrough for mobile audio and video is exciting as we see even more playback options being available for a seamless experience in your vehicle. When we spoke with JVC they seemed very excited about being the first manufacturer to integrate iheartradio into their flagship navigation systems. With more than 11.5 million consumers using the iheartradio mobile application you can experience more than 750 of America’s favorite local radio stations, as well as unique celebrity-hosted channels from Christina Aguilera, Eagles, and Weezer. Local traffic reports and commercial-free shows from Ryan Seacrest, Elvis Duran and the some of the best DJs and hosts from across the country.


Try out HD Radio with the Jensen HD5313IR

Jensen HD5313IR

There’s a time and a place for standard AM/FM radio, and that time has passed. A newer, more convenient radio experience has arrived. Introducing HD Radio, which is capable of playing back your favorite AM/FM stations with unmatched quality. With HD Radio FM stations will sound like CD quality, and AM stations will sound like FM quality. This crystal-clear transmission can even have absolutely no audio distortion in areas with perfect reception.

HD Radio is capable of much more than adding a more pleasant listening experience when you’re browsing through AM/FM radio. In fact, more stations are available when using HD Radio so you can experience new music, new artists, and even new genres while browsing through your familiar AM/FM selection. HD Radio is also capable of transmitting data as well, so if you have a stereo that has a display on it you may be able to see artist, album, and song title information depending on the station that is broadcasting. This service can even be used to allow for traffic data updates and stock information while you’re on the go! The JVC KW-NT3HDT is a perfect example of a radio that integrates HD Radio for not only some great sound on AM/FM bands, but also updates all of the traffic using this service as well!

If you’re wondering how you can integrate this cool new radio system into your car, you may want to consider an In-Dash Car Stereo with HD Radio. These stereo’s will already have the HD radio feature built-in so you can use it right out of the box. In fact, with HD Radio there are no subscription fees just like radio should be. This means, all you need is an HD Radio receiver and you’re ready to go! For the most affordable solution to adding HD Radio to your vehicle, consider the Jensen HD5313IR car stereo. This stereo not only has HD radio built into its cost, but also a USB input for listening to your iPod, and an SD input for even more listening options. Adding HD Radio to your vehicle is now affordable, easy and more beneficial than ever. HD Radio stations continue growing, and in time you’ll see even more available programming!


iTunes Tagging to be Installed in New Ford Vehicles

HD Radio

By Seth Wilde – Product Specialist

For a few years now, a new phenomenon has swept through the aftermarket car audio industry that has enabled drivers to receive crystal clear radio station as well as many other advanced features.  This incredible and relatively new technology is called HD Radio and it is making a huge statement in the car audio world.  HD Radio, which stands for High Definition Radio is a revolutionary design that broadcasts a digital signal along with the traditional analog radio frequencies that we have relied for our entire lives.  The digital data that the HD Radio tuners are able to accept allows the driver to receive track and artist information so they always know who they are listening to.  HD Radio also allows “multicasting”, which enables one radio frequency to broadcast several different audio programs at the same time.  These multicast stations can only be heard with the appropriate HD tuner.  One of the most used features of the HD Radio technology is the iTunes tagging, which allows the user to save the song information on a attached iPod and load that song in the Apple store next time the connect that iPod to their iTunes. For more information of HD Radio and iTunes Tagging, check out Sonic Electronix’s FAQ Guide to HD Radio. This great technology has allowed listeners to discover new music and grow their music collection.  Until now, the HD Radio tuners have only been available in aftermarket car stereos.

Ford has announced that particular vehicles in their 2010 lineup of vehicles will feature a built-in HD Radio tuner.  In addition to the basic tuner, many of the Ford factory OEM systems will feature the popular iTune tagging feature.  For the first time in a factory audio system, this high definition radio service will be available to the public.  The HD audio is just the beginning.  We can look forward to HD Radio assisting OEM navigation systems in the future, just as it is with the JVC KW-NT3HDT.  By utilizing the HD Radio network, this aftermarket navigation device can receive free live traffic updates, weather, sports scores, as well as all the other HD Radio benefits that were listed above.   HD Radio is the future for OEM car stereos.