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S/PDIF Combos Coming Soon To Sonic Electronix!

What the heck is “S/PDIF?”

No, it’s not a typo. S/PDIF stands for “Sony/Phillips Digital Interconnect Format,” or “Sony/Phillips Digital Interface,” and is a means through which users may transmit audio signals digitally, which makes for higher fidelity: digital in, digital out. Right now, there are two consumer-level digital transmission interfaces: HDMI and S/PDIF. Most people reading this probably know that HDMI transmits both video and audio, however, what you might not know is that S/PDIF only transmits audio.

So you might ask, “Why bother with S/PDIF then?” Well, not all equipment has an HDMI input or output, which should be pretty obvious when dealing with things like audio interfaces and reference monitors that don’t handle video signals. In some situations, like separate sound and video outputs from computers, you might even need to hook up both HDMI and S/PDIF cables.

Blow 4D

The Blow 4D reference monitors' DAC module which has both S/PDIF coaxial and 3-pin AES/EBU connections

S/PDIF has two different types of connectors: coaxial (RCA) and optical (TOSLINK). The coaxial cables are usually found colored orange in order to differentiate between other colored RCA connectors such as yellow for video, and red and white for analog audio. The optical cables are far more delicate and are made of fiber optics.

The upcoming combos…

We at Sonic Electronix value high-fidelity audio above all else, and that’s why we’re currently putting together combos that link pieces of gear based on S/PDIF. The picture above is taken from the Infrasonic Blow 4D reference monitors, about which I also recently wrote a blog. We’ll be pairing up these fantastic speakers with just about any piece of gear in our inventory that has S/PDIF output, and as always, we’ll be offering them to you at the special discounted prices you love and have come to expect from Sonic Electronix!


HDTV Bundles Make Buying a Television Easy

HDTV Installation Bundle

By Samantha R. – Product Specialist

When comparing standard definition and high definition displays, you may not completely understand the details but one thing for sure is that high definition displays have an outstanding picture quality! HD Televisions have really gone off with a bang and to this day there are millions of products sold by manufacturers to enhance sound and picture quality and make entertainment that much better. Depending on your television, there are different cables and accessories that will provide the best image quality possible.

An exclusive Sonic Electronix deal with Monster Cable has arrived to help make your wallet thicker and life simpler! Introducing HDTV Bundles that consist of HD cables (such as the MC 1000HD-2M, MC 700HD-2M, MC 500HD-2M, or MC HDMIB-2M), power centers, surge protectors, cleaning solutions, and a professional installation DVD wizard. If you are not a professional installer, setting up your cables, wires, and entire home theater system could be a definite challenge. Installing your cables the proper way has a huge effect on your entire systems performance. Helping you add professional calibration techniques to your television, we provide a DVD calibration Disc “ISF Caldsk” that brings step by step video shots on how to properly calibrate your TV without complicated test patterns. Want the best of the best?! Our first HDTV Bundle has the Monster 1000HD HDMI cable, a Power Center with Monster’s Stage 2 Clean Power, DVD Calibration Disc, and the cleaning kit for one price. If you decide on basic accessories, and you are already getting a professional installer come to your home, you perhaps would go with the HDTV Bundle 4 which only comes with the Basic HDMI cable, a low joule rating of 555, and the cleaning kit.

Speaking of proper install, a cable inserted the wrong way could cause a loose ground or cause a harmful spike causing major damage. Luckily, since we include the Monster Cable Power Center, you are fully protected with up to 8 filtered outlets and plenty of absorbent joules to keep everything in the clear. We have also included a Monster Cable TV cleaning kit “TV CLNKIT” for advanced high performance cleaning. It is the perfect way to clean your TV and leave it streak-free and with no scratches. Whether you choose from HDTV Bundle 1, HDTV Bundle 2, HDTV Bundle 3, or HDTV Bundle 4, we have you completely covered on the essentials to complete your entertainment center. Keeping things simple and convenient is our goal and these HDTV Bundles will definitely do just that!