Mitsubishi LT-55154 LED HD 1080p Television

Mitsubishi LT-55154 LCD LED Television

By Seth Wilde – Product Specialist

There is no excuse for not having a flat-panel television.  Not in today’s market and with all the technology that is available for us.  In the past several years, televisions have gotten bigger and thinner.  They have increased the resolution and color systems for a more detailed and vibrant image.  They have added more features that allow internet streaming, enhanced integration with other home audio devices, and even the playback of 3D images on their 3D TVs.  Each year televisions integrate new technology to put them ahead of the competition.  One of the company’s that is always ahead of the curve in terms of features, image quality, and sound quality.  One such example of this is the Mitsubishi LT-55154 LED Television.

Upon the release of this HDTV and the entire Unisen 154 series, the panel became a popular discussion topic, as it impressed the most critical of television experts.  The panel features a full 1080p resolution that is becoming more common.  The full HD resolution produces incredible detail and stunning realize with each and every frame.  Behind the front LCD display is a LED edge-lit system that brings rich color into the images.  Once connected to the internet, the Mitsubishi LT-55154 will allow access to online material such as Facebook, Vudu, Flickr, New York Times, Pandora, and more!  The world is at your fingertips.  Mitsubishi was very pleased with the new sound system that came with the televisions. Along the bottom is a full Dolby Digital surround sound system built right into the television.  This allows a 5.1 Dolby experience without the purchase of separate components and expensive sound systems.  The LT-55154 features a 12-speaker system along the bottom of the TV, however Mitsubishi also offers an 16 and an 18 speaker systems.  All of this incredible technology is packed into a very thin 2.9” panel that will easily fit in any room and look great on a flat panel television mount.


5 Reasons to Go Blu-Ray

LG BD 570 Blu-ray Disc Player

By Kyle Duffy – Product Specialist

Most people have heard the name Blu-Ray and commonly misspell it Blue-Ray or Blueray. No worries though, that is not the most important aspect of Blu-Ray technology. What is Blu-ray? Blu-ray disc format offers more than five times the storage capacity of DVDs and can hold up to 25GB on a single-layer disc or 50GB on a dual-layer disc. This means you get unprecedented high definition audio and video from a single disc provided you have an HDTV and Blu-ray disc player. So, why should you upgrade to Blu-ray from your massive DVD collection? Here are a few good reasons:

1. Prices for Blu-Ray discs, Blu-ray players and HDTVs will drop
If you go into your local movie store and browse the selection you will find DVDs and Blu-ray discs. In most cases the Blu-ray discs are more expensive but sometimes you will find their high-quality goodness for the same price as DVDs. This also applies to Blu-ray players. Their price will continue to drop as Blu-ray technology improves and it becomes cheaper to produce the units. This is how business works after all. And finally HDTVs are becoming larger and their prices are becoming smaller. No worries, your old DVDs will still work on your new Blu-ray player.

2. Digital downloads can’t compete with Blu-Ray discs
Netflix is everywhere slowly taking over your electronic devices. You can find Netflix support on your Xbox or PS3 and even some DVD/Blu-ray players and HDTVs. Netflix allows you to download a movie on demand and watch it instantly. Despite the convenience of Netflix you won’t see it trump Blu-ray any time soon. Downloading 25GB for one single Blu-ray movie would take most people days of waiting or you could go out and rent or buy the movie and watch it a half hour later. Blu-ray simply looks too pretty, which is a result of its huge storage capacity, which current internet technology cannot handle very well.

3. Blu-ray isn’t going anywhere anytime soon
Lets face it; no one has the money to upgrade to something more advanced. Blu-ray technology is great and will be for the next 4-6 years. It ties well into the advancements in HDTV technology so the two are advancing hand in hand. While such things as holographic storage or crystal chips are really awesome, they have maturing and price dropping to do.

4. Blu-ray plays 1080p high definition video
This reason is a no brainer. Blu-ray gives you that delicious looking picture on your HDTV that you thought only movie theaters could produce. Stunning HD picture allows you to see details you never thought you could see from your HDTV such as sweat dripping off basketball players or that freshly cut dew smothered grass. HD is kind of like opening your eyes for the first time.

5. More features crammed onto one disc
Your DVD might have special commentary or behind the scenes footage, but let’s face it, it’s time to grow up. BD-Live allows you to utilize your internet connection to download addition content for your BD-Live compatible Blu-ray movie. For example, some movies allow you to record your own commentary track for the movie while others allow you to download snippets about the movie or facts relating to it while you watch. It will only become more interactive as time goes by. Let’s see your DVD do that! HA!

So there you have it. If you have been shy or fearful about taking the plunge into Blu-ray infested waters, don’t worry, you will come out with a purified high definition view of the world around you. And best of all, your DVD collection is not obsolete so there is no need to throw it out which means no hard feelings. Blu-ray, it’s like getting new prescription glasses.


SuperThin HDMI Cable

Monster Cable MC HD HSST

By Seth Wilde – Product Specialist

HDMI Cables are the future of connectivity.  Recently we have posted blogs and articles that talk about HDMI speeds and Gbps ratings. As more and more devices integrate the HDMI technology, there becomes a need to have a portable cable that is easy to take with you wherever you go.  Being one of the major cable manufacturers in the world, Monster cable has released the world’s first SuperThin HDMI cable.

One of the major problems that installers have had when connecting high-definition televisions, Blue-ray players, and other HD devices is the size of the HDMI cable.  Because the traditional cable is so thick, it can become difficult to run the cable in tight spots.  Sometime installing the cable against a shallow wall mount can be literally impossible.  The thicker HDMI cables have a difficult time making concise right-angle turns that many installations require.  With the introduction of the Monster SuperThin HDMI cable, the installer’s world has become a lot easier.  The diameter is half the thickness as the standard HDMI cable and can easily make a 90-degree angle.  Installing a flat-screen HDTV is fast and easy with the SuperThin HDMI cable.

One of the nicest features about this cable is the integrated circuit, which powers the cable and enhances the image quality.  When the HDMI cable is connected to the display and the source, a blue light will light up and inform the user that the cable is properly installed.  This powered circuit will also help the cable retain the speed rating of 10.2 Gbps.  There is an included Velcro strap that makes the cable perfect for putting in a laptop bag or camera case.  With so many devices now using the HDMI interface, no one should be without a SuperThin HDMI cable.