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Dual XHD7714 In-Dash Receiver

Dual XHD7714

By Chelsey P. – Sonic Electronix Writer

Now you can get all of the features you would expect from a high-end brand at a fraction of the price. The Dual XHD7714 head unit is a single DIN receiver that offers built-in HD radio, Bluetooth and iPod controls, features that typically require expensive upgrades on other receivers. You can connect other media sources to the front-panel auxiliary input or the USB Input to listen to your favorite MP3 and WMA files. The powerful on-board DSP Processor decodes the compressed audio while maintaining near-CD sound quality. An internal buffer provides electronic skip protection to eliminate skipping and allows direct track search even while a song is playing.

The built-in HD Radio tuner delivers enhanced sound quality from FM stations that sound almost as good as CD, while the AM stations sound like regular FM stations. Most HD radio stations have text information so you can view the artist and song right on the display of the head unit. An impressive feature on the XHD7714 is that if an iPod is connected, you can “tag” songs you hear on the radio for downloading later. Just sync up your iPod to the computer and you will instantly be prompted to buy the songs from the iTunes store.

With built-in Bluetooth, you won’t need to purchase a separate adapter to make hands-free calls while driving. Just pair your compatible phone with the head unit and you can make and receive calls through the vehicle’s speakers. After the initial setup, Bluetooth automatically connects to your cell phone every time you get in the car.

The Dual XHD7714 is a full-featured car stereo receiver that provides a great alternative to high-priced head units. With built-in HD Radio, Bluetooth, and iPod controls, this receiver sounds like a winner in the in-dash receiver market. These incorporated features are useful in the real world, which is why this stereo represents one of the best buys out there in terms of value and reliability.


Eclipse AVN6620/AVN62D In-Dash Receiver


By Chelsey P. – Sonic Electronix Writer

The Eclipse AVN6620 is a new, all-in-one car receiver that can do it all. This 7” LCD Double DIN system features a similar design to the AVN5510/AVN52D as it combines easy-to-use buttons with a touchscreen menu. This design makes it easy to control the built-in GPS navigation system and other audio and video sources. Not only can you use the touchscreen to navigate, but you can also use the simple backlit buttons at the bottom of the screen. These buttons provide easy access to the system’s feature menus as well. A menu button that gives drivers one-touch access to a destination entry, media source, and other system settings is also provided. As usual, Eclipse does an excellent job of making the onscreen menus intuitive and easy for drivers to use while driving. The large, bright buttons make it easy to see options at a glance. The main difference between the AVN62D and the AVN52D is that it features two DVD slots instead of one CD and one DVD slot. The two DVD slots allow you to watch a video or listen to music while simultaneously using the GPS navigation system.

The built-in navigation is DVD ROM based. The maps are provided by Navteq and include building outlines for major urban centers in the United States.  The map database has 8.7 million points-of-interest to help you always find what you are looking for. Points-of-interest can be found by street names, addresses, or by using an intersection search. The points-of-interest can be routed by information, detours, stopping points, via a route preview or through freeway assistance. The system has a split-screen design that shows a zoomed-in version of the map on the right-hand side of the display.

As for expandability options, you can add the Bluetooth adapter from Parrot for hands-free conversation that integrates seamlessly into the vehicle. When a call is coming through, the music will mute and then resume playing once the call has finished. Hands-free Bluetooth capability has become very popular in states where talking on your cell phone has become illegal. Not only can you add Bluetooth, but HD and XM or Sirius Satellite Radio can be added to this head unit. Have an iPod? No need to worry, just use the iPod cable to browse and select songs via the touchscreen. When the iPod is connected, the screen will display artists, albums, songs, playlists and genres for easy accessibility to all your favorite music.

The AVN62D is loaded with features including the GPS navigation, digital audio and video playback and advanced acoustic options. This device is for those looking to tech out their car with a single device without a lot of extra modules. This car stereo is different from its competition in terms of the design, controls, iPod interface and audio options.


Pioneer Premier DEH-P710BT


By Gideon V. – Sonic Electronix Editor

Sometimes it’s best to trust the experts. And when it comes to car audio, the Pioneer Corporation has been designing top quality products for over 70 years. The Pioneer Premier DEH-P710BT is the latest car stereo from this prestigious brand. This in-dash, CD, MP3 receiver with built-in Bluetooth will make your drive safer and more enjoyable. You will not need to purchase any additional accessories as this stereo includes the Bluetooth adapter and microphone. This unit will allow you to keep your hands on the wheel as you make and receive calls. Once you finishing talking on the phone the stereo will automatically switch back to whatever type of music or programming that was playing prior to phone call. That makes for a drive that is, pardon the pun, safe and sound.

Besides the built-in Bluetooth, the DEH-P710BT also includes many expandability features. The two rear USB inputs give you tons of flexibility for connecting your iPod, thumb drive or any other USB compatible digital media players. Most iPods can be connected directly via the USB cable. Beyond that, this head unit is also compatible with Satellite and HD radio. To add either of these special radio options you will need to purchase a combination of adapters and modules (as well as a subscription in the case of Satellite radio). Further connectivity options include connecting a CD changer (via the rear aux input) to hold additional discs and wiring a steering wheel control interface to retain your factory steering wheel controls. This makes controlling playback while driving easier and safer.

In terms of the actual faceplate, the DEH-P710BT has an easy to use interface with a large turn style knob for quick and easy volume/tuning control. The sleek faceplate is detachable, a great way to safeguard your stereo from theft. This is important since the OEL motion display allows you to load 3D full motion backgrounds. It almost goes without saying, but this stereo certainly catches the eye. It will also please your ears with its incredible sound quality. With a rating of 94 dB, it simply doesn’t get much better and from testing this unit, I can certainly attest to that. Beyond clarity, the 3 sets of 4V preamp outputs (front, rear and subwoofer) will enable you to build your entire car audio system around this pioneer stereo.



KW-AVX810By Gideon V. – Sonic Electronix Editor

If you’re going to upgrade your car stereo system, you might as well get one with all of the “bells and whistles.” The JVC KW-AVX810 is an ultra cool in-dash, double din, DVD, MP3 and CD receiver with a 7” touchscreen. The 7” widescreen display makes it easy to enjoy movies and select the touchscreen menu buttons. Like the KD-AVX77, the touchscreen uses special proximity sensors to dim or hide the menu buttons as you draw your hand away from the screen. You don’t often see car stereos with proximity sensors, that is pretty rare! This head unit will blow your friends away with its special features.

This car stereo offers numerous expandability options for adding different formats of music. The laundry list of options includes a front SD Card aux input and a rear panel USB input. You can use these inputs for adding devices loaded with your favorite music. This stereo is also ready for Bluetooth, Satellite Radio, and HD Radio. Separate modules and subscriptions are required as indicated. Further, the KW-AVX810 is compatible with iPods and iPhones. Some iPods will plug right into the USB input while others may require an additional adapter. The list of add-ons doesn’t stop there. You can configure the KW-AVX810 with a steering wheel remote adapter to retain your factory steering wheel controls. It can also be wired with a CD changer if you would like to store multiple discs.

In terms of audio configuration, the KW-AVX810 doesn’t disappoint. The 3 sets of 5 volt preamp outputs (including a front, rear, subwoofer and/or center channel output) make it possible to wire this head unit to all of your audio components. When it comes to sound, the built-in 7-band parametric equalizer and 8 EQ presets give you the flexibility you need to find the perfect sound. You can tweak the sound even while driving using the remote control (included with your purchase of the KW-AVX810).

With its numerous options and fully customizable interface, the KW-AVX810 is a great buy! It is also detachable and fully motorized, making it easy to hide when necessary!


Eclipse CD3414 In-Dash Car Stereo

CD3414GBy Gideon V. – Sonic Electronix Editor

Are you looking for a great car stereo that won’t break your budget? The Eclipse CD3414 is a steal of a deal at $74.99 with free shipping! This in-dash CD/MP3 player is one of the best values on our website. While most entry level head units only play CDs, this unit can also playback MP3s and WMAs. Besides, it also has a built-in AM/FM tuner with numerous presets for storing your favorite radio stations. When it comes to tuning, the dual rotary controls make it easy to navigate thru your music library. With the simple turn of a knob you can adjust the volume or to switch radio stations. This easy interface makes your driving experience safer and more convenient.

In terms of expandability, this unit has two sets of preamp outputs, making it easy to add amplifiers to your car stereo system. The built-in aux input gives you the option to connect a portable media player such as an iPod or iPhone. Just use the rear audio RCA input to add all of your favorite portable media devices. Eclipse stereos are know for their excellent sound quality. No matter what you add to this stereo, the sound quality is exceptional and rates off of the charts. The built-in equalizer has preset tone curves, so you can adjust the EQ based on the style of music you are listening to.

This sleek in-dash car stereo features a dot matrix LCD display for easy viewing of song titles and artists. The knobs and buttons are styled with green lighting, making for a flashy look. In this day and age, it is important to protect your aftermarket car stereo components against theft. This Eclipse stereo has a built-in Electronic Serial Number to prevent thieves from using it. This feature is intended to deter theft, and this unit even includes stickers warning of this feature. You can post these stickers on your vehicle to warn thieves that this unit is traced electronically.

This head unit is available at an unbeatable price. Make this stereo the centerpiece of your car stereo system and use it to power your speakers. This stereo has an internal amplifier that can provide 17 watts of RMS power by 4 separate channels. At a price of $74.99 with free shipping, you simply can’t go wrong–and this unit is definitely the right choice.