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What are the Best Headphone Amplifiers with Bass Boost?

FiiO E11K Kilimanjaro

If you’re looking for better performance from your headphones, your first thought may be to pick up a new pair. However, there is another option, adding a headphone amplifier should take your current headphones sound production to the next level. Depending on what type of music you listen to, you may even want to look for an amplifier that has a bass boost function. Now, if you listen mostly to music that doesn’t focus on bass (classical, vocals, etc.), an amp with bass boost isn’t necessarily the way to go; if bass heavy music (hip-hop, EDM, dubstep, etc.) is your thing however, having a bass boost feature can really bring your music to life. Many headphone amps offer some type of bass boost, be it selectable levels or a simple on/off.

1FiiO E18 Kunlun

FiiO E18 Kunlun
The E18 Kunlun from Fiio is one of the best portable headphone amps available. The E18, designed specifically for compatibility with Android smartphones, functions as a headphone amp/DAC to give you some of the best on-the-go sound quality around. Featuring an intuitive 2 level bass boost, the E18 Kunlun can bring your favorite rumbling beats to life.

2FiiO Alpen 2-E17K

Fiio Alpen E17K Amplifier
The Fiio Alpen 2-E17K is a great headphone amplifier/DAC. The portable E17K amp features easily adjustable treble, bass, gain and channel balance through the simple scroll wheel rather than having unique buttons on the amp. It has an easy to read OLED display for access to these adjustable features. This amp also has a headphone output, a dual function line-in/out port and a coaxial digital input port.

3FiiO E07K Andes

The ultra portable Fiio E07K headphone amplifier/DAC offers tremendous value. The E07K Andes features a Wolfson WM8740 DAV and Texas Instruments PCM2706 USB receiver to inject new life to your music. This amp has an adjustable bass boost and treble (adjustable between -10 and +10dB) as well as a selectable gain (0, 6 or 12dB) through the easy to navigate menu.

4FiiO E10K

FiiO E10K Headphone Amplifier
If you’re looking for better audio from your laptop, the Fiio E10K is designed for just that. This USB DAC headphone amplifier has an internal PCM5102 DAV chip to improve the audio quality from your laptop and is capable of handling PCM files in up to 24-bit, 96 kHz resolution. It has an easy to use selectable bass boost function as well as a built-in low-pass filter.

5FiiO E6

FiiO E6 Amplifier
A cheap headphone amp that doesn’t sacrifice quality isn’t an easy thing to find. The Fiio E6 is an affordable headphone amplifier with Fiio’s well known quality and performance. While this portable headphone amplifier doesn’t come with all the bells and whistles of pricier models, it is more than serviceable for the average listener. It features selectable bass boost modes, easy volume control and a 3.5mm output and input interface.

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FiiO Products at CES 2015!


Out on the show floor at the International CES show of 2015, FiiO has released a couple new, excellent audio products. First, is the FiiO E17K portable headphone amplifier and DAC. Featuring an OLED display, an improved multifunction volume wheel, 3.5mm line in port, and over fifteen hours of playback time, this portable headphone amp is perfect for getting the most out of your headphones. In addition, FiiO released the all new X3 portable music player featuring native DSD playback support, in-line remote support, and custom playlists-all in a brand new exterior design! Fiio definitely surprised everyone with these excellent new product designs at CES this year!

Fiio E17KFiiO E17K

Product Features

  • Menu with Adjustable Treble, Bass, Gain & Channel Balance
  • OLED Display
  • Micro USB Input Port
  • Line Out Available
  • Multifunction Volume Wheel
  • Coaxial Digital Input
  • 3.5mm Line In Port
  • Power & Charging Indicators
  • Battery Life: 15+ Hours

Fiio X3

Product FeaturesFiiO X3

  • Native DSD Playback Support
  • In-Line Remote Support
  • 10 Band EQ
  • Custom Playlists
  • All New Exterior Design w/Full Metal Body
  • Classic Scroll Wheel Control
  • Dual Crystal Oscillators for Less Jitter
  • Deep Sleep Mode for Instant-On Usage without Battery Drain

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Attack of the Clones: Fake FiiO Products Discovered on Amazon

They say that imitation is the highest form of flattery. While that may have been true in some past age before the strict implementation of copyright and intellectual property laws, in today’s world it is an offense that can quickly land you in federal prison. Aside for the heavy putative measures taken against individuals and groups who engage in such “flattering” activities, the cost of fake products is heavy on consumers and the original companies. Before moving forward, we’d like to take this opportunity to remind you that we are authorized with FiiO and deliver only original FiiO products. Aside from that, we are also authorized with a multitude of other brands–rest assured, if you bought from Sonic Electronix it is the real deal.

It was officially reported last week that fake FiiO products including the E1E3E5E7,L1 have been sold to unsuspecting consumers on Amazon. Unfortunately, its not a surprise that such a fraud has happened to FiiO in particular. They are wildly popular for their high level of quality and cost-efficiency, making them a glaring target for counterfeiters everywhere.

Most shockingly, the counterfeit FiiO amps and DACs are practically identical to the real ones in appearance and reportedly perform well for a very brief period of time. According to various blogs, the real danger of purchasing the fakes is that they are poorly built and often short-out or even violently explode because of rechargeable-battery malfunctions.

Although the FiiO website is entirely silent on the matter, they have responded to customers and headphone enthusiasts on blogs offering lists of registered and authorized dealers. It is unclear whether FiiO is taking active steps in prosecuting confirmed scammers, but whatever the case, we would like to take this opportunity to remind our customers that we are completely authorized with FiiO and receive all our supplies directly from the manufacturer. You will not find any phony FiiO products  here (or any other phonies, for clarification).

To help our customers stay ahead of the game, here is a complete and official copy of FiiO’s Black List of US Retailers and some images to help you identify fake FiiO E6 amps.

Fake FiiO E6 Will Not Have a Serial Number

The User Manuals are Different from Original E6

Thick Pocket Clip Hook Are Fake E6

Fake FiiO E6 has Battery with Poor Insulation and Messy Soldering

Fake FiiO E6 has Battery with Poor Insulation and Messy Soldering


NuForce Cube Review: Ultra-Portable Media Center

Take it Just about Anywhere

They finally arrived. After careful negotiations and a few flattering words, we got our hands on a box full of NuForce goodies.  While we certainly are grateful for all the quality stuff we got and expect to create equally impressive videos for a number of the products we got such as the NuForce Air DAC iWireless system, one of the most impressive and visually striking items we received is NuForce Cube. The elegant lines, a clear box resembling the minimalism of Apple packaging, and rich solid colors stood in stark contrast to the dry brown of the cardboard shipping box. But what is most impressive, apart from the aesthetics of the Cube, is the range of technologies NuForce has integrated into this diminutive 2″ box.

How Many Features Can Be Packed Into a 2″ Cube?

Don't Let Size Fool You: the Cube is Loud, Detailed, and Packs a DAC and Headphone Amp

In an effort to beef-up your mobile rig, NuForce has equipped the Cube with a headphone amplifier, a 16-bit/48kHz Digital-to-Analog Converter (DAC), and an 3.5mm (1/8″) AUX. In theory, the goal of fitting so many functions in one place is to offer users a central sound entertainment hub. To that end, the Cube definitely delivers the key terms that will ignite the interest of virtually any audiophile. Adding to the portability of the Cube, it has a built-in battery that can deliver roughly eight continuous hours of playback and can be recharged through USB connection.

While packing so many features seems like it may become unwieldy, switching between the USB DAC function of the Cube in speaker mode to headphone mode was as easy plugging the phones in. To test the claims power of the headphone amplifier, I linked it to headphones rated at 100 Ohms. By no means the highest ohm load available, but one where issues start to become apparent if the cans are being under-powered (beside, the Cube is intended as a portable system. If you consider headphones over 100 ohms “portable” maybe you should reconsider).

As a headphone amplifier and DAC, the Cube performed remarkably well and delivered the sound quality expected of NuForce: clean, true to the signal, and minimally colored. But, to prevent skirting the most important question of the speaker’s performance too long, I move on.

Pandora’s Box?

Unlike Hephaestus who according to ancient Greek myth unleashed evil on the world upon opening Pandora’s box against Zeus’ command, unlocking the power of the NuForce Cube will not be as chaotic nor as reprehensible.

Instead, your first impression  is likely to be pure awe at volume this 2″ box can achieve. The first notes flooded through the speaker with utmost authority sounding loud and shockingly clear. For the fact that the speaker is no larger than a Kennedy Half-Dollar, the speaker retained a respectable amount of detail in the high frequencies and just enough bass to round out the reproduction and give the music a sense of depth.

While the Cube performed impressively in at mid-volume levels, it began to loose its brilliance once we pushed it up to its limits. Of course, no one expects to blow down the house or set off alarms with this little thing, but distortion is never a good thing and there was a perceivable level of distortion once we reached the highest volume thresholds.

For what it is and what it is designed to do, the NuForce Cube performs at a high level. It is hard to imagine a speaker with so many features, let alone one that can match the quality of the Cube. Although its somewhat high price-tag may deter some buyers, those who know what they are looking for and understand the quality of NuForce products will not hesitate to rejoice over the NuForce Cube.

The Full Array of Cube Colors in Their Package