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Philips Crystal Vision and Extreme Vision Replacement Headlights

Philips X-Treme & Crystal Vision Ultra Replacement Halogen Headlights

So you think you’re pretty fly with your OEM headlights do ya? I’ve got some news for you pal, you ain’t seen nothin’ yet. What if I told you that you could have street legal bulbs that were 100% brighter than your factory bulbs? Sounds pretty awesome right? Sounds like it might take a lot of work right? Wrong. Unlike HID’s, there’s no ballasts or anything like that to mount and install. Philips Xtreme Vision and CrystalVision Ultra halogen headlights are as simple as removing the old bulb and popping your sweet new and improved bulbs in. Not only are they way more awesome and brighter than your old bulbs, they look sick even when they’re not on as well.


So why Philips? Why not some other brand? Well, did you know that about 60% of the OEM bulbs on the market are already made by Philips? You don’t get that kind of privilege by being lame.

So what are the different bulbs we carry?

First up is the X-Treme Vision series.

Available in the main bub sizes: 9003, 9006, 9007, 9008/H13 and H7, these bulbs are up to 100% brighter than any other halogen on the market and are completely Department of Transportation (DOT) approved. These bad boys not only illuminate the the road farther, better and brighter; they also have a far longer lifetime than competitors and standard OEM bulbs.

Next is the CrystalVision Ultra series.

While not quite as bright as the X-Treme Vision series, they’re still 80% brighter than your typical bulb. What sets them apart is that they are at 4000K which makes them the whitest and closest to natural daylight out of any halogen bulb. This means that your eyes will be more alert and will greatly reduce vision fatigue. CrystalVision Ultra are also available in most lamp sizes; 9003, 9004, 9005, 9006, 9007, 9008/H13, H1, H3, H7, H11, 9140, 9145/H10, 9055/H12, 880, 893, H4651, H4656, H4666, H6024 and H6054 all of which are DOT approved.

We also carry factory replacement HID headlights for certain vehicles which are 25% brighter than your usual HID light. Be sure to check the fit guide to see if your car is a match.

And if all this wasn’t a reason to get yourself some Philips lights there’s also the fact that Philips lights are environmentally friendly. They remove the more toxic and polluting materials from their products such as lead, cadmium and mercury AND they manufacturer their products in the most efficient and environmentally ways possible.

So you’ve got brighter, more durable and safer lights PLUS the most eco-friendly lights as well. What are you waiting for!? GET SOME!


Great Father’s Day Gift Ideas

I’m going to go ahead and assume that you haven’t already got your dad something special for father’s day.  Well shame on you, but it’s not too late!  I decided to put together a little Father’s day gift list for you last minute shoppers with a hint of Sonic Electronix flavoring.  These are just a few of the fantastic gifts that your dad would be proud to call his own:


Vision Extreme 9006-6K-VEIf your dad is getting old like mine, his vision is probably deteriorating so you might want to consider getting him a set of HIDs. They will drastically increase road visibility at night and will increase longevity of his headlights. HIDs produce light that reflects better off of highway signage and critical road postings, meaning he will be less likely to miss an important notice as you’re approaching it.  They come in sizes for almost any car and require minimal installation.

Bluetooth Headsets

BlueAnt T1In today’s modern world there are many laws prohibiting using phones while driving.  In order to alleviate this danger, get your dad a bluetooth headset.  He might appear to be crazy and talking to himself but that comes with the territory of headsets.   We have a huge selection such as the popular BlueAnt T1 headset which features voice control for seamless initiation of phone calls.  Don’t let your dad fall behind in the bluetooth world!


Panasonic ESRT51SThat’s right people! We now carry shavers for all kinds of dads.   The Panasonic ESRT51S for instance, is a rechargeable wet or dry shaver that would make your dad look like a million bucks.  It features a 5-stage LCD display which shows battery status, charge indicator, and cleaning reminder.  Give your dad that edge he’s been looking for!


Radar Detectors

What dad wouldn’t love to have a radar detector in his car? You can save him lots of money in the long run if you purchase him a radar detector like the K-40 RL100.   K-40 will even pay for a speeding ticket up to a year after it has been purchased with no questions asked!  No longer will he be in fear of getting a speeding ticket!

Last but not least, Check out our Father’s Day amplifier sale!

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