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iLuv i1155 Portable DVD Player

iLuv i1155

By Gideon V. – Sonic Electronix Editor

The iLuv i1155 is the latest gadget for iPod owners. The iLuv i1155 is a brand new portable DVD player with an 8.4” monitor. Unlike your average DVD player, the iLuv i1155 is exclusively designed for the iPod. In addition to DVD, MP3 and CD playback, the iLuv features a docking station for your iPod, so you can watch all of your videos on the 8.4” DVD screen. The screen quality is amazing. Are you tired of squinting at the tiny iPod screen? Enjoy movies and music videos on the iLuv i1155’s sizeable 8.4” LCD monitor. After using the iLuv i1155, you won’t want to go back to watching movies on the regular iPod screen. Despite the ample screen size, this portable media player is compact enough to bring along on all of your adventures. Enjoy video playback in the car, at the park, or just about anywhere.

Not only does the iLuv i1155 playback movies and music from your iPod, but this player will also charge your iPod. Just plug the iLuv DVD player into your cigarette lighter (adapter included), and the unit will be powered and ready to go!  The kit also includes an AC adapter for home use. You can enjoy your iPod on road trips without burning the batteries. The iLuv i1155 will always keep your iPod ready to go. This unit also includes a built-in rechargeable battery. The battery lasts three hours for DVDs and 4 hours for iPod video playback, longer than most laptops! Plus, you can recharge it again and again.

The iLuv i1155 comes equipped with an adjustable stand for easy, variable mounting positions on your desktop. Just tilt the rear bracket supporting the screen and set it when you find the right spot. It is so easy to tilt the screen that you can combat glare by simply adjusting the viewing angle. After you mount the iLuv i1155, you can sit back and enjoy the movie. Use the remote control to adjust the video playback. You will feel like you are watching a movie on your home DVD player, in that you won’t have to get up to adjust the volume or pause the film. The unit is advanced enough to display subtitles and it features customizable audio and playback controls. Use the slow or fast motion and the zoom function to create your own instant replay on demand.

The unit also has two headphone jacks, which makes it perfect for personal use in a shared environment. The portable player is light enough to hold in your hands. The keypad controls are touch sensitive, just like the iPod. This unit is light enough to transport and will provide entertainment as you travel. The iLuv 1155 is easy to use and is a practical device for any iPod user.


iLuv Products Overview

I have one. You probably have one. It seems that everyone you know has an iPod. These portable music players are becoming increasingly popular with each new generation of iPod that comes out. Now the iPhone has taken the cell phone market by storm. With all of the hype and popularity of the iPod and iPhone, it only seems natural that it should have the best accessories around. It just makes sense that someone would come along and make some more ways for us to use our iPods. Well, the wait is over and new innovative ways have been introduced to us and our iPods.

Introducing iLuv, a high tech company devoted to creating new and unique products that enable us to get the most out of our iPods. They bring us high quality products that we can use every single day of our life. For example, the iLuv i277 is a dual alarm clock with an AM/FM radio, Bluetooth wireless technology, and of course a dock for your iPod. There is nothing like waking up to the music you love. Or you could make a specific playlist on your iPod so you awake each morning to the sounds that will get you ready for the day. These alarm clocks that play music instead of an alarm or radio have been around for a while, but none have integrated the iPod like this unit. iLuv also makes a version that includes a CD player, the iLuv i199. The i199 combines all the types of audio capabilities discussed above but also incorporates a CD player for audio CD’s and MP3s.

Also on the iLuv line-up is the i1155. This unit was given design and engineering showcase honors at the 2008 International CES Show and for very good reason. It is a portable DVD player that lives up to the iLuv name in providing a built-in docking station for your iPod. The unit will then playback any videos that you have on you iPod on the bright 8.5” screen. The playback of the DVDs or video from the iPod is quite clear and impressive. The touch sensitive keypad controls are simple and easy to use, plus they are really cool. iLuv also offers home DVD players and DVD home theater systems. The i1277 is a complete 5.1 surround sound home theater solution that includes everything you need to enjoy a great movie with fantastic sound. Well, everything except the television. The DVD player also includes the iPod docking station for playback of videos and music, whichever you are in the mood for.

Overall the iLuv products give a new look to the iPod and iPhone. They allow you to use iPods and iPhones in every aspect of your life and to their fullest capacity. Whether we are at home or on the go, iLuv brings us the best iPod accessories. With the popularity of the iPod and iPhone, it will be no surprise that the iLuv products are hitting the consumer market by storm. Everyone wants an iLuv, just as everyone wants an iPod.