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Boston Acoustics Departs from Car Audio, Buy Now and Save!

Boston Acoustics Banner

Boston Acoustics has been heavily involved in the car audio industry for 23 years. Their products have often attributed to high standards that many have drawn in a large crowd of audiophiles. Unfortunately, they will be exiting the car audio industry as of April, 2012 to focus on home audio products, including speakers, soundbars, radios, and other ventures. Although this exit is down the road, now is the time to pick up on some gear that is extremely high quality for a fraction of the price!


The SPG555-4 is among our favorite subwoofers at Sonic Electronix. It's also been extremely popular in the audiophile industry. It's available in 2 Ohm configuration as well.

Sonic Electronix has a large selection of Boston Acoustics amplifiers, speakers, and subwoofers, even recone kits. If you’re looking to savor the last of the Boston Acoustics gear available, this is certainly the time to do it. The Boston Acoustics SE60 6-1/2” component speakers are currently some of the best sellers in the Boston Acoustic speaker department, and are a perfect option to consider when upgrading your vehicles door speakers. Trying to find a clean amplifier at an affordable price? Boston Acoustic multi-channel GT Series Amplifiers feature a Total Harmon Distortion (THD) rating of .03%. Their Signal-to-Noise Ration (SNR) is rated at 100dB. Don’t waste time with inferior amplifiers that cause distortion, go for something that will last the long run and also provide clean output.

The Boston Acoustics SR60 Speakers are a great set of audiophile component speakers.

If you’re the type who’s looking for a different car audio brand with similar characteristics to Boston Acoustics, consider DLS or Image Dynamics. Both of these brands have their quality attributed to them, and spend a lot of time researching and developing their products to have superior sound quality.


Free RE Audio XTX Amplifiers at Sonic Electronix

Free RE Audio XTX amp at Sonic

Every once in a while a deal comes along that is too good to pass up. It isn’t so much a question of “why do I need this?” but instead “Why wouldn’t I need this?” Lucky for those loyal fans of Sonic Electronix, a deal like this is going on right now. Head on over to the Free RE Audio XTX Amplifier Sale and get a free amplifier to power your speakers or subwoofer.

Free RE Audio XTX1500.1 Amplifier
Choose from Sonic’s selection of combos that include a free XTX1500.1 amp. Consider the pair of Crossfire C5 Subs +Free Amp combo. The 10” C5 subwoofers are rated at 300 watts RMS and a perfect match for the amplifier. Once the pair of subs is wired down to a single ohm, these subs will be pounding hard!

Free RE Audio XTX3000.1 Amplifier
Choose from Sonic’s selection of combos that include a free XTX3000.1 amp. Consider the pair of Image Dynamics IDQ Subs +Free Amp combo. This sound quality combo features the audiophile grade IDQ subwoofers and is the perfect way to install professional bass in any car.

Free RE Audio XTX5000.1 Amplifier
Choose from Sonic’s selection of combos that include a free XTX5000.1 amp. Consider the pair of MTX Audio Thunder 9500 Subs +Free Amp combo. This is a high SPL package that is designed for those that want big bass and want to run a lot of power. This is the perfect package for ground pounding bass.

Free RE Audio XTX800.4 Amplifier
Choose from Sonic’s selection of combos that include a free XTX800.4 amp. Consider the Realm LS6c Speakers +Free Amp combo. Audiophile sound is the perfect way to complement an aftermarket subwoofer. These high-end Realm speakers will bring a new level of clarity to any car.

Free RE Audio XTX500.5 Amplifier
Get the entire system with 5-channel combo that includes a free XTX500.5 amp. Consider the complete Image Dynamics System +Free Amp combo. This full system includes Image Dynamics speakers and subwoofers. Matched with this RE Audio amp, it becomes the ideal car audio solution.


Image Dynamics’ 3 Standards of Quality and Power Subwoofers

Image Dynamics is all about setting the bar high and have been doing so for 18 years. Not only do they produce some high quality products but they do so in a way that ascends them to the top amongst some of the car audio industry’s top companies in the world. This notion holds true for their 3 different lines of car subwoofers. From their entry level but powerful ID series, to their high-end, high power output IDMAX series. Each series offers unique features that set them apart from other subwoofers within their respective categories. Each series provides quality, precision and power, only getting better and stronger as you work your way up the line. These Image Dynamics Subwoofers are sure to satisfy any need for any car audio enthusiast.

IDMAX Series

Image Dynamics IDMAX12D4

The IDMAX Series subwoofers provide a high power handling of 1000 watts RMS at both the 10 “and 12” versions, in either a Dual 2 ohm or 4 ohm voice coil. The IDMAX is able to reproduce the smallest details at the lowest frequencies and deliver optimum performance every single time. These subwoofers feature a RaDiaToR system that helps eliminate common failures, such as heat and mechanical failures, during high performance. This is done by removing heat from the voice coil in large amounts and locking the cone and voice coil together, while reinforcing the cone. This series of subwoofers are able to handle larger power handlings due to the large motor structure and flexible tinsel leads that prevent mechanical fatigue and electrical arcing. The pressed paper composite woofer cone allows the subwoofer to be devoid of noise and resonance while withstanding high SPL levels. The IDMAX series subwoofers are design to work in either a sealed or ported enclosure that is sure to satisfy any personal preference. The IDMAX is truly the top of line when it comes to Image Dynamics subwoofers. It produces a staggering amount of bass with ease, precision, efficiency and grace. So if you want people to not only hear your car audio system but also feel your car audio system, then the IDMAX series subwoofers are the ones for you.

IDQ V.3 Series

Image Dynamics IDQ12D4 V.3

The IDQ V.3 series provides articulate accuracy at any volume level. The IDQ V.3 series subwoofers are available in 10” and 12” size, in a Dual 2 ohm or Dual 4 ohm version. With a rating at 500 watts RMS with the 10” subwoofers, and a RMS rating of 750 with the 12” subwoofers, these subwoofers are for those looking to really add some significant bass to their music experience. These subwoofers perform their best with less space making them ideal for smaller subwoofer enclosures. They provide a detailed and proper tonal accuracy that surpasses most other subwoofers in the same category. The IDVQ V.3 subwoofers feature a removable core assembly that not only sets them apart for other subwoofers but also allows for the custom color matching of the basket to your installation or vehicle. The removable core assembly also allows for quick and easy service to the assembly when needed or a complete replacement without any major fuss or extraneous work. The IDQ V.3 subwoofers are equipped with a poly mica woofer cone for rigidity and rubber roll profile surround for optimal excursion. The subwoofers are also equipped with a proprietary design that interlocks the cone spider and voice coil together as an assembly, increasing the performance and quality output of the subwoofers. The IDQ V.3 series subwoofers are perfect for those looking to take their bass to the next level.

ID Series

Image Dynamics ID12D4

The ID12D4 is the 12″ subwoofer in the Image Dynamics ID series of subwoofers, that are also available in 8”, 10’, and 15” sizes, giving you bass in any size desired. The RMS power range of 350 watts to 700 watts, depending on the size selected, is perfect for those looking for just a little bump in their music, or for those looking to really stir things up. Image Dynamics has taken durability, rigidity and optimal performance in mind by supplying the ID series subwoofers with a mica polypropylene cone woofer and an optimized motor structure and suspension that improves the linear excursion of the subwoofer. The improvement of linear excursion allows for more controllable bass at higher volume levels. The Dual 2 ohm and 4 ohm versions allow for various wiring options to better suit your needs or amplifier if you already own one. Image Dynamics’ ID series subwoofers truly are the perfect subwoofer for anyone remotely interested in improving their car audio system without having to pay an arm and a leg. These subwoofers provide a proper balance of sound and high level outputs, and a performance that rivals any other subwoofer in the same category.


Sonic Electronix is now Image Dynamics Authorized

Image Dynamics Car Audio at Sonic Electronix

Veterans of the car audio industry will quickly recognize the name Image Dynamics and associate it with some of the finest products that money could by. Since the inception in the early 90’s, Image Dynamics has become a key player in car audio competitions, product innovation, and customer service. Sonic Electronix is honored to welcome Image Dynamics to the family and look forward to sharing this legendary company with their customers.

As one of the few authorized internet dealers for Image Dynamics, Sonic Electronix has begun to carry the entire line. Visit the Image Dynamics store to find a large selection of speakers, subwoofers, and amplifiers. Each of these audio components are designed and manufactured to live up to the companies dual mission statements: “Live Performance” and “Power and Grace”.

In order to achieve the ideal sound, Image Dynamics engineers speakers and subwoofers that properly emulate the sound of a live performance. The goal is to create a mobile audio system that rivals the finest of home audio systems. This can be accomplished with Image Dynamics, even with the poor acoustical environment of a car. Even the entry-level speakers, such as the Image Dynamics CTX65cs can properly achieve this level of clarity.

Image Dynamics products are capable of producing and handling large amounts of power. The second mission statement affirms that these speakers, subwoofers, and amplifiers are capable of gracefully handling large amounts of power. Unlike many of the competitors, Image Dynamics products are capable of harnessing large amounts of power to reproduce rich, detailed music, as opposed to loud noise. A perfect example of this is the Image Dynamics IDMAX12D4, which is designed to handle 1000 watts RMS.

For a taste of what of car audio is all about, visit the Image Dynamics store at Sonic Electronix.


Image Dynamics’ Q Series Monoblock Amplifiers Re-Define Quality

Image Dynamics Q600.1

Image Dynamics has was founded in 1993 and for the last 18 years have been setting standards inside the car audio industry. From their use of Horn Loaded Compression Drivers in 1993, to the introduction of their revolutionary IDMAX subwoofer series in the 21st century, Image Dynamics have implement a mission of providing products that are able to reproduce high levels of sound quality while maintaining low distortion and excessive electrical interference. For nearly two decades now Image Dynamics continues to provide products for car enthusiast who are looking to rival some of the best car audio companies in the world.

In order to get some of the best sound production what you really need is power and not just any kind of power but efficient, clean, and dependable power. Nothing could be truer about Image Dynamics’s Q Series Monoblock Amplifiers. Q series monoblock amplifiers are available in two different models, the Q600.1 and Q1200.1; both offer unsurpassed detailed musical performance and power with quality and reliability. These monoblock amplifiers offer a 1 ohm stable power rating that gives them that raw power most people are really looking for but also a 4 ohm and 2 ohm power rating giving a versatility of use. The Q600.1 will offer 600 watts RMS at 1 ohm, while the Q1200.1 will offer 1200 watts RMS at 1 ohm. That means that with either of these amplifiers you can properly power anything from an entry level sound system to a more serious system that requires a significant amount of power. The use of massive ground planes provides a stronger ground signal within the integrated circuits of the amplifiers. This improves the reduction of noise and distortion, creating a cleaner more efficient power output. Both amplifiers offer variable bass boost, variable high and low crossovers, and a subsonic filter giving you the up-most ability to completely control and fine tune your car audio system to your personal and desired specifications. The use of high-end electronic components and compact chassis, makes Image Dynamics Car Amplifiers a product you can trust and depend on each and every single day. It is clear to see that Q stand for quality, Image Dynamics is no beginner when it comes to car audio and once you get that taste for real and true high quality you will never be able to go back to anything else.