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iPod Dockable Deck from Dual Allows for Easy iPod/iPhone Integration

When iPods were first released, who could’ve foreseen the overall success and impact they would have on the entire electronics industry? Not only do these music-storing MP3 players allow for simple playback, but they have also introduced a familiar interface that allows us to easily adapt to the players features. Let’s face it, you don’t have to own an iPod to know how to work one. The success of the iPhone further added to the Apple MP3 player craze. Car Stereo’s had to take part and support iPods directly to give users the best possible experience. Car stereos with USB ports began to take on the ability for direct iPod control.

Now it’s 2011 and we’re all aware of what an iPod or iPhone is. Car stereo’s have introduced newer and newer technology to integrate iPod connectivity and iPhone applications through their speakers and display. Dual introduced a new iPod and iPhone source unit that allows for not only a great playback experience, but also a great way to store the iPod or iPhone. The Dual XML8150 In-Dash car stereo features a fold-out integrated dock that allows for integration of the iPod or iPhone and also allows you to dock the iPod or iPhone onto the stereo itself. This can be especially convenient when using the iPhones built-in map system so you can basically use your iPhone as a navigation system. The display will work as normal, and you’ll also be able to have voice commands played through your car speakers as well.

This stereo also has Built-in Bluetooth to further integrate the iPhone connectivity. You can pair the phone and stereo with each other and allow all phone calls to ring through your car stereo. With the Dual XML8150, it’s now an option to simply dock your iPod or iPhone and completely forget about it. If a call Is coming through, you can be assured that the Dual XML8150 will take care of routing that call through your speakers.


Try out HD Radio with the Jensen HD5313IR

Jensen HD5313IR

There’s a time and a place for standard AM/FM radio, and that time has passed. A newer, more convenient radio experience has arrived. Introducing HD Radio, which is capable of playing back your favorite AM/FM stations with unmatched quality. With HD Radio FM stations will sound like CD quality, and AM stations will sound like FM quality. This crystal-clear transmission can even have absolutely no audio distortion in areas with perfect reception.

HD Radio is capable of much more than adding a more pleasant listening experience when you’re browsing through AM/FM radio. In fact, more stations are available when using HD Radio so you can experience new music, new artists, and even new genres while browsing through your familiar AM/FM selection. HD Radio is also capable of transmitting data as well, so if you have a stereo that has a display on it you may be able to see artist, album, and song title information depending on the station that is broadcasting. This service can even be used to allow for traffic data updates and stock information while you’re on the go! The JVC KW-NT3HDT is a perfect example of a radio that integrates HD Radio for not only some great sound on AM/FM bands, but also updates all of the traffic using this service as well!

If you’re wondering how you can integrate this cool new radio system into your car, you may want to consider an In-Dash Car Stereo with HD Radio. These stereo’s will already have the HD radio feature built-in so you can use it right out of the box. In fact, with HD Radio there are no subscription fees just like radio should be. This means, all you need is an HD Radio receiver and you’re ready to go! For the most affordable solution to adding HD Radio to your vehicle, consider the Jensen HD5313IR car stereo. This stereo not only has HD radio built into its cost, but also a USB input for listening to your iPod, and an SD input for even more listening options. Adding HD Radio to your vehicle is now affordable, easy and more beneficial than ever. HD Radio stations continue growing, and in time you’ll see even more available programming!


Pandora Link for Pioneer’s Single Din Receivers

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Tired of the same playlists? Finding music tailored to your likings while on the go has never been easier. Pandora Link is a feature introduced to the car audio world last year, allowing you to integrate Pandora Internet Radio into your vehicle from an iPhone application. Not only do you get to enjoy personalized music stations, all integrated Pandora controls like the thumbs up, thumbs down and skip are right on your radio. You can continue helping Pandora personalize your music experience even while on-the-go! This new feature was integrated this last year into a few of Pioneer’s In-Dash Navigation Systems, and this year it’s an even more flexible feature found on their Single Din receivers.

Pioneer’s new lineup for 2011 includes the Pioneer DEH-6300UB, as well as the Pioneer DEH-8300UB. These two single din receivers by Pioneer showcase this convenient feature in a sleek and simple to use package. Using Pandora on your receiver is simple. First, you’ll need to download a free app the App Store by Pioneer called Pandora Link. This application is similar to the free Pandora application, by integrating your Pandora account directly onto your phone, the only difference is that it’s made to interface directly with your Pioneer In-Dash stereo. After loading up this application, you just connect your iPhone to the car stereo using a standard USB to iPod cable. Pandora will show up as a new source onto your car stereo so you can easily select it and view all of your favorite stations immediately. Next, it’s as simple as selecting your favorite station and allowing Pandora find all of your music for you.

Pioneer integrates Advanced Sound Retrieval into their receivers, since the coming of digital music has taken over. This feature enhances low and high frequencies that are lost with lower quality recordings and allows them to be digitally reproduced. Integrating these convenient features alongside Pandora ensures that the user is constantly supplied with high quality digital media playback from their Pioneer stereo.