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JVC KDR Series In-Dash Car Stereos

Today we’re going to look at the all new KD-R Series single-din car stereos by JVC. There are 6 models in the series and with every model up you get a few more options than the last. We’ll start from the bottom up!

The KD-R330 is your basic car stereo that plays CD’s and accepts a 3.5mm auxiliary input for connecting an iPod or another MP3 player. It has 1 set of 2.5V RCA outputs that can be used to connect an amplifier for car speakers or a subwoofer. This deck is 50 watts Peak and 20 watts rms and is CEA compliant.

The KD-R540 has all of these features but also includes a front USB port that can be connected to an iPod or iPhone for controlling music directly from the stereo’s controls. Pandora Internet Radio is also supported with Apple iPhone so you can thumb up and thumb down songs from the receiver.

Step up to the KD-R640 and you’ll receive an additional pair of pre-amp outputs so you can connect more than one amplifier easily. Variable color illumination will let you match the colors of your stereo to the colors of your vehicle’s interior. Also, if you’ve got steering wheel controls, the 640 is steering wheel control compatible, you’ll just need to purchase an additional module.

Next up, the KD-R740BT features built-in Bluetooth, which is great for hands-free phone calls and streaming your music from a Bluetooth enabled device such as an iPhone or Android. This receiver still has all of the features previously mentioned, but has a solid blue button illumination color.

Step it up to the KD-R80BT and you’ll get a few new features. 5-zone variable color illumination and brightness control let you select your favorite colors to be displayed. A 4-line text display will show you much more information at a glance than other typical single DIN receivers. Not only that, the three sets of 4.8 volts pre-amp outputs that are built in will make a huge difference in quality and control when installing aftermarket amplifiers.

Last in the series is the KD-R840BT. It’s designed with an easy to read single-line display that’s visible day or night. Like the 80BT, it has 5-zone variable color illumination as well Bluetooth technology. This deck is equipped with three sets of 2V pre-amp outputs, and offers front and rear USB inputs to connect your favorite devices.

So, if you’re looking for a solid receiver that offers a ton of features, the KD-R series car stereos by JVC may be right for you. Check out all of these products and more at the one and only SonicElectronix.com.

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Pandora Link for Pioneer’s Single Din Receivers

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Tired of the same playlists? Finding music tailored to your likings while on the go has never been easier. Pandora Link is a feature introduced to the car audio world last year, allowing you to integrate Pandora Internet Radio into your vehicle from an iPhone application. Not only do you get to enjoy personalized music stations, all integrated Pandora controls like the thumbs up, thumbs down and skip are right on your radio. You can continue helping Pandora personalize your music experience even while on-the-go! This new feature was integrated this last year into a few of Pioneer’s In-Dash Navigation Systems, and this year it’s an even more flexible feature found on their Single Din receivers.

Pioneer’s new lineup for 2011 includes the Pioneer DEH-6300UB, as well as the Pioneer DEH-8300UB. These two single din receivers by Pioneer showcase this convenient feature in a sleek and simple to use package. Using Pandora on your receiver is simple. First, you’ll need to download a free app the App Store by Pioneer called Pandora Link. This application is similar to the free Pandora application, by integrating your Pandora account directly onto your phone, the only difference is that it’s made to interface directly with your Pioneer In-Dash stereo. After loading up this application, you just connect your iPhone to the car stereo using a standard USB to iPod cable. Pandora will show up as a new source onto your car stereo so you can easily select it and view all of your favorite stations immediately. Next, it’s as simple as selecting your favorite station and allowing Pandora find all of your music for you.

Pioneer integrates Advanced Sound Retrieval into their receivers, since the coming of digital music has taken over. This feature enhances low and high frequencies that are lost with lower quality recordings and allows them to be digitally reproduced. Integrating these convenient features alongside Pandora ensures that the user is constantly supplied with high quality digital media playback from their Pioneer stereo.


Pioneer Car Audio & Video Receivers

Pioneer Car Audio / Video Receivers

By Seth Wilde. – Product Specialist

You can’t talk about Pioneer electronics without recognizing their incredible line of car audio products.  While they still make high-end home, DJ, and portable electronics, the mobile line of products stands out among the rest.  By creating a wide variety of car audio components, Pioneer is able to fully capture the sound inside of a car.  Car stereos, speakers, amplifiers, and subwoofers are some of the specific categories that have lead Pioneer to the top of the industry.  This year, Pioneer has found a way to simplify their advanced car stereo receivers to make them easy to understand.  That focus is the Connectivity, Quality, and Convenience of each unit. Lets take a moment and discuss these three different parts of the Pioneer Car Audio /Video Multimedia receivers.


Whether you’re keeping in touch with friends and family on your mobile phone, or browsing through thousands of songs on your iPod, Pioneer products bring it all together in the car.  Eliminate the clutter of having several devices in the car, and bring the intuitive control and convenience of Pioneer at your fingertips.


Pioneer’s universal reputation for quality is the perfect foundation to build upon due to its stylish design and detailed craftsmanship.  The Pioneer promise includes continuing to overcome the many challenges in the mobile industry.  For over 30 years, Pioneer has been a leading authority in audio technology and their new products keep them at the top.


Ease of use plus flexible mounting and function are essential aspects of Pioneer system convenience.  Control of a connected iPod via headunit rotary commander is intuitive.  For optimal installability, Pioneer makes tweeters and subwoofers surprisingly compact and the digital amplifiers small enough to fit underneath seats.

Each Pioneer Audio/Video head unit lives up to the Pioneer promise and proves to be a easily connected, high-quality, and convenient unit.


Large 8.3” Displays from Power Acoustik, Soundstream, and Farenheit

<br /> Power Acoustik PTID-8310NRB

By Seth Wilde – Product Specialist

For those that enjoy watching movies inside their car from an in-dash DVD player will be pleased with some of the newest flip-out car receivers on the market.  Select companies have been able to revolutionize the in-car multimedia receiver with the introduction of a larger display than the typical in-dash car stereo.  With bright, vivid color and surround sound outputs, these receivers achieve the perfect balance between value and features.

As one of the leaders behind extra large displays, Power Acoustik has taken a new vision of the in-dash receiver and developed an entirely new mechanism to support the enormous 8.3” LCD display.  Consider the Power Acoustik PTID-8310NRB as the perfect example of what this new display style is capable of.  The PTID8310NRB features a large 8.3” Touch screen with incredible detail and bright color.  Instead of the traditional flip-out display that moves a long a linear track, these new screens will emerge from the main receiver and then pivot at one corner to rotate the screen.  The rotation allows a large sized screen to fit inside the receiver.   These extra large screens open an entire new world for DVD and video playback.  The larger screen is easy to see and makes the Graphical User Interface (GUI) simple to navigate.

In addition to the Power Acoustic PTID-8310NRB, there are other units that feature a similar style of display.  The Farenheit TID-831NRB and the Soundstream VIR-8310NRB.  All based on a standard design, these three units feature a huge touch screen that is great for movies, videos, adjusting settings, and the general use of the unit.  Most of these units also come built-in with other features such as built-in Bluetooth or a TV Tuner. With a price that is so affordable, there is no reason to settle for less.  Upgrade your factory system to a receiver with the largest flip-out screen available on the market.


Dual XHD7714 In-Dash Receiver

Dual XHD7714

By Chelsey P. – Sonic Electronix Writer

Now you can get all of the features you would expect from a high-end brand at a fraction of the price. The Dual XHD7714 head unit is a single DIN receiver that offers built-in HD radio, Bluetooth and iPod controls, features that typically require expensive upgrades on other receivers. You can connect other media sources to the front-panel auxiliary input or the USB Input to listen to your favorite MP3 and WMA files. The powerful on-board DSP Processor decodes the compressed audio while maintaining near-CD sound quality. An internal buffer provides electronic skip protection to eliminate skipping and allows direct track search even while a song is playing.

The built-in HD Radio tuner delivers enhanced sound quality from FM stations that sound almost as good as CD, while the AM stations sound like regular FM stations. Most HD radio stations have text information so you can view the artist and song right on the display of the head unit. An impressive feature on the XHD7714 is that if an iPod is connected, you can “tag” songs you hear on the radio for downloading later. Just sync up your iPod to the computer and you will instantly be prompted to buy the songs from the iTunes store.

With built-in Bluetooth, you won’t need to purchase a separate adapter to make hands-free calls while driving. Just pair your compatible phone with the head unit and you can make and receive calls through the vehicle’s speakers. After the initial setup, Bluetooth automatically connects to your cell phone every time you get in the car.

The Dual XHD7714 is a full-featured car stereo receiver that provides a great alternative to high-priced head units. With built-in HD Radio, Bluetooth, and iPod controls, this receiver sounds like a winner in the in-dash receiver market. These incorporated features are useful in the real world, which is why this stereo represents one of the best buys out there in terms of value and reliability.