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Top 3 Bluetooth Headphones for Running

Top Headphones for Runners

If you are a runner, it’s probably important to you to be able to have your music with you while you run. And the best way to listen to your music while you exercise is, of course, with Bluetooth technology. When it comes to sport headphones, Bluetooth headphones are the best choice and provide a couple benefits that non-Bluetooth headphones don’t offer. Since they connect wirelessly, you can be sure that you will always be connected without having to worry about tangled cables or the cable coming out of your device. In addition, most Bluetooth headphones provide easily accessible controls. This means that you wont have to fumble with your device anymore to change the music or to take a phone call.

Sport headphones, such as those listed below, were specially designed with the athlete in mind. With features such as water resistance, sweat proofing, and reflective cables (for those of you who love to run at night), these are 2015’s top three headphones for running – as well as for other athletic activities you may enjoy.

1Jaybird Bluebuds X

JayBird BlueBuds X

The Jaybird Bluebuds X sport headphones, available in Black or White, are incredible earphones for running. These in-ear headphones feature Bluetooth 2.1 and were definitely created with the athlete in mind. They feature secure fit ear hooks which ensure the earbuds stay in your ears during rigorous activity.

  • In-Line Mic with Volume and Phone Controls
  • Signal Plus technology for Skip Free Music
  • Jenna™ Voice Prompts for Ease of Use
  • Fully Sweat and Water Resistant

2SMS Audio SYNC Sport by 50 Cent

SMS Audio SYNC Sport by 50 Cent

The second top Bluetooth headphones for running are the SMS Audio SYNC by 50 Cent sport edition Bluetooth earbuds. These in ear headphones are perfect for running and other athletic activities while providing high fidelity audio, full bass response, and vocal clarity. Available in Blue and Yellow, their nano coating technology provides maximum resistance against sweat and water.

  • Ear Hook Design Keeps the Headphones Secure
  • Integrated Microphone with Adjustable Volume Controls
  • Compatible with iPhone, Android, Blackberry, and Windows Smartphones
  • Professionally Tuned 6mm Micro Drivers

3JBL Synchros Reflect BT

JBL Reflect BT

Last but not least are the JBL Synchros Reflect Bluetooth Wireless in ear sports headphones. These headphones are the ultimate workout partner and combine cutting-edge style with innovation. With a workout-ready design, JBL-quality sound, and Bluetooth connectivity, these headphones are incredible running headphones. They are available in Blue or Red.

  • Integrated Microphone with Adjustable Volume Controls
  • Reflective Cable for Running at Night
  • Stay-Put Ear Buds
  • 5 Hours of Bluetooth®-Enabled Connectivity

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Tis The Season To Be Shopping

Sony MDR-ZX100

Sony MDR-ZX100

Gift shopping can always be a very difficult thing to do, especially when you have no clue what to get for your loved ones and friends. Waiting in long lines at stores, rushing from place to place to get different brands of gifts, and not to forget how heavy some of things get once carrying them around. Well at Sonic Electronix we say, why not just sit somewhere in the comfort of your home, get yourself some snacks and some to quench your thirst, and shop online with our awesome Black Friday Deals and Specials. This year Sonic Electronix has sales on hundreds of your favorite brands from amplifiers and speakers to guitars and headphones.



When shopping from all of those Pro Audio lovers you can definitely get the job done super easily right here on our website. For stocking stuffers or nice and inexpensive gifts, Sonic has some great deals on Sony MDR-ZX100/WHI On-Ear Headphones and JVC HAFX1X In-Ear Headphones. The Sony MDR-ZX100 headphones are lightweight and have a comfortable design that allows users to use them for an extended period of time with minimal fatigue. They also have thickly padded ear cups that isolate noise and deliver quality focused sounds. The JVC HAFX1X headphones feature a 10mm diaphragm with neodymium magnet and extreme deep bass ports the deliver great sound. Their superior sound isolation is achieved by including three different size silicone ear pieces to provide a comfortable fit for all users.

Marathon DCM-2000MKII

Marathon DCM-2000MKII

Looking for the ultimate gift that will put the biggest smile possible on any Pro Audio users face? Well you should definitely check out the Marathon DCM-2000MKII and the Beat Kangz Beat Thang. The Marathon DCM-2000MKII dual CD player and mixer with pre-amp is an all-in-one convenient, compact and rugged unit. Easy to read and well laid out controls; make this CD/mixer combination the perfect choice for the seasoned professional and novice alike. The Beat Kangz Beat Thang fuses sequencing, sampling, and a massive sound bank with a very user-friendly interface. It’s all packed in a rugged yet portable all-metal chassis, making it one of the most versatile music production instruments on the earth.

Beat Kangz Beat Thang

Beat Kangz Beat Thang

Make sure you check out all of the other awesome Black Friday deals and specials here at Sonic Electronix, and shop from the comfort at your home. There are tons of sales available on car audio, car security, DJ pro audio, musical instruments, headphones, and so much more. If you have an questions regarding our sales and products feel free to call our customer service line, and we will make sure to help you out on your purchases or any questions you may have on any products we have available.


“Made Right Here” Sweepstakes and Limited Edition Westone In-Ear Headphones Review

All Limited Edition In-Ear Headphones Include Case and Interchangeable Tips

Just ahead of Independence day celebrations, Westone announced on June 1st, 2012, the opening of their much anticipated “Made Right Here” sweepstakes. Winners of the sweepstakes will receive anything from Westone apparel to a Grand Prize including round-trip airfare and accommodations to visit the Westone headquarters in Colorado Springs, Colorado and a list of stuff too long to list here (click on any of the links in this paragraph for more info).  While no purchase is necessary to enter the sweepstakes, each Westone has released special edition red, white, and blue versions of their popular UM1, UM2, and UM3x each with the chance to win.

Proudly crafted in Colorado Springs, Colorado, the Westone in-ear headphones are among the finest in audio reproduction. With all the excitement surrounding the sweepstakes aside, this is a great opportunity to evaluate exactly what sets the UM1, UM2, and UM3x apart.

Westone UM1 Review

UM1 in Blue

the Limited Edition UM1 is available in the complete array of patriotic colors and featured in red, white, and blue. The construction of these headphones is lightweight and the package includes enough ear-tips to give users a wide selection as well as the possibility of finding the best fit. Part of the reason these in-ear monitors are so light is because they utilize a micro balanced armature driver.

In terms of sound signature, the Westone UM1 are well balanced and neutral making it an ideal in-ear headphone for critical listeners or for use as a reference headphone. As the entry level model, the UM1 is quite impressive. While the transparency of the UM1 is certain to be regarded as a highly desirable quality from audio purists and recording artists, it is likely to leave mainstream users accustomed to heavy coloration, particularly in the lower frequencies, craving a little more drama. Nonetheless, whether you are a recording artist, an analytical listener, or  just venturing into high-end audio, the UM1 is a great in-ear monitor on a budget.

Westone UM2 Review

UM2 in Red with Attached Cord

The Limited Edition UM2 is offered with a removable cord in White and Blue or with the attached cable in Red and White.  Like just about every Westone In-Ear model, the UM2 are extremely comfortable and include a broad selection of eartips. The UM2 are also extremely light weight and are physically non-fatiguing making them ideal for long listening sessions.

In terms of hardware, the UM2 feature two micro balanced armature drivers with passive crossover that separates high and low frequencies, sending them to the corresponding driver. Having high and low frequencies played by dedicated drivers gives the UM2 the its famed sound stage. Unlike many in-ear headphones, the UM2 feature a convincing sound stage with accurate vertical and horizontal placement as well as perceivable depth.

The sound signature of the UM2 benefits greatly from the separation of high and low frequencies. The UM2 delivers bass that is accurate and noticeably separate from the higher frequencies. As a result, bass and treble coexist in pleasant harmony without muddying each other or robbing one another of texture and nuance. Overall, the UM2 is a remarkable and thoroughly enjoyable in-ear headphone

Westone UM3x Review

UM3x with Attached Cord

The UM3x is available in either White or Blue with a removable cord or in Red and White with the attached cord. The UM3x is a supercharged version of the UM2. By integrating a third micro balanced armature driver, the UM3x features a passive crossover network that effectively separates the incoming signal and directs it to the high, mid, and woofer drivers. This results in greater articulation of specific frequencies. The UM3x offers a broad sound stage in which high, mids, and bass are each separately detailed and delivered with utmost clarity. Do not expect to find even a hint of muddling with this in-ear monitor. For the ultimate experience, there are very few in-ear monitors that deliver such an immersive experience as the UM3x.


The “Made Right Here” series of special edition in-ear headphones offers a model for every level. Whether you are just launching into new aural adventures or are an experienced and seasoned musician with high demands, Westone offers something patriotic and efficient. Make sure not to miss out on the excellent prizes and give-aways by entering the “Made Right Here” sweepstakes.

Click Here for Sweepstakes Entry Form and Details, Contest Ends July 31st, 2012


AKG Quincy Jones Series Headphones

Q460 Green
Legendary music producer Quincy Jones has teamed up with the folks at Harman AKG to release a Signature Line of headphones. Quincy Jones views music as his livelihood and has focused this passion on releasing a quality product that can demonstrate his pride. The AKG Quincy Jones Signature Line of headphones certainly does live up to these expectations. When you listen to this spectacular lineup of In-Ear and On-Ear headphones, painstakingly approved by Quincy Jones you’ll definitely know – It’s personal.

With all of the portable MP3 devices and smart phones around today, In-Ear headphones, or ear buds are very popular to consider. The drivers in the AKG Q350 In-Ear headphones are designed for durability and high output. They feature precise, unfiltered acoustics that have made AKG headphones the studio standard for more than 60 years. They also feature an In-line Mic and Remote Control for better use with smart phones and MP3 players.  The weight of the drivers without the cable is 3 grams, perfect for jamming to your music without feeling restricted, or hurting your ears. These ear buds are perfect for the gym, air travel, or a run due to their light weight and stylish design. You can find the AKG Q350 ear buds in three different colors, Green, White, and Black.

Q460 Black

The Q460 On-Ear Headphones feature a detachable cord and collapsible cups for increased storage and portability

The AKG Q460 is a great alternative for those looking for an On-Ear headphone option. These Signature Edition mini headphones are designed for long hours of comfortable use, and also fold flat for increased portability and feature a detachable cable. Quincy Jones demanding career has him traveling all over the world and he has stated that “These are the headphones I want with me” during those travels. You can also find these headphones in Green, White, and Black.


Sonic Electronix’s Top 5 In-Ear Headphones Part 2 of 2

Last week we kicked-off our list of top five in-ear headphones and got off to a great start. This week we continue with some very prestigious companies like Grado, AKG, and the infamous Monster Cable who are widely known for their over-the head Beats by Dr. Dre. This is our conclusion from last week’s blog so make sure to read the first part to get the full effect of this list. You can read the part 1 of 2 by following this link: Sonic Electronix’s Top 5 In-Ear Headphones Part 1 of 2. To all our Facebook fans feel free to leave us some comments on what you think of our list, something we might have left out? Or what your list would have looked like.

Grado iGi

Grado iGi

The Grado iGi in-ear headphones use a proprietary bandwidth dynamic design that provides a very warm and precise sound that is unrivaled by any other ear-bud in its price range. The small medical-grade silicone earphone tips allow for a tight and comfortable fit that nestles within the ear canal. This tight fit produces superior noise isolation and improved bass reproduction. These Grado ear-buds offer a full-bodied range of vocals to really bring out the best in your music listening no matter what genre of music you are listening to. The Grado iGi also feature a raised Dot side indication so you will never have to confuse the right from the left and to make sure you are using your headphones properly and to their full potential.



AKG is known for manufacturing some of the best pro audio and personal audio listening devices. These AKG Q350-Black special edition Quincy Jones Signature Line in-ear headphones provide that quality that comes with the name AKG. The closed-back dynamic design reproduces deep and rich bass that is not found in your standard pair of headphones. The sound reproduction is clean, crisp with amazing highs, mids, and lows. These headphones really and truly do offer a full range of sound that gives a complete listening experience every single time with just about any genre of music. Their ultra light-weight design ear-buds offer extreme comfort for long listening sessions a long with high-quality noise-isolation for increase quality and performance. The in-line microphone provides complete music control while on your iPhone. AKG provides three different size silicone sleeves to get the most perfect fit that better suits your ear-canal. There really is not much to say about these in-ear headphones when someone like Quincy Jones puts his name on a brand like AKG the name really does speak for its self.

Monster Cable iBeats-BLACK

Monster Cable iBeats-BLACK

Last but not least are the infamous Monster Cable iBeats-Black by Dr. Dre in-ear headphones. These ear-buds offer the iconic Beats style and bass producing sound in a more compact design than its predecessor. The sealed in-ear construction and multiple design offer unsurpassed external noise blocking and improved bass and sound reproduction to truly enhance your listening experience. The single-billet machine-precision metal housing reduces vibrations to decrease interference and provide the best possible sound without interruption or cord brushing static. A hard chrome earphone finish provides rugged durability making them perfect for travel or when on the go. A built-in Control Talk Mic allows for hands-free calling and online chatting, and also offers track seeking capabilities without the need to touch your listening device. The iBeats are specially designed for iPad, iPhone, and iPod but will provide deep bass, enhanced highs, and clear mids on any listening device. With a company like Monster Cable and a name like Dr. Dre you know that you are getting some of the best stuff on the market.