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Infinity BassLink SM Shallow Mount Powered Car Subwoofer

One of the great new products that Infinity™ introduced at the International CES show this year was their completely redesigned BassLink SM. The BassLink is a shallow mount powered car subwoofer. This compact, under the seat subwoofer is designed to improve the bass performance in vehicles while putting the richness back into the music. In addition, the BassLink SM’s small housing makes it possible to add bass to your vehicle without taking  up a whole bunch of space. In fact, you can even install it under your car seat!

Infinity Basslink SM

  • Compact, Long Excursion, 8-Inch Subwoofer
  • Class D 80W Amplification
  • Extremely Shallow Design
  • Fits Underneath or Behind Car Seat
  • Beautiful, Sleek Design
  • Easy Installation


The release of this brand new BassLink design definitely impressed us. The last model of Infinity’s BassLink powered car subwoofer was a much bigger design, with a 10″ subwoofer and a much wider housing. We love the new BassLink design and the fact that it adds excellent bass to your vehicle – at a great price! The BassLink SM powered car subwoofers will be available for purchase at Sonic Electronix sometime in April. Until next time, we’ll cya later!

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Save 20% on Select JBL and Infinity Car Audio Products

Save 20% on Select JBL and Infinity Car Audio Products

With today’s economy, it is important to get the best bang for your buck. When money is hard to come by, it is necessary to spend it wisely. There is no time or money to waste buying low quality electronics that cost more in the long run. On the flip side, there is no reason to buy items that are too expensive. It is all about being a smart shopper and this 20% off JBL & Infinity is the perfect way to show your car you are a smart shopper.

20% Off Infinity Car Audio

Being the more exclusive and advanced car audio line from Harman, Infinity is widely popular among car audiophiles. Included in this sale are the Reference subwoofers and amplifiers, as well as the Kappa subwoofers and amplifiers. One of the more popular subwoofers from Infinity is the Infinity Kappa 120.9W. This woofer is the perfect combination of sexy and acoustic. The gold woven cone looks beautiful in any car and the bass is deep enough to please the strictest of bass heads. Kappa and Reference monoblock amps are also getting a 20% price cut for this sale.

20% Off JBL Car Audio

For many of us, JBL is the standard for quality sound. Looking at their impressive audio past proves this. For a limited time, you can get 20% off of JBL GT and GTO series amplifiers. Whether you need a multi-channel for your speakers or a monoblock for your subwoofer, a JBL amplifier will make sure you are giving proper wattage to the speaker. If your speakers are in need of some clean amplification, the JBL GT5-A604 is the perfect way to send 60W RMS to four 4-ohm speakers.

With 20% off, this deal is hard to pass up. If you are looking for a JBL/Infinity item that is not included in this sale, leave a comment below and tell us what you are looking for.


Infinity Perfect Line


By Kyle D. – Sonic Electronix Writer

Harmon International specializes in high-quality audio and electronic products for automotive, consumer and professional use. Infinity is one of Harmon’s many sibling companies and carries its legendary audio quality to the automotive department. Kappa Perfect was introduced in 1998 as a high-end line of car audio products from Infinity. The Kappa Perfect line has really excelled for Infinity, anyone knowledgeable about car audio has heard of the series. Infinity Kappa Perfect have been winning competitions for years while remaining affordable for the average consumer. When you hear the name Infinity, you hear about their products superb sound quality and innovative, sophisticated use of technology. Infinity says it’s not technology for the sake of technology, it’s technology for the sake of music.

Infinity Kappa Perfect subwoofers are built likes tanks, and ooze technology and innovation. The newest Kappa Perfect VQ (Variable Q) subwoofers feature proprietary Magnesium Metal Matrix (M3D) woofer cones that are 20 times “deader” than aluminum with superior stiffness and damping properties. The Variable Q interchangeable pole pieces allow you to tune the woofers Q exactly how you want it, which is unheard of. If Infinity says its Perfect subs can go as low as 23Hz, they mean it. Kappa Perfect subwoofers are also extremely loud and accurate, following close beats is a cinch and it’s nearly impossible to distort them given the right system. These are the first subwoofers that can easily be optimized for tiny sealed boxes, medium sized sealed and vented and infinite-baffle applications. The perfect mesh of sound quality, accuracy and precision is available with Kappa Perfect subwoofers.

Infinity’s product quality and excellence stems from its passion for music. This passion shines most bright in their Kappa Perfect series component speaker systems. Car audio has been forever changed by the clarity, quality, and presence of the Kappa Perfect line of speakers. Deep-anodized aluminum woofer cones make up the midwoofers of these speakers for incredible detail and accuracy. A 1” edge-driven aluminum tweeter with a rubber surround produces astoundingly bright, crisp highs. For ultimate speaker control, Kappa Perfect speakers have a Linqwitz-Riley crossover network with 3.5kHz tweeter crossover frequency, and -4/0/+5dB tweeter level control. These speakers are hefty and built to last. They run a unique 3 ohm impedance and just beg for power from a quality external amplifier.  Kappa Perfect speakers were created using the most advanced technologies for the most critical of audiophiles, and boy did Infinity deliver, on a magnesium metal platter.

Infinity car audio products are crammed full of high end and trick technology.  Engineering at Infinity is state-of-the-art and a great deal of computer aided design software is used to devise their products. This includes FEA(Finite Element Analysis) modeling programs, LEAP CAD software, MLSSA FFT analyzers and the new Klippel analyzer. It takes a lot of guts to describe a product as “Perfect”, but after hearing anything from Infinity’s Kappa Perfect lineup you will understand they chose their words carefully.