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Car Sound Staging and Acoustics

Focal No. 7

The Stage is Set

Many people are convinced that buying high quality car audio equipment will automatically guarantee them a top notch sounding system.   Fact of the matter is, there are many factors to take into consideration when installing aftermarket sound components in your vehicle.   Sound staging is one of the most important aspects in that it can make the difference between a good system and a great one.  The basic concept of sound staging can be best described as trying to recreate a stereo recording as a live performance.  Think of the basic format of a band:  You have a singer, one or two guitarist, a bassist and a drummer.  Someone who has proper sound staging should be able to listen to the recording and hear the singer in the center, the guitarist on the left, the bassist on the right, and the drummer behind the singer.

Speaker Placement

Sound Staging

The placement of a vehicle’s speakers can drastically affect its sound staging. Common vehicles usually only have a standard 4 speaker system.  This can often result in poor sound staging creating a very artificial sound.  However, this can be improved by adding speakers such as the Infinity Reference 6032cf. The Unipivot feature allows the tweeter to be pointed at the listeners location even when the speaker is mounted off axis. Passionate audiophiles will go above and beyond to ensure that their speakers are in locations that will provide optimum performance.  This might include modifying door panels or building custom kick panels to accommodate midbass drivers and tweeters.  Some may create mounting devices which allow them to raise the speaker above the dash for improved imaging and staging.  Installers might achieve better sound staging by adding additional speakers to the equation in locations such as pillars or under seats.

Interior Acoustics

Sound StagingA vehicle’s interior characteristics can help determine sound staging as well.  Different surfaces will have various responses to sound waves depending on how they absorb or reflect them.  For instance, a surface such as glass will be reflective and cause sound waves to bounce around.  A surface such as upholstery will cause sound wave to be absorbed.  This can greatly affect how your speakers and subwoofers reproduce music.  For example, if you were to put identical sound systems in a Rolls Royce and a Toyota Corolla, they would sound very different.  Adding a digital sound processor such as the JBL MS-8 can improve staging significantly with its automatic time correction feature, allowing the sound from each speaker to reach the listener simultaneously.  Audiophiles will often apply sound dampening material to door panels and trunks in order to control interior surfaces and reduce unwanted vibrations.

Let’s be honest, there is no perfect sound system, but understanding how to take advantage of every small detail can mean a world of difference.


JBL / Infinity Training at Sonic Electronix

JBL & Infinity Training at Sonic Electronix

In the audio world, the JBL brand is practically synonymous with professional audio. They have been there for all the biggest events and have become the official sound for Woodstock. When there is a revolutionary audio technology, there is a good chance a JBL/Harman engineer is behind it. That is the nature of the Harman, which includes JBL, Infinity, AKG, and more. The past week, Harman came to teach Sonic about the JBL and Infinity car audio products. Sonic Electronix was taught about speakers, subwoofers, amplifiers, new unreleased products, and the incredible JBL MS-8 Sound Processor.

In addition to the classroom style training, Sonic went outside to get a hands-on demo of Infinity and JBL. Two show cars pulled up to show off what Infinity and JBL are all about.

Infinity Kappa Speakers

Infinity Kappa Speakers at Sonic ElectronixThe Kappa speakers have a long history of being some of the best speakers on the Infinity product line-up. With an affordable price tag and huge performance, these speakers have become very popular for car audio novices and audiophiles alike. The show car that Harman (JBL & Infinity) brought was fully loaded with Infinity Kappa 60.9cs car speakers.

Infinity Kappa Subwoofers

Infinity Kappa Subwoofers at Sonic ElectronixKappa subwoofers are possibly the richest looking subwoofers on the market. Not only do they produce some rich, clean bass, but they also have a shiny, gold cone. Check out the Infinity Kappa 120.9W to see high res images of the cone. Wiring is made simple with the SSI (Smart Selectable Impedance) switch. Once installed and properly wired, these subwoofers become a well-balanced woofer for SQ and SPL.

Infinity Kappa Amplifiers

Infinity Kappa Amplifiers at Sonic ElectronixProperly powering a system is important and the Infinity Kappa amplifiers are the perfect solution. Providing constant reliable power to any mobile audio system, the Kappa amplifiers have developed a reputation as one of the more premier amplifiers in the industry. To make it better, these high-end amplifiers do not come with a high-end price tag. Kappa amplifiers are the perfect solution to an audiophile car audio system.


Save 20% on Select Infinity & JBL Car Audio Products

Save 20% on Select Infinity & JBL Car Audio Products

You have all heard of Infinity and JBL. They are two of the most respected brands in the audio industry. With high-end products ranging from home audio to professional audio and even to car audio, these two Harman brands have developed a wide range of products for both consumer and industrial use. Many of those reading this bog will be familiar with these two brands inside the car. No matter where you go or whom you talk to, a car with JBL or Infinity equipment is respected because of the excellent sound quality. Now at Sonic Electronix and for a limited time only we are giving 20% Off Infinity and JBL Items.

Some of the popular Infinity products that are included in this sale are the Reference amplifiers and the Kappa subwoofers. The two class D Reference amplifiers offered are excellent companions to many of the subwoofers out there. The true power ratings make it easy to match a subwoofer and get the best sound possible. The Kappa series subwoofers have been a wide success for Infinity with their fantastic looks, top-notch sound quality, and their ease of installation. Each features the SSI (Selectable Smart Impedance) that allows the subwoofer to change the impedance at the terminals with a flip of a switch.

JBL also is offering a great selection of sale items. The Power and Grand Touring speakers have had their prices reduced for a limited time. These speakers use space-age materials and advanced engineering to produce a sound that is comparable to the nicest of speakers, yet for a fraction of the cost. Powering these speakers is fast and easy with the JBL 4-channel and 5-channel amplifiers that are also included in the sale. Remember, this sale is only for a limited time. Head on over to the JBL and Infinity Sale at Sonic Electronix and save today!


Infinity and JBL Car Audio Products

JBL Car and Marine Audio

By Seth Wilde – Product Specialist

Sonic Electronix is a proud authorized dealer for Infinity and JBL car audio products. Those that are familiar with those names will recognize them as respectable companies that have a true love for sound.  Both members of the Harman Audio Group, Infinity and JBL are backed by some of the world’s best audio engineers that continually push the envelope.  Each year, the companies introduce produces to the mobile electronics industry that have never before been seen.  As you might have read in our earlier bog posts, JBL has introduced the JBL MS-8 that will revolutionize the car audio world.

JBL offers a full line of audio components including speakers, subwoofers, amplifiers, and sound processors.  After hearing a set of JBL car speakers that have been properly installed, the listener is typically blown away by the sound clarity, as well as the sound integrity.  The have become notorious for using high-end materials, while retaining a relatively low price.  It is easy to see why true JBL fans are loyalists to the brand.  Quality results each and every time is a sure way to gain popularity.

Infinity can be considered the older brother to the JBL line.  The care and precision that go into the creation of each Infinity loudspeaker result in a level of sound reproduction that is rarely surpassed.  Manufacturing quality speakers, subwoofers, amplifiers, and more, Infinity is able to assist in various aspects of the car audio system.  Subwoofers like the 100.9W and the 120.9W feature some of that revolutionary technology such as the Selectable Smart Impedance (SSI) switch that allows the subwoofer to be changed from a single 2 ohm to a single 4 ohm.  There are many smaller details that Infinity pays close attention to that make the components sound better and last longer.  As mentioned before, products with the JBL and Infinity logos can be trusted as long lasting and great sounding.