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Shopping for an Amp Kit

When shopping to upgrade your factory radio system you’ll most likely start off with choosing a head unit. Then will come the time to look for some speakers, maybe a subwoofer or amplifier. For ANY stereo installation that involves an amplifier, you will need an amp kit. You may think, “I don’t know anything about this, how do I know what to get!” Worry not! Sonic Electronix not only has have several resources to help but this is why I am writing to you today.

So, let’s talk a bit about how to choose the proper kit for your setup, shall we?

Most commonly used sized wire for powering car amplifiers is 8 gauge or 4 gauge. Due to the high current demands, a car amplifier needs large power wires to get the energy it needs from the battery to operate correctly. Depending on the wattage of your amplifier (which you should know after buying it) you pick the gauge of wire that you need in the amplifier kit. To figure out the correct size wire you need for your application, visit our knowledge base to read our article on the gauges of wire you will need.

Complete 2-Channel Amplifier Install Kit

A complete amp kit has everything you need to install your amp to your aftermarket head unit such as speaker wire, power wire, RCA cables, remote turn-on wire, fuse holders, etc. These are usually the ones to go with for the easiest installation. If you already have speaker wire for example and you only need power wire and interconnects, the Power kit would be the one to choose.

The Power Kit or Multiple Amp Kit included accessories differ.

Amplifier Power Kits come with only the wiring for powering an amplifier and allow you to select the grade of RCA interconnects that you would want for the install.  Multiple amp kits are made for more than one amplifier to be set up to the stereo, hence the kit title. These can be complete kits or power kits and usually include a distribution block and additional wiring to install more than one amp. For the case of two amplifiers, rather than running 2 heavy gauge wires throughout your vehicle, you can run a single wire to the distribution block in the rear which will split it into two smaller gauge wires for each amplifier.

So there you have it. First and foremost check the wattage for your amplifier and choose the proper gauge wire. For additional information on installations, shopping for the proper equipment, etc., see our Sonic Knowledge Base, YouTube Channel or other Blogs.


HDTV Bundles Make Buying a Television Easy

HDTV Installation Bundle

By Samantha R. – Product Specialist

When comparing standard definition and high definition displays, you may not completely understand the details but one thing for sure is that high definition displays have an outstanding picture quality! HD Televisions have really gone off with a bang and to this day there are millions of products sold by manufacturers to enhance sound and picture quality and make entertainment that much better. Depending on your television, there are different cables and accessories that will provide the best image quality possible.

An exclusive Sonic Electronix deal with Monster Cable has arrived to help make your wallet thicker and life simpler! Introducing HDTV Bundles that consist of HD cables (such as the MC 1000HD-2M, MC 700HD-2M, MC 500HD-2M, or MC HDMIB-2M), power centers, surge protectors, cleaning solutions, and a professional installation DVD wizard. If you are not a professional installer, setting up your cables, wires, and entire home theater system could be a definite challenge. Installing your cables the proper way has a huge effect on your entire systems performance. Helping you add professional calibration techniques to your television, we provide a DVD calibration Disc “ISF Caldsk” that brings step by step video shots on how to properly calibrate your TV without complicated test patterns. Want the best of the best?! Our first HDTV Bundle has the Monster 1000HD HDMI cable, a Power Center with Monster’s Stage 2 Clean Power, DVD Calibration Disc, and the cleaning kit for one price. If you decide on basic accessories, and you are already getting a professional installer come to your home, you perhaps would go with the HDTV Bundle 4 which only comes with the Basic HDMI cable, a low joule rating of 555, and the cleaning kit.

Speaking of proper install, a cable inserted the wrong way could cause a loose ground or cause a harmful spike causing major damage. Luckily, since we include the Monster Cable Power Center, you are fully protected with up to 8 filtered outlets and plenty of absorbent joules to keep everything in the clear. We have also included a Monster Cable TV cleaning kit “TV CLNKIT” for advanced high performance cleaning. It is the perfect way to clean your TV and leave it streak-free and with no scratches. Whether you choose from HDTV Bundle 1, HDTV Bundle 2, HDTV Bundle 3, or HDTV Bundle 4, we have you completely covered on the essentials to complete your entertainment center. Keeping things simple and convenient is our goal and these HDTV Bundles will definitely do just that!