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The Parrot Asteroid: An Android Powered Car Stereo

If you’re in the market for a new stereo for your car, maybe it’s time you overlook the rest and step into the world of Android. The Parrot Asteroid is an intuitive in-dash receiver with many features that make your life easier on the road. Android is an open source operating system, meaning you can expect many updates with new features, even after the Asteroid is installed.

Conveniently Packed with Features

Expect more for your money with this digital media receiver. If you’ve got an iPod or iPhone, you’re in luck; use the included iPod connector cable to plug in your Apple device for full access to your music and other media at the tip of your fingers. If you are ever on the verge of getting lost, use the built-in navigation that displays clearly and beautifully with up to date maps on the display. For the talkers out there, hands-free Bluetooth by Parrot allows you to take and make calls with your hands comfortably on the steering wheel. There are a total of 4 USB inputs on the back of this receiver that can be used for your iPod, the included GPS antenna, and 2 additional devices that such as a flash drive or other storage device.

  • Built-in Bluetooth Technology
  • Pandora Internet Radio Support
  • Map application offers advanced navigation

Do It All with Android Apps

The Parrot Asteroid receiver has a multitude of apps available to you. For example, with the TuneIn radio you may listen to one of 50,000 different radio stations. There is even an app to lookup information on your destination before you ever leave the driveway. If you’re worried about being disconnected from the internet, this receiver is for you. With tons of updates to come, the Asteroid can only get better. As the first official Android OS car receiver, the Parrot Asteroid is revolutionizing the industry. To read more about the Asteroid, check out our product page.


JVC Mobile Multimedia Receivers have gone App Crazy!

When Sonic Electronix visited the JVC Mobile booth at the 2012 CES show, it was easy to see that the main focus was apps. JVC is known for having some of the most innovative and cutting edge technologies in their car receivers, while retaining an affordable price. Once again, they have done it again by introducing the JVC KW-AV70BT. This all in one media receiver is the perfect in-dash multimedia receiver for those that have an iPhone.

Compatible Mobile Applications

The JVC multimedia receivers are compatible with a wide variety of mobile apps for the iPhone. The list as of January 2012 is MotionX-GPS Drive, MOG Internet Radio, WebReader, Cobra iRadar, INRIX Traffic, TuneIn Radio, DriveMate Rec, DriveMate SafetyCam, DriveMate Rec mini, DriveMate OnboardCam, DriveMate Time Trial, and SonicMax Pro. Some of the coolest apps are those that are related to GPS navigation. The MotionX-GPS enables the navigation system from your phone to display on the screen of the headunit. The Cobra iRadar app will display select traffic hazards, such as red light cameras. The DriveMate is a cool new app that uses a separate module to record movies and tracks while the car is in motion. INRIX traffic offers advanced traffic data for smooth navigation.

Other cool apps that are compatible with the KW-AV70BT include the Tunein Radio app and MOG Internet radio. Tunein radio is an internet based radio service that streams music from across the globe to your mobile phone. This conveniently puts the world’s music in your car. MOG internet radio is another music based app that gives the user a deep music library right at their fingertips.

JVC has traditionally been a leader in mobile technology and innovation. We can probably expect to see many other units in 2012 merge mobile phone apps with in-dash receivers.


Pandora: The Perfect Addition to your Car Audio System

Alpine iDA-X305s

By Chelsey P. – Product Specialist

iPods and MP3 Players have become essential to everyday life because they allow you to listen to all your favorite music in one spot. This may be great for most of us, but what if you don’t know the name of a song you are listening to? Have you have wished you could just listen to a variety of music in a genre that interests you? Well, the car audio business has introduced Pandora in their new 2010 car receivers. This has been a music streaming service that would allow you to create your own stations with the type of music you love listening to the most. In the beginning, this service was introduced mainly to stream music from the internet to listen to on your home or work computer. New innovations in consumer electronics these days have led to the ability of Pandora streaming through your car stereo.

At Sonic Electronix, we were on the lookout for a company to include Pandora in their new multi-media receivers. A company that has done just that is Alpine with the world’s first head unit with Pandora control. The iDA-X305s is a single-DIN stereo with a 2.2” screen for displaying song, album and artist information. The main focus of this particular receiver is that it features Pandora as its main headline. For you all of you that have used Pandora in the past know the great advantages to having in it. In order to experience all Pandora has to offer, you will need to be an iPhone user. The iPhone, with the downloaded Pandora app, will be connected via the USB input. The stereo controls work just like the Pandora command center. It even allows you to give a song you like a “thumbs up” or “thumbs down.” This unique head unit will let you pause current song selections and even tag it to purchase later on iTunes. By utilizing the iPhone’s 3G connection, you will have in-car internet radio wherever you go. This will make your vehicle different from all the rest since not everyone will be able to join in the Pandora party.


Grace Digital Audio Stereos

Grace Digital Audio Stereos

By Gideon V. – Sonic Electronix Editor

Grace Digital Audio systems provide you with an endless supply of music! As long as your Grace Digital Audio player is within a Wi-Fi zone, you can play songs from internet radio stations, podcasts, Pandora and the Music Genome Project. On top of that, you can also listen to SIRIUS satellite radio with the purchase of a subscription. Grace Digital Audio provide unparalleled accessibility to the top internet streaming music stations. Now you can enjoy a new music wherever there’s a wireless internet connection: poolside at the hotel, at the coffee house, or any other WiFi zone.

If you are looking for a desktop stereo, the Grace Digital Audio GDI-IR1000 offers all of your favorite online music options as well as both SIRIUS Satellite radio and HD radio. This stereo has one speaker rated at 5 watts, which is plenty of power to provide enough sound for your living room, kitchen, or backyard patio.  The 6 built-in presets allow you to find set it to fit any style of music, and you can also create a personal user setting to match your musical tastes. This stereo also comes standard with a built-in alarm clock, which you can program with 5 different settings and sleep timers.

If you want to plug in your iPod or other music devices, the Grace Digital Audio GDI-IR2000 is a great choice. This stereo has a built-in auxiliary input on the front, making it easy to connect an external audio player such as an iPod or iPhone. You can access internet stations by using the radio’s faceplate buttons or the handy remote control. Unlike the GDI0IR100, this remote control is included with the stereo. Both models can store “favorite” radio stations for future playback, and with the power of the internet, you can access radio stations from all over the world.

Both of the aforementioned models have only one speaker. The Grace Digital Audio GDI-IR3000 has TWO 3” speakers to project all of your favorite wireless internet radio stations. This stereo comes with a remote control for easy sound adjusting. The dual speaker model gives this stereo a more balanced sound output. Like the other two versions, you can use this stereo to listen to online broadcasting of news talk, sports talk, music stations, or any other streaming online audio that you are interested in listening to. With so many stations to choose from, the programming is always fresh. All in all, this stereo is like a Bose system wired to the internet!