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Put an iPad Mini In Your Dash!


Apple recently announced the iPad Mini and of course everyone has to have one now.  I prefer to call it an iPod Jumbo but that’s besides the point.  If you follow our Youtube channel, then you probably saw our Nexus 7 tablet install in a Dodge Ram.  This is a similar idea to this installation but the iPad mini allows you to do a few things differently. The iPad Mini is almost exactly the same size as a double DIN stereo so putting in almost any car is a possibility.

One thing that is different with an iPad in-dash install is that you can now connect to overhead and headrest monitors easier by the use of Apple’s lightning connector-to-HDMI adapter.  This makes the conversion very simple and the installation all the more efficient.  Obviously, the installation will be different in every vehicle and as a result will require custom installation.  The iPad mini can serve as a great navigation unit not to mention all of the endless apps that can assist you while you’re crusin’ down the road.  If you get really creative, then you can add other inputs like a possible back-up camera.  If you’re lucky enough to live near our installation bay in Santa Clarita, California, then we can fabricate a custom bezel for your dash to accommodate your vehicle. Even if you’re not close to us, this will be a very popular aftermarket mod that a lot of shops will be more than willing to accomplish for you.  We will be doing an installation video for the iPad Mini just as we did with the Nexus 7 so be on the look-out!


Overhead Vehicle Dock Lets You Use Your iPad as the Screen

Having the convenience of an overhead monitor in your vehicle is always a plus, especially if you have children in desperate need of some distractions. Mobile Vision recognizes the importance of overhead monitors for vehicles, and has designed something new to the car video industry that incorporates some very interesting technology. They have taken the overhead monitor and combined it with an iPad dock, turning it into an Overhead Docking Station for the iPad.

Charges & Swivels
When connected, the dock will continuously charge the iPad using the vehicles 12 volt power system. This will allow for unlimited access to the tablet even on the longest trips. The dock can also be swiveled and tilted to allow for optimal viewing angles, without having to compromise your comfort. Also, the dock can be flipped up to provide a secure storing place for your iPad while charging.

Audio Options
When it’s time to listen to the iPad’s audio there are a couple of different options when connected to the Mobile Vision Overhead Dock. If you want to have only the people watching the iPad enjoy the sound, the dock features a built-in IR transmitter for audio transmissions to the two included IR headphones. However if the whole vehicle wants to get in on the excitement, the unit also includes a continuous band FM transmitter which allows for transmissions to the vehicle’s radio.

Color Options and Compatibility
The Mobile Vision MV-IPAD2 system is available in two different colors – Gray and Cream. The docking system is compatible with all versions of the Apple iPad, ranging from the original iPad, the iPad 2, up until the newest iPad, or the iPad 3.


Make Your Creative Voice Heard With Technical Pro’s PM-21 Podcast Mixer Kit


The PM-21 comes with everything you need to get up and running, including a comprehensive, step-by-step guide that leads you all the way through to hosting your podcast on Podbean.com

This digital, social networking age in which we live has granted us the ability to communicate with each other through a broad variety of mediums. However, since nearly everyone has access to these mediums, now we’re faced with sifting through oceans of piffle to find worthwhile and/or intellectually stimulating content, especially on Twitter and Facebook. With Technical Pro’s PM-21, one faces the question “why not create your own?” Why not, indeed.

PM-21 Box

Now on sale at Sonic Electronix!

In this blogger’s opinion, one of the most thoroughly exciting things about being human, nay about being alive, is our boundless capacity to create. Unfortunately, it seems that many of us forget that due to a wide variety of reasons, but with this all-inclusive podcast mixer kit, you can rediscover your creative voice with greater ease than ever before. As stated in the picture caption above, Technical Pro’s PM-21 comes with a comprehensive, step-by-step guide that leads you from the installation of the software, to the connection and proper setup of all components, to the actual audio recording process and finally through to setting up a free podcast hosting account on Podbean.com

PM-21 Mixer

You'll find you won't need to compromise very much desk space at all with the PM-21's delightfully compact mixer.

If you’ll permit me to get a little “Technical,” I should mention here that this mixer has two gold-plated 1/4″ microphone inputs and two 1/8″ headphone outputs, making it an ideal solution for any talkshow podcast, or any podcast that might feature guests from time to time. The kit also includes a male-to-male 1/8″ cable and the mixer has a standard 1/8″ input, making it fantastically simple to connect in your iPod, iPad, iPhone or any other personal media device and add music to your podcast. You can even fine tune the bass and treble of each input to make your podcast as crisp and professional as possible.

Now, certainly there are countless ways to get yourself properly set up for podcasting. However, I dare say it would be quite difficult to find a collection of quality components like these at the price we’re offering right now. This kit spectacularly defies that negative old adage, “you get what you pay for,” also. If you have something important to say, the Technical Pro PM-21 Podcast Mixer Kit will help you say it well and will help you be heard by audiences all over the world. Inspiring all-in-one packages like these don’t come around very often, so be sure to pick yours up soon before they’re gone!


Follow Your DJing Dreams With Numark’s iDJ Live

Numark iDJ Live (Box)

The holidays are almost over folks, and if you have any aspiring DJs in your midst, you should definitely consider putting a last minute call to Santa and his elves for the Numark iDJ Live! As stated in the product’s description, the controller is perfect for music lovers who have never tried DJing before. With its streamlined interface, the iDJ Live is designed for beginners and pros on the go and is very much plug-and-play. All you need is an iPad, iPod touch or iPhone (be sure to check the compatibility chart on the product page), the Algoriddim Djay app and you’re all set. Of course, you can always hook the unit up to larger speakers for a better experience, too.

Sounds great! But what would I need for that?

The iDJ Live comes with a dual mono 1/8″ (3.5 mm) headphone/speaker splitter cable, so all you would need is a male-to-male 3.5 mm cable like this: Aux cable
…and some sweet speakers like these:
(You’d be very wise to get a speaker system with a subwoofer.)
Limitless Creations x643

and you’re ready to rock!

About the unit

The iDJ Live comes with dual bass, treble and volume controls, sync and cue buttons to keep your mix tight and two large platters that can be used to either “scratch,” or search through tracks to set cue points. It also comes with a Browse knob that scrolls through your music library the way you’re used to doing with your “i” devices already, so there’s no need to learn a confusing new interface. You can even record your mixes or set Automix mode to let the iDJ Live and the Djay app mix your favorite playlist(s) automatically.

The iDJ Live includes a handy iPad stand as well, enabling you to keep an eye on your screen without having to bend over the controller or having to rig up a shaky DIY stand of your own. Also, as the iDJ Live unit does draw power from the iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch, it would be in your best interest to save some battery life by turning off 3/4G and/or Wi-Fi, turn off location services like GPS, and adjusting your display brightness. If you’re worried whether or not it’ll get to your house in time for Christmas, if you happen to live in the greater Los Angeles area, you can swing by and pick it up from Sonic Electronix’s will call area up here in Valencia.

That about wraps it up, so on behalf of the team at Sonic Electronix, I’d like to wish you all very happy holidays!


ION Piano Apprentice: Piano Lessons Made Easy

Piano Apprentice

ION is introducing a revolutionary new approach to learning a musical instrument. With the Piano Apprentice your teacher becomes your instrument. If you own an iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch, you can now learn to play piano in a completely new way.
The Piano Apprentice incorporates a 25 key keyboard that lights up red indicating where your fingers are should go, while video playback from your iPad demonstrates the proper way to play the song.

Lessons just for You

Piano Apprentice
Personal lessons from acclaimed piano instructor Scott Houston will have you playing piano right out of the box with the instilled confidence of master teacher.
The entire system is lightweight, compact, and portable with the ability to operate off of four AA batteries the Piano Apprentice can go anywhere your iPad can go. With the addition of a set of headphones you can continue your practice sessions on a plane, or while traveling for business.
Although the Piano Apprentice is compact the it incorporates velocity sensitive keys allowing the system to know just how hard or soft you are playing giving you a realistic piano sound and response.
This wonderful teaching tool is not only limited to the iPad. The Piano Apprentice App is available for iPhone and iPod touch as well.

Learn to Read Music Notation

Piano Apprentice
The Piano Apprentice is the perfect way to learn to read music notation as well. The on-screen karaoke style play along features will have you reading and recognizing musical notes in a flash giving you not only the ability to read and understand music for your piano but other instruments as well.

The Perfect Gift for All Occasions

Piano Apprentice Birthday Song
The Piano Apprentice makes a great gift for the music lover in your family and can bring to life the inner musician in all of us. It is also great for some back to school fun as the entire keyboard can easily fit into a backpack.

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