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Pioneer Compatibility for iOS6 and iPhone 5

As their name would suggest, Pioneer Electronics is among the first manufacturers to release complete compatibility details for both the iPhone 5, as well as iPhone 4/4S devices running the newest iOS6 operating system. Check out the full compatibility charts below to ensure that your new Pioneer stereo will work with the latest and greatest tech gear. Click any of the images to see an expanded view of the chart.

iPhone 5 w/ Lightning-to-USB Cable
iPhone 5 with Lightning to 30-pin AdapteriPhone 4/4S with iOS6


iPhone 5 is Almost Here!

The Wait is Almost Over!

iPhone 5

Apple fans rejoice!  It is once again time to wait in excruciatingly long lines for the latest version of the world’s most successful smartphone.  The iPhone 4 was released over a year ago so it was just a matter of time before we got to see the next one. The iPhone 5 is delightfully improved from the previous model in many ways:

  • Has an increased screen size of 4″ & lighter and thinner design
  • Increased WiFi speeds and network connectivity
  • New A6 Chip for increased battery life and CPU Performance up to twice as fast
  • New lightning connector has less pins for increased durability
  • iSight Camera has Panoramic capabilities and enhanced HD video recording
  • 4G LTE wireless technology
  • 3D Navigation with “fly over effect”
lightning Connector

The new and improved Lightning Connector has 8-pins opposed to the traditional 30 pins.

Apple will be releasing an adapter (sold separately) for those of you worried about the new connector not being compatible with previous accessories.  This is good news for the car audio industry as well.  All of these new features will allow aftermarket companies to integrate the new features such as the 3d mapping onto units like a future Pioneer App Radio 3 or equivalent.  Additionally, the 4G LTE technology will allow app integration in OEM and aftermarket headunits to run much more smoothly and at faster speeds. The iPhone 5 presale starts Friday, September 14th and will start shipping on the 21st.  Once the iPhone 5 is released expect us to sell all of the available aftermarket accessories for it such as cases and docks.  We can’t wait to get our hands on it and neither should you!