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Kicker U – Kicker’s Brand New iPhone Application

Smartphone technology has taken off within the past two years, and many companies are jumping on-board to release applications to help familiarize users with their services. Kicker has long been associated with manufacturing quality products and doing their best to ensure that their users know how to use the equipment properly. In order to take a larger step towards educating customers about car audio setups, they have released a new smartphone application available on iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch.

The application highlights different diagrams and Kicker specific products and allows you to have a knowledgebase of Kicker products directly onto your iPhone or iPod touch. Their wiring wizard allows you to view how different car audio setups should be wired. First you’re presented with different options such as how many subwoofers you’ll be using and what is your desired impedance. It’s a great way to check compatibility between subwoofers and amplifiers.

Using smartphones for research has become much more popular than ever with new smartphone browsing capabilities. Now you can use Kicker’s iPhone application to look up specifications of different Kicker subwoofers. Updated for the 2011 year the Kicker iPhone application even highlights the newly released L3. Not only does it provide detailed information such as mounting depth and power handling, but you’ll also be able to look up the Thiele and Small Perimeters to truly research subwoofers specifications.

Finally, you’ll have an option to build a custom box for different Kicker subwoofers, and even put together a Kicker recommended box for their subwoofers to get optimal bass response. This can help with putting a vehicle specific enclosure into your vehicle and still have it built to Kicker’s specifications for the best bass response. You have the option to input your dimensions and tuning frequency to calculate how to build the box to perfect specifications. The application even advises whether the specifications will match Kickers recommended specifications or not.


Compustar Introduces Brand New 2011 Car Alarm That Interfaces With iPhones

Innovating new ways to bring together all of you electronics for the ultimate integrated experience is what our future is striving for. Every day another product is introduced that interfaces with yet another product. In the electronics world, it’s great because new products become more convenient every single day. With the progress electronics manufacturers are making, it seems eminent that within 25 years there will be one super product that can control every single function of our lives. Compustar has introduced the DR-1000 brand new alarm system that truly integrates popular mobile phone technology along with their high-end alarm systems. The Compustar DR-1000 was introduced at CES 2011 featuring some technology that will help using an iPhone to interface directly with your alarm system. Not only does it interface with iPhones, it also interfaces with Blackberry’s and Android based smartphones.

Not only will you have the option to receive alerts directly on your iPhone, but you can also interface directly with the system itself. For the first time from Compustar you’ll be able to lock, and unlock your doors. Also featured is the ability to remote start or stop the vehicles engine, and use an integrated trunk release. You’ll also be able to press the panic button directly from your iPhone to avert attention to your vehicle if required.

One of the most exciting and important new features found on the Drone Mobile Compustar Alarm System is the ability to GPS track your vehicle from anywhere you have cell-phone service. This will help the user locate their vehicle with ease from the convenience of your smartphone. This also will pinpoint the location of your vehicle on a map and even get directions to and from the vehicle or phone. Finally, fleet management allows you to keep track of an entire fleet, and even help with detailed reporting as to where the vehicle has been, speeding violations, maintenance reminders, and even more!


Metra Electronics App for Smartphone’s & iPhone

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Finding the information that you need to install a car stereo just got easier… a lot easier. Metra Electronics, a leader in the mobile 12-volt electronics industry, has released a new application for iPhones and Android based smartphones. The application is intended to make the installers life easier but allowing him or her complete access to the entire Metra database of vehicle information and compatible products. In the past, a Metra print application guide or a computer would be needed to look up the vehicle information. While this was the best way to get accurate information about a car, it wasn’t always the most convenient. Inevitably, the Metra guide would get lost, the Internet would go slow, there wouldn’t be a computer near-by, etc. It seemed like there was always something keeping us from finding out specific vehicle information. Metra has always supplied this information, but sometimes it wasn’t convenient to access. Metra is an installer company. They strive to be the installer’s choice and provide the most convenient products that retain premier quality. Now Metra has expanded that convenience on to the Smartphone. By downloading the Metra application, you will have the Metra site available in your pocket. Find the harness, car stereo dash kits, antennas, etc that any car needs. As updates are released in the future, you will be able to easily have access to the speaker sizes and locations of just about any vehicle in production. The app aims to be a complete vehicle fit guide that you carry with you wherever you go. While the large application guide might not always be the most convenient thing to carry around, Smartphone’s are much easier to carry in your pocket. So next time someone asks you what they need to install a car stereo in their car, you don’t have to guess anymore. Just whip out your Smartphone, open the Metra app, and find all the information that you need.


Pandora Link for Pioneer’s Single Din Receivers

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Tired of the same playlists? Finding music tailored to your likings while on the go has never been easier. Pandora Link is a feature introduced to the car audio world last year, allowing you to integrate Pandora Internet Radio into your vehicle from an iPhone application. Not only do you get to enjoy personalized music stations, all integrated Pandora controls like the thumbs up, thumbs down and skip are right on your radio. You can continue helping Pandora personalize your music experience even while on-the-go! This new feature was integrated this last year into a few of Pioneer’s In-Dash Navigation Systems, and this year it’s an even more flexible feature found on their Single Din receivers.

Pioneer’s new lineup for 2011 includes the Pioneer DEH-6300UB, as well as the Pioneer DEH-8300UB. These two single din receivers by Pioneer showcase this convenient feature in a sleek and simple to use package. Using Pandora on your receiver is simple. First, you’ll need to download a free app the App Store by Pioneer called Pandora Link. This application is similar to the free Pandora application, by integrating your Pandora account directly onto your phone, the only difference is that it’s made to interface directly with your Pioneer In-Dash stereo. After loading up this application, you just connect your iPhone to the car stereo using a standard USB to iPod cable. Pandora will show up as a new source onto your car stereo so you can easily select it and view all of your favorite stations immediately. Next, it’s as simple as selecting your favorite station and allowing Pandora find all of your music for you.

Pioneer integrates Advanced Sound Retrieval into their receivers, since the coming of digital music has taken over. This feature enhances low and high frequencies that are lost with lower quality recordings and allows them to be digitally reproduced. Integrating these convenient features alongside Pandora ensures that the user is constantly supplied with high quality digital media playback from their Pioneer stereo.