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Follow Your DJing Dreams With Numark’s iDJ Live

Numark iDJ Live (Box)

The holidays are almost over folks, and if you have any aspiring DJs in your midst, you should definitely consider putting a last minute call to Santa and his elves for the Numark iDJ Live! As stated in the product’s description, the controller is perfect for music lovers who have never tried DJing before. With its streamlined interface, the iDJ Live is designed for beginners and pros on the go and is very much plug-and-play. All you need is an iPad, iPod touch or iPhone (be sure to check the compatibility chart on the product page), the Algoriddim Djay app and you’re all set. Of course, you can always hook the unit up to larger speakers for a better experience, too.

Sounds great! But what would I need for that?

The iDJ Live comes with a dual mono 1/8″ (3.5 mm) headphone/speaker splitter cable, so all you would need is a male-to-male 3.5 mm cable like this: Aux cable
…and some sweet speakers like these:
(You’d be very wise to get a speaker system with a subwoofer.)
Limitless Creations x643

and you’re ready to rock!

About the unit

The iDJ Live comes with dual bass, treble and volume controls, sync and cue buttons to keep your mix tight and two large platters that can be used to either “scratch,” or search through tracks to set cue points. It also comes with a Browse knob that scrolls through your music library the way you’re used to doing with your “i” devices already, so there’s no need to learn a confusing new interface. You can even record your mixes or set Automix mode to let the iDJ Live and the Djay app mix your favorite playlist(s) automatically.

The iDJ Live includes a handy iPad stand as well, enabling you to keep an eye on your screen without having to bend over the controller or having to rig up a shaky DIY stand of your own. Also, as the iDJ Live unit does draw power from the iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch, it would be in your best interest to save some battery life by turning off 3/4G and/or Wi-Fi, turn off location services like GPS, and adjusting your display brightness. If you’re worried whether or not it’ll get to your house in time for Christmas, if you happen to live in the greater Los Angeles area, you can swing by and pick it up from Sonic Electronix’s will call area up here in Valencia.

That about wraps it up, so on behalf of the team at Sonic Electronix, I’d like to wish you all very happy holidays!


This Holiday Season, Treat Yourself to Superior Earbud Headphones from Klipsch

Klipsch Image S4i (Black)

Ever since Apple revealed the iPod back in 2001, those little white earbuds that conveniently come with Apple’s portable media players have been ubiquitous. Heck, it’s near impossible nowadays to walk down the street without seeing several people wearing them. Now, while those earbuds might satisfy the average, casual listener, people who want more impact from their music have to look elsewhere. Well, if you’re one of those people, look no further.

The Klipsch Treatment

Klipsch Image S4i (Black) Image 13
Since 1946, Klipsch has been making stellar quality audio products and the Image Series earbuds are certainly a grand addition to their catalog. Specifically, these black S4i earbuds have a frequency range of 10-19,000 Hz, going below and beyond the range of human hearing to reproduce infrasonic elements of your favorite music that you might never have known were there without headphones like these. Plus, with Klipsch’s proprietary noise-isolating technology, you can fully immerse yourself in your music like a true fan* should. These beauties also come with 3 sized pairs of washable ear tips (yes, washable. Aural hygiene is important!): Small, Medium and Large. They’re also available in white: Klipsch Image S4i (White), for those of you who may have grown comfortable with the Apple earbud design.

More Than Just Another Set of Headphones

As if all that wasn’t enough, these Klipsch earbuds also include a 3-button microphone and volume remote on the wire (see above image) for full control of your iPhone, iPod touch or regular iPod (be sure to check the compatibility list in the product description). Don’t feel left out, Android users! Klipsch has earbuds for you, too: Klipsch Image S4A (Black). Android users will want to download the free Klipsch Control App to customize the functionality of your calls and music through the single button remote. Despite that slight difference, both of these models have a 360° pickup mic with advanced echo cancellation built-in, so your callers will be able to hear you well in nearly any environment. If you’re concerned about the tenacity of the cable, fret not dear reader(s). The cable is not only durable, but tangle resistant as well. Who needs all the fussing with knots when all you want is to enjoy music?! Certainly not this writer.

Make sure to pick up a set for you and yours soon, ’cause they’re flying out of our warehouse as we speak! (Well, as I write and you read. You get the point.)

* “Fan” is short for “fanatic.”


ION Piano Apprentice: Piano Lessons Made Easy

Piano Apprentice

ION is introducing a revolutionary new approach to learning a musical instrument. With the Piano Apprentice your teacher becomes your instrument. If you own an iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch, you can now learn to play piano in a completely new way.
The Piano Apprentice incorporates a 25 key keyboard that lights up red indicating where your fingers are should go, while video playback from your iPad demonstrates the proper way to play the song.

Lessons just for You

Piano Apprentice
Personal lessons from acclaimed piano instructor Scott Houston will have you playing piano right out of the box with the instilled confidence of master teacher.
The entire system is lightweight, compact, and portable with the ability to operate off of four AA batteries the Piano Apprentice can go anywhere your iPad can go. With the addition of a set of headphones you can continue your practice sessions on a plane, or while traveling for business.
Although the Piano Apprentice is compact the it incorporates velocity sensitive keys allowing the system to know just how hard or soft you are playing giving you a realistic piano sound and response.
This wonderful teaching tool is not only limited to the iPad. The Piano Apprentice App is available for iPhone and iPod touch as well.

Learn to Read Music Notation

Piano Apprentice
The Piano Apprentice is the perfect way to learn to read music notation as well. The on-screen karaoke style play along features will have you reading and recognizing musical notes in a flash giving you not only the ability to read and understand music for your piano but other instruments as well.

The Perfect Gift for All Occasions

Piano Apprentice Birthday Song
The Piano Apprentice makes a great gift for the music lover in your family and can bring to life the inner musician in all of us. It is also great for some back to school fun as the entire keyboard can easily fit into a backpack.

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Top Digital Media Receivers of 2011

Digital media is quickly becoming the new industry standard for car audio, and the ability to quickly navigate, organize and play your music and video is a must for any audiophile today. Have you ever been driving down the road and you have to ask your passenger to find your favorite album out of a bulky CD wallet? With today’s innovative receivers, there is no need to keep those cluttering CD’s around any longer. iPod’s, flash drives and SD cards can store hundreds of songs that are conveniently accessible, while the average CD-R will only hold 74 minutes of music. Naturally there are some media receivers that rise above the rest in terms of quality and ease of use, and here we will highlight the top three digital media receivers for 2011 that should be considered when shopping for your new car stereo.

Pioneer MVH-P7300

To start off, we are introducing a head-unit that has the ability to play streaming music from your iPhone, or even tag your favorite songs on the radio to later view and download in your iTunes. The Pioneer MVH-P7300 seamlessly integrates all of your digital media into your vehicle with style and quality. The Advanced Sound Retrieval system restores frequencies that are typically lost with digital music compression. With the optional Pioneer CD-MC20 Auto-EQ microphone that detects and adjusts playback you won’t ever have to adjust your music levels again.

• Advanced Sound Retrieval Technology
• Pioneer CD-MC20 Auto-EQ Microphone

Alpine iDA-X305S

Next on our list is the Alpine iDA-X305S. This receiver is packed full of bells and whistles that will take you days to explore. The optional IMPRINT Audio Processor enhances audio reproduction by improving sound stage and overcoming vehicle acoustics by calculating the optimal playback frequencies for your listening area. The Power IC Off function will power down the built-in amplifier when you are using external amps to eliminate extra induced noises from the high powered speaker outputs. This function also reduces heat production, and lowers power consumption.

• IMPRINT Audio Processor
• Power IC Disabling

Kenwood KIV-BT901

Finally, one of the more impressive digital media receivers of the year 2011 is the Kenwood KIV-BT901. One of the great features of this stereo is the internal 512mb flash drive that is used to store your music or other media. The dual zone functionality allows for simultaneous playback of different media sources in your vehicle so the backseat passengers can enjoy their music or movie while you listen to yours. The Sound Excellence Digital Sound Processor (DSP) offers smooth digital time alignment and the ability to change your iPod’s equalizer settings.

• Internal 512mb Flash Drive
• Dual Zone Source Control
• Sound Excellence DSP

These digital media receivers are all worth every penny, and you won’t go wrong with any of them. For more information on any of these stereos you may follow the links to our product pages. We hope this guide helps you understand the convenience of having a digital media receiver in your vehicle. Happy listening!


The Numark iDJ3

The Numark iDJ3 is a simple and complete package for anyone looking to get all of the controls of professional DJ software controllers without the pro price.  The iDJ3 is a wonderful system for entry and mid level users looking to take advantage of this unit’s lightweight yet durable design.   A unique feature of this unit is the incorporation of the iPod dock with a dedicated fader level control in the center of the unit. You can play tracks right from your iPod or iPhone as well as record your mix right to your iPod. This powerful yet portable controller gives you the ability to take the party anywhere.

The Numark iDJ3 features independent level control for each track with a typical crossfader function as well as a complete transport system for each channel including a BPM sync feature that allows for complex beat juggling and smooth transitions in your mix.  The cueing system includes  A/B and iPod cueing modes that let you monitor the next track in your mix from either another channel or right from the iPod via a toggle switch located in the center of the mixer section.  This controller is equipped with dual function jog wheels with the outer rings used for quick cueing, and touch sensitive platters used for precise scratching effects. The iDJ3 also has an incorporated sound card that allows you connect the mixer directly to a sound system via the RCA audio outputs on the back of the unit. The four loop functions of the iDj3 can be engaged on the fly for sixteenth, eighth, quarter, and half beat samples triggered by designated buttons on each channel.Virtual DJ LEso you can begin mixing right out of the box. Virtual DJ is one of the top DJ software

Virtual DJ LE software comes with the iDJ3 platforms in the world, stable enough to be trusted by professional DJs performing in large venues for thousands of people but simple enough for the amateur mixing at home.

The level of control and functionality the iDJ3 exhibits is comparable to much more elaborate and expensive mixers and controllers.  The iDJ3 allows you to mix an entire show through your laptop without touching your mouse once making this controller an unbeatable value.