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Sonic Electronix Certified Amp: JBL MS-A5001

The MS-A5001 amplifier from JBL is a class D monoblock car amplifier which features impressive power, sophisticated crossover functions with 97 different crossover points, digital signal processing, all in a sleek chassis! This amp features variable low pass filters, 3-way protection circuitry, and a digital input mixer, all with 500 watts of true RMS power. It also features an included bass remote knob, making this amplifier perfect for any system.

Claimed Output: 500W @ 14.40v 500W @ 14.40v
Certified Results: 468W @ 13.4v 692W @ 13.42v
Dynamic Results: 510W @ 13.39v 826W @ 13.28v

Here at Sonic Electronix, we strive to deliver incredible products and even better customer satisfaction- especially when it comes to car audio! This is precisely why we have tested the power on select amplifiers with our SMD AD-1 Amplifier Dyno, bringing you these amps’ true power ratings. Whether you are interested in an entry level or performance amp, we want to make sure that you guys are purchasing the car audio products that will deliver just theright amount of power for your system. Although each of our amplifiers have their listed peak and RMS power ratings, a Sonic Electronix Certified Amplifier is drastically better for your system because no matter what, you will know precisely the amount of power you will be getting out of your system!

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JBL MS-A5001

True 500W RMS, Class D Monoblock Car Amplifier


JBL MS Series Amps

Choosing an amplifier that is right for your application can always be a tough task to undertake. We have some favorites here at Sonic, and none are as unique as the JBL MS Series of amplifiers. These amplifiers are capable of digital signal processing, so as the sound gets amplified it also is refined to make sure that the final product sounds exceptional every time. This digital processing capability is highly sought after by audiophiles, and is found on every MS series amplifier by JBL.

Power Output
The JBL MS Series of amplifiers consists of two different amps – a four channel and a monoblock. The MS-A1004 four channel amplifier is capable of pushing 100 watts of RMS power to four different channels at both four and two ohms, meaning a constant power output regardless of impedance. The MS-A5001 monoblock also has a consistent power source allowing for 500 watts of RMS power regardless of impedance. The MS Series of amplifiers are not 1 ohm stable.

Setup CD
Adding to its unique attributes, the JBL MS Series of amplifiers requires a setup CD to run through the system. This CD plays through test tones and allows the amplifier to calibrate itself to your audio system. During this initial setup process you have a chance to eliminate all potential issues to help ensure that you have the best possible audio signal. When running through the setup, the detailed display on the MS Series amplifiers truly helps you understand what’s going on in your audio system.

Graphical Status Display
There is not another series of amplifiers you will find that provides information like the JBL MS Series. The display provides information regarding input sensitivity, channel selection, high and low pass filters, gains, protection status, and other information. The input sensitivity display actually helps make sure that your amplifier settings are perfect, by indicating whether or not it’s set too high or low. The high and low pass filters actually can help make sure that you have the setting down to the perfect hertz. By having a graphical display it eliminates the guess work. Want your low pass at 82.5 Hz? No problem with the MS Series.


The MS-WBC is a completely wireless bass remote knob


The fun doesn’t stop with just the awesome amplifier itself. The MS Series of amplifiers features two optional accessories that both have some awesome benefits. First is the remote bass controller. A common accessory for most amplifiers, this has an extremely useful perk. The MS-WBC remote bass knob is completely wireless, allowing for connectivity with your amplifier and the easiest possible installation and relocation imaginable. Also available is the JBL MS-8 the ultimate system integrator. If you want to hook up an aftermarket system with your MS Amps, the MS-8 is what you should look for. Check out our blog on the MS-8 if you’re interested in the integration capabilities of this fantastic device.