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By Chelsey P – Sonic Electronix Writer

Recently, JVC has launched its four new A/V Multimedia products including the one we are talking about today. The JVC KW-AVX830 is a 7” TFT-LCD Double DIN Touchscreen CD/DVD Player. This receiver allows you to customize the background with four personalized wallpapers and different colored themes. By having interchangeable color combinations, the receiver will match any vehicle interior. An exciting feature that comes with this unit is the proximity sensor. This sensor hides the on-screen menu when your hand is away from the player and reveals the menu when your hand approaches the screen. This is useful when you don’t want a bright screen in your car while driving at night. And with this receiver, you will never have to worry when leaving your car because you can just take it with you! The 7” panel is removable and comes with a soft case to put it in.

The KW-AVX830 comes with built-in Bluetooth making installation a breeze since you don’t have a separate module to plug-in and hide. Integrated Bluetooth allows you to pair phones, headsets and other portable devices for audio streaming and hands-free calling. While having a cell phone paired to the unit, you will receive receipt notifications of SMS (Short Message Service) texts, voice recognition dialing and manual phonebook transfer. The microphone can be placed anywhere in the vehicle, ideally on your visor.

Expandability options on this JVC stereo are endless. If you were looking to have Sirius or XM Satellite radio, there are two packages available so you can receive these services. Along with satellite radio, you can also purchase the JVC KT-HD300 to receive HD Radio! Steering wheel controls are becoming more and more popular in vehicles and that is a feature you never want to give up. The KW-AVX830 gives you the option to retain those steering wheel controls with an optional adapter. This gives you more control of the unit while keeping your eyes on the road. This player has so many different options you can add to it to fit your particular need.



KW-AVX810By Gideon V. – Sonic Electronix Editor

If you’re going to upgrade your car stereo system, you might as well get one with all of the “bells and whistles.” The JVC KW-AVX810 is an ultra cool in-dash, double din, DVD, MP3 and CD receiver with a 7” touchscreen. The 7” widescreen display makes it easy to enjoy movies and select the touchscreen menu buttons. Like the KD-AVX77, the touchscreen uses special proximity sensors to dim or hide the menu buttons as you draw your hand away from the screen. You don’t often see car stereos with proximity sensors, that is pretty rare! This head unit will blow your friends away with its special features.

This car stereo offers numerous expandability options for adding different formats of music. The laundry list of options includes a front SD Card aux input and a rear panel USB input. You can use these inputs for adding devices loaded with your favorite music. This stereo is also ready for Bluetooth, Satellite Radio, and HD Radio. Separate modules and subscriptions are required as indicated. Further, the KW-AVX810 is compatible with iPods and iPhones. Some iPods will plug right into the USB input while others may require an additional adapter. The list of add-ons doesn’t stop there. You can configure the KW-AVX810 with a steering wheel remote adapter to retain your factory steering wheel controls. It can also be wired with a CD changer if you would like to store multiple discs.

In terms of audio configuration, the KW-AVX810 doesn’t disappoint. The 3 sets of 5 volt preamp outputs (including a front, rear, subwoofer and/or center channel output) make it possible to wire this head unit to all of your audio components. When it comes to sound, the built-in 7-band parametric equalizer and 8 EQ presets give you the flexibility you need to find the perfect sound. You can tweak the sound even while driving using the remote control (included with your purchase of the KW-AVX810).

With its numerous options and fully customizable interface, the KW-AVX810 is a great buy! It is also detachable and fully motorized, making it easy to hide when necessary!


JVC KD-AVX77 Video Review

By Gideon V. – Sonic Electronix Editor

Check out the latest JVC KD-AVX77 video on the Sonic Electronix YouTube Channel, SonicElectronixTV. In response to your requests, Sonic Electronix TV host Seth Wilde has developed another informative JVC KD-AVX77 video for your viewing pleasure. If you missed the first KD-AVX77 video, you can access it at the JVC KD-AVX77 item page’s Video Review link or on our YouTube channel.

This video guides you through the DVD and iPod video playback features of this incredible head unit. Highlights include the proximity sensor functionality, which brings up menu buttons as your fingers draw closer to the screen. In this video you will see how the proximity sensors responds to Wilde’s fingers as he moves to and away from the screen. In addition, this video shows the faceplate’s 5.4” ultrawide touchscreen in action. The widescreen gives you plenty of aspect ratio viewing options, and we learn that it is easy to select between different aspect ratios. Also of the note is the use of the JVC KS-U30 iPod adapter, which connects the head unit to the iPod for iPod video playback.

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