Try out HD Radio with the Jensen HD5313IR

Jensen HD5313IR

There’s a time and a place for standard AM/FM radio, and that time has passed. A newer, more convenient radio experience has arrived. Introducing HD Radio, which is capable of playing back your favorite AM/FM stations with unmatched quality. With HD Radio FM stations will sound like CD quality, and AM stations will sound like FM quality. This crystal-clear transmission can even have absolutely no audio distortion in areas with perfect reception.

HD Radio is capable of much more than adding a more pleasant listening experience when you’re browsing through AM/FM radio. In fact, more stations are available when using HD Radio so you can experience new music, new artists, and even new genres while browsing through your familiar AM/FM selection. HD Radio is also capable of transmitting data as well, so if you have a stereo that has a display on it you may be able to see artist, album, and song title information depending on the station that is broadcasting. This service can even be used to allow for traffic data updates and stock information while you’re on the go! The JVC KW-NT3HDT is a perfect example of a radio that integrates HD Radio for not only some great sound on AM/FM bands, but also updates all of the traffic using this service as well!

If you’re wondering how you can integrate this cool new radio system into your car, you may want to consider an In-Dash Car Stereo with HD Radio. These stereo’s will already have the HD radio feature built-in so you can use it right out of the box. In fact, with HD Radio there are no subscription fees just like radio should be. This means, all you need is an HD Radio receiver and you’re ready to go! For the most affordable solution to adding HD Radio to your vehicle, consider the Jensen HD5313IR car stereo. This stereo not only has HD radio built into its cost, but also a USB input for listening to your iPod, and an SD input for even more listening options. Adding HD Radio to your vehicle is now affordable, easy and more beneficial than ever. HD Radio stations continue growing, and in time you’ll see even more available programming!


Top 3 In-Dash GPS Navigation of 2010

Top 3 In-Dash Navigation of 2010


2010 brought about many great advancements in the car audio industry. From enhanced iPod integration to Internet connections via iPhones, the in-dash receiver became a more centralized unit within the car. GPS navigation also received a lot of advancements and improvements. Sonic Electronix had many of these units come through their facilities and each one left a unique impression. This blog will outline 3 of the most popular in-dash GPS navigation units for 2010 and what makes their navigation so great.

The coolest advancement for 2010 was the integration of the Total Traffic+ HD Network that was introduced on the flagship JVC KW-NT3HDT. This new technology offered many great features such as traffic updates, headline news, sports scores, weather, and more. All of these features were available for free via HD radio reception. Former systems like the MSN Direct service were convenient, but expensive. The Total Traffic+ HD Network integrated seamlessly with the navigation system of the unit. Another industry leading feature is the lane guidance navigation that enables the user to know exactly what lane they need to be in while driving.

2. Pioneer AVIC-X920BT
As expected from Pioneer, an updated navigation system for 2010 was introduced. While the overall look of the navigation interface received some changes, the real pleasure of this navigation is behind the looks in the processor and voice recognition. Faster navigation is made possible with a processor enhancement. One of the most popular features is the voice recognition and vocal navigation of the Pioneer AVIC-X920BT. Simply talk to the unit and it will accurately guide you to your destination. The system proved to be quite accurate at recognizing the users voice.

3. Kenwood DNX6140
Any list that talks about great in-dash GPS navigation would be amiss if a Kenwood unit was left off. The reason for that is simple. That reason is Garmin. The world leader in GPS navigation works directly with Kenwood to put their navigation system inside their multimedia receivers. The Kenwood DNX6140 proves to be one of the most popular as it features a wide variety of features and a price point lower that the competitors comparable units. The Garmin interface is accurate, easy to read, offers fast and simple destination input, clear voice guidance, and so much more. When it comes to navigation, Kenwood and Garmin prove to be one of the most popular and accurate navigation systems.


JVC KW-NT3HDT – Free Lifetime Traffic Updates & HD Service


By Seth Wilde – Product Specialist

Never worry about paying for GPS traffic updates again!  JVC has introduced some award winning software this year that is taking the car audio world by storm.  Traditionally, if you wanted to have real-time traffic updates there would be a subscription fee.  However, these costly charges are slowly fading away as new services offer the same information with out a service charge.  That incredible service is the main premise behind the new double DIN JVC KWNT3HDT.  It is a GPS Navigation car stereo that features a new service enabling live traffic updates with no additional charge.

Introducing the Total Traffic+ HD service.  This innovative and revolutionary feature enables the user to receive live traffic conditions by using a built-in HD radio tuner. By using the HD Radio service to send information, the Total Traffic Network is able to accurately transmit data as it happens for a true real-time, live-updating feed.  For those that are on the road a lot traveling, this live information becomes extremely helpful in avoiding heavy traffic, accidents, and other obstacles that can potential prevent an on-time arrival.  In addition to the live traffic updating, this new service offers other features such as the reception of HD Radio, sports scores, weather, headlines, and more!  The most notable feature about this service is that it is a lifetime service that is free of charge.  Never will you have to worry about those costly subscription fees that add up from month to month.  There are similar services available on the market, but none that have the detail, accuracy, and free “cost” like the Total Traffic HD.  As mentioned before, the JVC KW-NT3HDT features a HD Radio tuner that efficiently allows the reception of high definition radio frequencies along with the digital data that is transferred with it.  This enables the full ID3 tagging and music information to be displayed on the unit.