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JVC KDR Series In-Dash Car Stereos

Today we’re going to look at the all new KD-R Series single-din car stereos by JVC. There are 6 models in the series and with every model up you get a few more options than the last. We’ll start from the bottom up!

The KD-R330 is your basic car stereo that plays CD’s and accepts a 3.5mm auxiliary input for connecting an iPod or another MP3 player. It has 1 set of 2.5V RCA outputs that can be used to connect an amplifier for car speakers or a subwoofer. This deck is 50 watts Peak and 20 watts rms and is CEA compliant.

The KD-R540 has all of these features but also includes a front USB port that can be connected to an iPod or iPhone for controlling music directly from the stereo’s controls. Pandora Internet Radio is also supported with Apple iPhone so you can thumb up and thumb down songs from the receiver.

Step up to the KD-R640 and you’ll receive an additional pair of pre-amp outputs so you can connect more than one amplifier easily. Variable color illumination will let you match the colors of your stereo to the colors of your vehicle’s interior. Also, if you’ve got steering wheel controls, the 640 is steering wheel control compatible, you’ll just need to purchase an additional module.

Next up, the KD-R740BT features built-in Bluetooth, which is great for hands-free phone calls and streaming your music from a Bluetooth enabled device such as an iPhone or Android. This receiver still has all of the features previously mentioned, but has a solid blue button illumination color.

Step it up to the KD-R80BT and you’ll get a few new features. 5-zone variable color illumination and brightness control let you select your favorite colors to be displayed. A 4-line text display will show you much more information at a glance than other typical single DIN receivers. Not only that, the three sets of 4.8 volts pre-amp outputs that are built in will make a huge difference in quality and control when installing aftermarket amplifiers.

Last in the series is the KD-R840BT. It’s designed with an easy to read single-line display that’s visible day or night. Like the 80BT, it has 5-zone variable color illumination as well Bluetooth technology. This deck is equipped with three sets of 2V pre-amp outputs, and offers front and rear USB inputs to connect your favorite devices.

So, if you’re looking for a solid receiver that offers a ton of features, the KD-R series car stereos by JVC may be right for you. Check out all of these products and more at the one and only SonicElectronix.com.

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Popular Car Stereo Package Deals on Sonic Electronix

Eclipse CD1200G iPod CAble

Shopping for a car stereo is similar to shopping for your new epicenter in your vehicle. To make it this new stereo transition as smooth as possible it’s always best to look for the accessories you plan to add to it before you purchase. In-Dash Car Stereos found in today’s market are usually riddled with exciting Expandability Features which allow you to tailor the car stereo’s features to exactly what you’re looking for. If you’re interested in a feature such as Navigation, Bluetooth, iPod Connectivity, XM or SIRIUS Radio, HD Radio, or Steering Wheel Integration control, then Expandability Options is what you need to be looking for. The most popular add-on car stereo modules can be found on Sonic Electronix in our combinations with head units.

The Eclipse CD1200G Double DIN CD/MP3 Car Stereo Receiver along with an IPC-009 iPod Cable is a great car stereo package designed for the looks of an OEM Car Stereo, but with the features and power of an aftermarket stereo. This stereo is able to push more power, has a convenient easy to read LCD display, and a front panel USB port designed for versatility and convenience. This package includes an iPod cable to help make listening to any of your music as easy as ever.

The JVC KD-R620 with an included iPod Cable is also a bundle designed for convenience. With this package an iPod cable is included for the media playback and charging of an iPod. Also included is a connection kit designed to make installing the stereo easier than ever! Also with this bundle is a Bluetooth adapter designed to help make hands-free phone calling in your vehicle as well. Finally, you’ll also get a pack of Monster Screen Clean which is perfect for the cleaning of your new car stereo’s display, and even portable media devices such as an iPod or a cell phone.


JVC KD-R200 and KD-R300 Car Stereos


By Chelsey P. – Sonic Electronix Writer

Looking for a new in-dash car audio receiver without all those extras? The JVC KD-R200 is perfect for you. It features a simple design that will get the job done in any situation. This particular head unit has a white dot-matrix display with customizable illumination depending on what menu you are in. Although this unit does not have built-in Bluetooth or Satellite radio capabilities, it still allows you to play CD and CD-RW’s along with MP3 and WMA files. And don’t think you will miss out on excellent sound either. The powerful internal MOSFET amplifier keeps your music sounding clean even with the volume turned all the way up. In addition to the amplifier, the KD-R200 has a 3-Band iEQ equalizer to tune your music, a low-pass filter and subwoofer control and a 24-bit digital-to-analog converter.

Wait, you say? You do want a CD Receiver with the works? Well, the JVC KD-R300 is a great way to kick off your new system. It has variable color illumination, which allows you to choose from over 30,000 color variations to match your vehicles interior. Just like the KD-R200, it plays CD’s, CD-R/RW’s, MP3 and WMA files. And you can even perfect your sound system with 3-Band parametric equalizer and loudness control for low-level listening.  There are multiple expandability options that can be added to this in-dash receiver. For example, you can add HD Radio, Bluetooth and even Satellite Radio. All of these expandability features are available with optional adapters.

Both of these JVC head units are great for first time audio enthusiasts looking to broaden their car audio system.


JVC eAViNU (KV-PX) Portable Navigation

By Gideon V. – Sonic Electronix Editor

If you are looking for quality GPS navigation units at an affordable price, the refurbished JVC eAViNU items are among the best value deals on our website. The eAViNU navs are the ultimate portable GPS navigation devices, as they hold an astonishing 13 million points of interest and a built-in hard drive. These units are classified as refurbished since they were major retail outlet returns, but they are actually in such good condition that the manufacturer offers a 1-year warranty despite their refurbished status.

These JVC eAViNU devices are navigation units with portable media player capability. They are available in silver, listed as the KV-PX9S and KV-PX9SN, and they are also available in black, listed as the KV-PX9B and the KV-PX9BN. The KV-PX9S (silver) and KV-PX9B (black) include the home charging kit. If you do not need the home charging kit you should choose between the KV-PX9SN (silver) and KV-PX9BN (black) models.

Another great thing about these models is the 3.5” LCD screen featuring touch screen controls. The screen gives a great view of the navigational maps (in 2D or 3D). You can also use the screen to watch movies stored on the built-in 20GB hard drive (only 5 GB can be dedicated to movie and music storage).