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USB: The Present and Future of Car Stereos

Kenwood KIV-BT900 USB iPod Car Stereo Digital Media Receiver

The past several years have introduced many cutting-edge and grand technological advancements in the world of car audio. From complete iPod integration to Pandora interfaces, it seems like the car stereo has a solution for just about any type of audio source. If you take a look back a few years you will notice two great advancements that made connection of portable media possible: the auxiliary cable and the USB interface. The auxiliary input became a standard and quickly become popular. Any device with an audio source could then be listened to inside a car and throughout the car’s audio system. While this was a great breakthrough in terms of portable audio integration, the better was yet to come. Today we have USB ports on many of the car stereos and this opened an entire new world of audio integration.

So what can you use with an USB port on an in-dash car stereo? The technology was primarily driven by the consumers demand to have a iPod compatible Car Stereo. On the majority of units with a USB port, complete iPod/iPhone integration is made possible. Once connected, the user is able to have complete access to the iPod via the car stereo. That means you can hide the iPod in the glove box and still be able to play the music from it. But the technology doesn’t stop at Apple. USB interfaces also allow music to be played back from flash drives, thumb drives, SD cards (via USB-to-SD adapter), and even hard drives. Of course the stereo itself has to be able to read the files and formats in order for it to work properly, but this is becoming the standard for USB integration.

Another impressive features is the ability to connect a USB hub to a single USB port. Consider the Kenwood KIV-BT900. This single DIN unit has one rear USSB port. However, you can connect that port to a USB hub and that single port can turn into a 3 USB media center. Connect 2 thumb drives and an iPod and you are set for as much music as you could ever want. For those that have a “want it all” attitude, the new generation of USB capable car stereos are a must.


Top 3 Digital Media Receivers of 2010

Top 3 Digital Media Receivers of 2010


This year has been all about digital media. In-dash stereo receivers have the ability to play digital media, but what about optimizing a stereo specifically to play digital media. This new innovation will clean your car of a loose CD clutter or a bulky CD changer, by simply removing them from the equation entirely! Gone are the CD’s with their small storage limits, and in are the flash drives, iPods, MP3 Players, and whatever other type of digital media store you may happen to own. As always, there are some brands that have gone above and beyond to deliver some amazing source units, and here’s a glance of the top three digital media receivers of 2010.

Pioneer MVH-8200BT

The Pioneer MVH-8200BT exceeded expectations with its affordable price point, TFT-LCD Monitor, and detachable face panel that reveals an SD memory card slot. This unit integrates Pioneer’s super tuner for superb AM/FM reception and sound quality. Paired along with its Advanced Sound Retriever to enhance digital media played back through the USB, this Pioneer receiver was designed for crystal-clear sound quality.

  • Advanced Sound Retriever
  • Detachable Face Panel

Sony DSX-S300BTX

Sony’s DSX-S300BTX has a new feature that helps it hold onto your MP3 player for you. The integrated Tune Tray replaces the area where your CD player once was. Upon flipping the faceplate down you’ll have a tray to slide out and connect with a USB device, or an iPod specific connection. This handy feature isn’t the only thing this excellent stereo has to offer. Integrating the Sony SensMe technology for music playlists generated by moods and other source selection modes make this stereo a convenient way to get your favorite tunes going with minimal setup!

  • Sony SensMe Technology
  • Integrated Tune Tray

Kenwood KIV-BT900

Finally, the radio that has really impressed us above and beyond would be the Kenwood KIV-BT900. This radio is also equipped with a TGT-LCD monitor, and integrates variable color lighting, but the amazing features don’t stop there. An iPod can playback a video directly through the USB connection onto the 3” display. If you’re more interested in tuning options and flexibility for larger storage space the KIV-BT900 has you covered. A 5-Band equalizer will help this radio tune your system to perfection. The USB port found on the back of the stereo is ready to be hooked up to a USB hub as well, allowing for connection of up to 3 USB devices simultaneously!

  • Variable Color Lighting
  • USB Hub Compatible

Early Black Friday Deals at Sonic Electronix

Early Black Friday Deals at Sonic Electronix

By Seth W. – Product Specialist

What could possible be better than Black Friday sales? How about EARLY Black Friday deals! Instead of having to fight the crowds early Friday morning or instead of dealing with all the last minute out-of-stock items online, early Black Friday deals give you the opportunity to get the same great deals, but without the hassle! Just as they did last year, Sonic Electronix has released an early black Friday deal page to pave the way for their main black Friday sales.

Some of this year’s deals have never been offered before. Prices so low, it is hard to believe that Sonic Electronix is making any money on these products.  In fact, rumor has it that they are even dropping prices so low that they are selling some items below cost! Some of the highlights of this years deal include the Kenwood KIV-BT900 in-dash car stereo. It has a 3” LCD screen that offers full color playback of digital video files. It has built-in Bluetooth for hands-free talking, as well as an advanced 5-band equalizer.  All of this is compacted and housed in a single-DIN chassis that will fit in any vehicle out there.

Other items that are among the best deals include the AutoPage C3-RS915-LCD security system and the Vibe Audio LiteBox2 car amplifier. The AutoPage system features a full car alarm system, as well as convenient remote start functions. The C3 technology allows the alarm system to be controlled from a cell phone or other compatible device. For a price this low, it is hard to find a better remote start car alarm for a lower price.

The Vibe Audio LiteBox2 is one of the most impressive 2-channel car amplifiers that have come to the United States. Making its way across the sea from British manufacturer, Vibe Audio, this class GH car amplifier combines a tiny chassis with big power. But the power isn’t just big, it is clean too.  With 90 watts (@ 4 ohms) and 125 watts (@ 2ohms), this is the perfect two-channel amplifier. Not matter what you’re looking for this Black Friday; Sonic Electronix has just what you (and your car) are looking for!