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Kenwood offers Android integration on 2012 In-Dash Receivers

Kenwood Car Stereos with Android Integration

At the 2012 CES show in Las Vegas Nevada, Kenwood released many new in-dash receivers with cutting edge technology. The feature that caused the largest buzz at the show that the Android integration with the in-dash receivers. Almost all of the Kenwood’s new line of CD players and media receivers feature Android compatibility.

Kenwood Music Control App for Android Phones

To get the Android integration started off, the user will need to download and install the Kenwood Music Control app on their smartphone. This app is available in the Android marketplace. This app will enable iPod-like browsing of music files and content playback. Those that use their Android device as their primary music player will be excited to hear about this streamlined compatibility.

Pandora Internet Radio for Android, iPhone, and Blackberry

Many of the new 2012 Kenwood receivers will feature Pandora Internet Radio integration. This will allow Pandora to play through the car speakers and the interface (thumbs up, thumbs down, skip track, etc) to be controlled through the car stereo. This technology has been available in the past for iPhones, but now this same user experience is passed on to those with Android phones and Blackberrys.
Kenwood is looking to have a strong line up of car stereos, multimedia receivers, in-dash GPS units, and digital media receivers for 2012. Stay tuned for more information about the 2012 Kenwood line-up!


Sonic Electronix 10th Year Anniversary

Sonic Electronix 10th Year Anniversary

By Kyle D. – Product Specialist

10 Years ago Sonic Electronix was born in a lowly apartment feeding off of scraps trying in vain to survive. The coming years were tough for this striving new company as the World Wide Web was forever evolving at an alarming rate. It was truly a survival of the fittest and less fortunate companies were sucked into the information cloud that is the internet. Even through tough economic crisis Sonic Electronix beat all odds and has arrived on top of the consumer electronics market. It is the year 2010 and Sonic is celebrating its 10th year anniversary with a sale of epic proportions!

Our 10 Year Anniversary Sale includes a wide range of electronics from amplifiers to speakers and even some home audio equipment. As an easy way to get bass into your trunk we have created a combo package that has everything you need in one easy purchase. For example the Kenwood + Hifonics Bass Package comes with 2 12” subwoofers, amplifier, enclosure and wiring kit all-in-one. Need just an amplifier? The Kicker ZX750.1 pumps out 750 watts of true RMS power to your subwoofers at a steal of a price! So far this is shaping up to be one of the best birthdays ever! How about a powerful 12” Kicker Solo-Baric L5 (08S12L54) square subwoofer? The patented square design allows for 18% more cone area, which translates to more bass than competing circular woofers. In need of a Blu-Ray player? The LG BD590 has a built-in 250GB hard drive, access to online internet services such as Netflix and it supports full 7.1 surround sound audio.

Those are just a few of the many items we have on sale in celebration of our 10 year anniversary. We have decided to keep this birthday special running until September 15th but don’t wait too long. Keep in mind that we have limited quantities available so get it while it’s hot! And one more thing, no need to bring us any presents.


Kenwood Authorized Dealers

Kenwood and Kenwook eXcelon Authorized Dealers

By Seth Wilde – Product Specialist

Since the company’s founding, Kenwood has been a leader in many of the electronics industries.  Anyone who has purchased one of their car stereos, amplifiers, subwoofers, speakers, car portals, or other mobile electronic has come to realize why Kenwood is among the best.  Purchasing from an authorized Kenwood dealer is just as important as the unit itself.  Authorized Kenwood dealers receive up-to-date information about all the products.  They can be trusted to have accurate information and all the latest product manuals.  Full manufacturer warranties are available only through authorized dealers.  Kenwood makes sure that they take care of their authorized dealers.  Sonic Electronix is proud to be one of those authorized internet dealers that proudly offers the full line of Kenwood electronics.

For those that are not familiar with the line of Kenwood products, they offer an extensive collection of mobile electronics that are designed for use in the car.  Most famous for their advanced and sophisticated in-dash car stereos and GPS Navigation units, Kenwood is a leader in the car multimedia unit industry.  Partnered with Garmin, they are able to provide the most accurate and up-to-date maps and guidance routes.  The displays are also bright, clear, and detailed.  Only the finest can be expected from a company with the legacy that Kenwood has.  Recently, Kenwood has release a new line of digital Class-D amplifiers that feature an incredibly small chassis. This XR Reference series include the impressive Kenwood eXcelon XR-5S 5-channel amplifier that will power the entire car audio system.  For those that need to have it all, be sure to check out the Kenwood eXcelon DNX9960 if you haven’t already.  The GPS navigation unit features Garmin navigation, voice control, built-in Bluetooth, and much more.  With Kenwood, you will always be able to find the features you want and need in a car audio system.  Just remember to look for the Authorized Kenwood Dealer logo and you can be confident in your purchase.


Kenwood XR-5S Digital Amplifier

Kenwood eXcelon XR-5S Digital Amplifier

By Seth Wilde – Product Specialist

Smaller is better, at least when it comes to car amplifiers.  In the past few years, the 12-volt industry has been experiencing some incredible advancement in technology.  New materials, new designs, new companies, and new factory integration devices have swept the industry.  Previously, the audio component receiving the most attention was the car stereo.  However, the limelight has since transferred to the car amplifier.  Never before has the car audio amplifier been advancing as fast as it is now.  We are seeing smaller and smaller amplifiers generating more and more power.  Kicker released their IX amplifiers, such as the 10ix500.4.  Alpine redesigned their PDX amps to make them smaller and more compact.  But now the attention has moved to Kenwood with their new line of digital power amplifiers.

The Kenwood eXcelon XR-5S is one of the smallest chassis for amplifiers that produce comparable power.  In fact, small footprint measures only 7-9/16” x 9-1/4” and has a height of 2-3/16”.  Combine that with a weight of 6.1 lbs and you get one of the smallest Class D, five-channel amps available on the market!  At either 4 or 2 ohms, the digital technology of this amp will produce the same results: 80 watts x 4 channels and 350 watts to a sub channel.  To make those ratings sound even better, they are RMS ratings and CEA-2006 certified.  In order to get the results that they wanted, Kenwood developed and used a four-layer circuit board with surface mount device (SMD) technology.  They also integrated new thermal management system and a fan cooled heat sink to effectively remove the heat.  Each channel has the option for low-pass or high-pass filters (50-200 Hz) so you can accurately get the tuning that your speakers require.  The Kenwood XR-5S is an incredible 5-channel amplifier that makes for an all-in-one amp solution for any car.  The small chassis can be installed under seats, in glove compartments, center consoles, and other places that installers have never before put car amplifiers.