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How to Prevent your Vehicles Amplifier from Overheating

MTX Audio JackHammer Amps Do Not Overheat

By David D. – Product Specialist

If you have a sound system in your vehicle, then it is possible you are familiar with your amplifier overheating at times. I have had this problem before with my own system and always wondered if there was something I could do to prevent this from happening. Working at Sonic Electronix has taught me some things about car audio and now I would like to spread some of the knowledge I’ve obtained to you. In this blog, I will give you some tips that will help you prevent your car amplifier from overheating.

Amplifier quality is the biggest factor when it comes to amps overheating. Higher quality amplifiers such as MTX Audio, JL Audio, Kicker, Alpine, and Infinity are designed to use the electrical power that is provided by your vehicles battery and alternator in the most efficient way possible. The high quality amps put out music, not heat like a lower quality amplifier would. Cheap amplifiers waste more power than they actually produce in sound. That wasted power turns into heat, which causes your amplifier to overheat.

Ventilation is key when installing an amp in your vehicle.  Since heat rises, you should never mount your amplifier upside down or under carpet. If you can’t seem to stop your amp from overheating, you can get a amplifier cooling fan; this will blow the heat away from your amplifier keeping it running as it should.  Some amplifiers, such as the MTX JackHammer amplifiers, have a fan and cooling system built-in to the chassis of the amp.

Another big component of overheating is mismatching the speaker’s power to the amp. If it’s too much power from the speakers to the amp, it will cause the amplifier to overheat. Match the load of the speaker to the amp precisely as possible, this will put out the correct amount of power while producing as little heat as possible.

Proper Installation can also cut down on your amplifier overheating. Make sure you create your own ground connection; the most efficient ground connection is when the wire is touching sanded metal. You do not want the ground wire touching paint or any preexisting nut or bolt.

Higher quality amplifiers are less likely to overheat, so keep that in mind if you are installing a sound system in your vehicle. If your amp overheats all the time, your sound system is useless.


2010 Kicker Amplifiers (IX, ZX, DX)


By Kyle Duffy  – Product Specialist

For the first time in Kicker history they have 5 lines of amplifiers that have been rolled out for 2010. The Warhorse remains unchanged while the ZX series amplifiers have been redone and brought back with slimmer chassis and a decal ready design. The new IX and DX series amplifiers boast extremely energy efficient class D designs and flat grey chassis also ready for decal application. Let’s take a look at a breakdown of KICKER’s main amplifiers for 2010:

IX-Series amplifiers use high-efficiency class D technology to deliver immense power from a super-small footprint. The IX amplifier chassis are the smallest ever developed by KICKER engineers. Three supreme models are available; two mono subwoofer amplifiers and one four-channel amplifier make up the IX line. The environmentally conscious will appreciate the small footprint, low weight to power ratio and stackable design which increases cargo space and decreases fuel consumption. The simplicity of the IX amplifiers attracts more do-it-yourselfers and installers because all connections are located on one end, while the user controls are on the other. For those audiophiles, KICKER included a muting circuit that eliminates any worthless audio residue that might find its way in the lines. To finish everything up, the IX chassis feature a tapered blue illuminated model badge to let everyone know you aren’t playing around.

ZX-Series amplifiers have stood the test of time and continually provide trouble-free amplification and reliability that knows no bounds. The ZX lineup features subwoofer mono, two-channel, four-channel, and a five-channel hybrid amplifier to satisfy anyone’s craving for great sound. The ZX mono subwoofer amplifiers range from 300 to 2500-plus watts so everyone can tame their inner bass head. Multi-channel amplifiers give audiophiles full control of their speakers with variable high and low pass crossovers. Optional endcaps are available for all ZX amplifier models as well as vinyl skins for complete customization. Kickers ZX-Series amplifiers still offer the same trouble free amplification we have grown to love from previous models, just in a newer design.

DX-Series amplifiers are high-performance amplifiers that simply provide reliable power at an affordable price. The monoblock subwoofer DX amplifier is stable at one ohm allowing it to pound any woofer. The subwoofer amplifiers offer a variable high-pass subsonic filter to keep unwanted lower frequencies away from your subs, preventing damage and distortion. A choice of three automatic turn-on modes provides extensive flexibility on all of the DX series amplifiers. The multi-channel amps come with a bass boost centered around 40 Hz should you decide to run subwoofers instead of standard speakers. For ultimate flexibility, reliability and power handling the DX series amplifiers offer allot of features for everyone.

All of our Kicker amplifiers are backed by a 2-year Manufactures warranty. Kicker is so confident in their product that they will provide an additional one-year extension to the warranty with the purchase of a qualifying Kicker amp kit at the time you purchase an amplifier. For trouble free amplification, legendary bass, and audiophile sound quality, KICKER is right every time and every configuration.


Kicker Free Extended Warranty – Special Offer!

Kicker Audio Cables

By Chelsey P. – Sonic Electronix Writer

Kicker has always displayed a commitment to providing exceptional care and service, even after selling their products. Their latest promotion reflects their dedication to customer satisfaction, as they have decided to provide an additional one-year extended warranty with the purchase of a Kicker installation kit at the time of a Kicker amplifier purchase. They are so convinced that Kicker wiring kits will enhance both the lifespan and performance of your new amplifier that they are willing to offer an extended warranty with the purchase of a Kicker install kit. Kicker wants you to equip your system with their wiring products so that you can experience the best quality sound and reliability from their world class amplifiers. All you have to do is purchase one of their well-made install kits with a Kicker amplifier, and your gear will be backed by an additional one year warranty guarantee.

Kicker Amplifiers

There are multiple installation power kits that can be used with your new amplifier. They can be paired with any of our 2008 ZX Kicker amplifiers with the correct gauge size.

Since we are Kicker authorized dealers, we are able to offer you this amazing deal. But be sure to act quickly, as this offer will only be available for a limited time. After you purchase the qualifying kit and amplifier, you will need to register them on the Kicker website with your original sales receipt and amp serial number. After you complete the registration process, the Kicker support team will be able to add an additional one year warranty credit to your account. Also, in the rare case that you experience any problems with the products, the Kicker customer support team will be more able to assist you with your specific product info on file.