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The Top 3 Marine Amplifiers for Your Money

Top Marine Amplifiers for Your Money

When it comes to the sound system on your boat, an amplifier is incredibly important. If your objective is to achieve great sound out on the water, you will need an amplifier in order to power your boat’s marine speakers or marine subwoofers. Marine amplifiers are made with the marine environment in mind and are built to last under harsh marine conditions such as exposure to sun and water. But, you do not have to spend a fortune to get a great amplifier to power your boat’s system! Below are the top three marine audio amplifiers for your money.

1DJ Marine Audio DJ1.600 by Memphis Audio

The first marine amplifier on our list is the DJ1.600 Monoblock Class D Marine Amp from DJ Audio by Memphis. This monoblock marine amp is perfect for powering the subwoofer on your boat – at a great price. It’s RMS power at 1 ohm is 600 watts so you’re sure to get a DJ Marine Audio DJ1.600 by Memphissufficient amount of power for your subwoofer. In addition, this amp features a small chassis for easy installation, as well as protective covers so that the sun and water wont ruin your amplifier.

  • Wired Remote Bass Level Control Included
  • Variable Bass Boost (0 to +12 dB at 50 Hz)
  • Variable Low-Pass Filter (50 Hz, 24 dB/octave)
  • Frequency Response: 20-250 Hz

2MB Quart NA1-400.2

Next on our top three list is MB Quart’s NA1-400.2 2 Channel Full Range Class D Marine Amplifier. This marine audio amp is not only affordable, but is perfect for any marine application. With an extremely small chassis, this amplifier can be installed in pretty much any location. You can use it to power speakers, subwoofers, and even tower speakers. For it’s small size, this amp gives off a great amount of power at 400 watts RMS.

MB Quart NA1-400.2 2 Channel Marine Amp at Sonic Electronix

  • Speaker-Level (High-Level) Inputs with Signal Sensing
  • Subsonic Filter (24 dB at 15 Hz)
  • Frequency Response: 20-20,000 Hz
  • Signal to Noise Ratio: 90dB
  • Total Power Output: 400 Watts
  • 8 Gauge Power and Ground Wiring

3Kicker KXM800.5

Last, but not least, on our list is Kicker’s KXM Series 5-Channel Class D-IC Marine Amplifier. This amplifier is more than enough to power your boat’s sound system with it’s RMS power rating of 100 watts per four channels and 400 watts for the subchannel, at 2 ohms. In addition, it features a small chassis for ease of installation and was made with high-grade components that are even UV-protected. This amp was built to stand up to the harsh marine environment and features a sleek tuning magnetic door which protects the interior of the amplifier.

Kicker KXM800.5 at Sonic Electronix

  • Remote Bass Level Control Included
  • Variable Bass Boost (0-18 dB @ 40 Hz)
  • Soft Start Turn-On
  • Preamp RCA Outputs
  • Double-Sided Fiberglass Circuit Board
  • CEA-2006 Compliant Amplifier

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Bluetooth Amps

RE Audio BT900.4

As the Sonic Electronix team walked around the International CES show in Las Vegas this year, one improvement in the car audio industry that stood out to us was the large amount of Bluetooth Car Amplifiers. In 2014, there were a couple Bluetooth Amps, such as the Kicker PXiBT amp and RE Audio’s BT900.4 amplifier. However, this year there were a lot more Bluetooth amps out on the show floor. Cerwin Vega, Infinity, JBL, as well as Kicker all released new Bluetooth Amps that are sure to change the way you listen to music in your vehicle! Each of these Bluetooth amps features cutting-edge technology which will improve your system.

1Seamless Connectivity

Bringing Bluetooth technology to car amplifiers enables an extreme ease of connectivity. Even if your car stereo does not have Bluetooth, these car amplifiers make it extremely easy to connect your device via Bluetooth. In addition, to make things even easier, most models feature one touch pairing technology.

2Even More Features

In addition to Bluetooth, most of these newly released Bluetooth amplifiers that came out this year, come with other features that you wouldn’t be able to find in a non-Bluetooth amplifier. For example, the Infinity & JBL Bluetooth car amplifiers include “party mode,” which allows the user to share DJ control with up to three devices. Kicker‘s new bluetooth IQ Series amplifiers feature compatibility with their IQI interface, which allows connecting Bluetooth with a microphone to up to four IQ amplifiers.

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Must Have Items For Snow

Well, it’s that time of year again!  Break out the snowboards and skis because winter is back in full force.  In order to make your season of snow a little better, consider picking up one of these great items.  There are a few items that stand out from the rest:

  • JayBird JF3MB 
JayBird JF3MB

JayBird JF3MB

If you like listening to headphones on the slopes, then you might want to consider investing in a pair specially made for the harsh conditions. Jaybird has always had a reputation for making high quality, durable headphones that are jammed packed with the latest technology.   The JF3MB Freedom Bluetooth headphones are no exception.  These suckers will stay in your ears whether you’re doing a back-flip or carving through some fresh powder.  The sound quality is brilliant as well as the 6 hour listening time. Being Bluetooth means you won’t have to worry about the pesky cord constantly being pulled by the unforgiving environment. If you want the most bang for your buck, then these are what you should be looking to get.

  • LG Tone+
LG Tone+ HBS-730

LG Tone+ HBS-730

If you’re looking for a cheaper option, you can always pick up the LG Tone+.  These have a really unique design seeing that they rest on your neck and have attached in-ear headphones.  This allows all the controls to be conveniently on the neck piece for easy placement of the headphones into your ears.  You can even use voice activated dialing for phone calls so you can let people know how much more fun you’re having than them on the slopes.


  •  Kicker Powersports Series
Kicker 11PXi50.2

Kicker 11PXi50.2

Come on, guys.  You know that snowmobile of yours isn’t any good without a good audio system.  Lucky for you, Kicker has some extremely small amplifiers and speakers with their PS and PX lines.  They are specially made to withstand the harsh winter environment and provide excellent sound quality. Not only can you attach them to snow mobiles, but the likes of Snow plows and ATVs as well.  In Particular, the Kicker PXi50.2 is an amplifier with a controller for your iPod/iPhone.  This allows you to use your iOS device as your headunit making easy to install on the smallest vehicles.


  • Remote Start Systems
AutoPage C3-RS915-LCD

AutoPage C3-RS915

How many times have you started your car in the morning only to wait for a few minutes as the glacier that is your vehicle defrosts? Make it easy on yourself and put a remote start system on your vehicle to have it warm up before you start your cold, winter day. We have a wide variety of systems that will be able to meet the needs of any vehicle.  They can even make your car turn on at timed intervals so your car does not freeze overnight!   Don’t live your winter with the fear of getting into your car in the morning!


All of these items will make your winter jolly and full of cheer. How can you pass that up?


Ground Shaker Subwoofer Boxes

When installing a subwoofer in your vehicle, one of the most commonly overlooked aspects is the box being used for the application.  Not having an optimum enclosure for your subwoofer is like a Jedi not having a lightsaber: Sure, he’ll still be dangerous but he won’t be able to cut off any heads.  Ground Shaker is a brand that specializes in subwoofer enclosures and has a good reputation in doing so.  They make their boxes here in the good ol’ USA which is very rare nowadays. These are without a doubt the best enclosures Sonic has ever carried.

10" Single Sealed Compact Box

10" Single Sealed Compact Box

10" Triple Sealed 3-Dimensional Subwoofer Box

10" Triple Sealed 3-Dimensional Subwoofer Box

I’ve had the chance to examine about 40 of their sub boxes and let me just say that they do not disappoint.  The first thing I noticed is that they use very thick carpeting which results in a very clean look which is easy on the eyes.  A number of the boxes come in two-tone gray and black which is aesthetically pleasing. They make a wide assortment of enclosures ranging from ported, sealed, bandpass, vehicle specific, ect. which means you will have no problem finding one for your subwoofer and vehicle.  All of these boxes use high quality, thick MDF and come complete with durable speaker terminals.  They even have subwoofer specific enclosures for the JL Audio W7 which have Dual front baffles and a bracer inside the box.  Also, there are a wide variety for the Kicker L7 & L3 enclosures for all you Kicker junkies out there. They make their boxes in 8″, 10″, 12″, 13″,15″ so there is no excuse to not use one for your sub. Pick up one of these boxes and you won’t regret it!

Did I mention they are great for building office forts?


Car Audio Equipment Ideal for Hip-Hop/Rap Music

Ever wonder as to whether or not it makes a difference as to what type of sound system you have in your vehicle that truly fits with the type of music you listen to? Well the truth is that yes, there is quite a significance in sound quality dependent upon pairing up the right equipment to fit into what style of music you prefer to listen to.

Kicker C104 10" Subwoofer

Kicker C104 10" Subwoofer

The best car speakers for Hip Hop music should be designated to make your songs sound great. Hip Hop sounds best on a system that has the ability to create good bass notes and strong midrange sound. The bass notes are vital to make sure the beat is clear through the song. The midrange notes will make the lyrics and backup crisp and powerful.

Earthquake Sound TNT-12S 12" Subwoofer

Earthquake Sound TNT-12S 12" Subwoofer

The best speakers for bass are clearly subwoofers or “subs.” 10 inch or 12 inch subs will hit the bass notes that are too low for standard speakers. When you turn up the bass in a car without subs the music becomes distorted and doesn’t sound right. Add the extra bass of a subwoofer, and it sounds accurate to its production. That’s the extra power of the larger speakers coming in to give the bass an extra hit.

JL Audio TR600-CXi 6" Speakers

JL Audio TR600-CXi 6" Speakers

For midrange, a good set of 6 inch speakers will fill out the system very nicely. This will combine with the subs giving your favorite songs the quality sound you deserve. 6 by 9 speakers are a little more expensive, but they are even niftier than 6 inch speakers and have a little better range. If you can fit it in your budget, they are a great choice.

Pioneer TS-A6994R 6" x 9" Speakers

Pioneer TS-A6994R 6" x 9" Speakers

With these 2 basic components, you’ll be sure to have a great sounding car stereo. If it’s in your budget you might even consider adding a basic set of tweeters, but they aren’t as important because high notes aren’t as common in Hip Hop as they are in other types of music.

Make sure you check out all of our car audio equipment here at Sonic Electronix, and make sure you find the right system that will truly bring out the definition of your choice in music while you are on the road.