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Personal Review: Kicker ZX750.1 & Earthquake Subzero

Being an employee at Sonic Electronix,  it’s nearly impossible to avoid buying car audio equipment.  I for one could not resist the temptation.  I indulged in the Kicker ZX750.1 amplifier paired with the Earthquake Subzero SZ-10 subwoofer.  Im here to give you my honest opinion and review of my choice and maybe help you along the way in making a choice of your own!

Kicker ZX750.1 

Kicker ZX750.1

Kicker ZX750.1

First off lets start with the amplifier.  The ZX750.1 is the perfect match for my subzero.  This amplifier pumps out 750W RMS at a 2 ohm load, perfect for the Dual 4 ohm sub which wires to a final impedance of 2 ohms.  However, the birth sheet states over 900 watts RMS which my sub can scarf down with ease.  The amplifier’s chassis is compact enough to allow me to mount it on the sidewall of my small trunk, space is at a premium.  Tuning the amplifier was a breeze because it includes a low-pass crossover frequency selector, bass boost and gain adjustment.  While some people might find the simplistic design of a monoblock amplifier to be a bad thing, it made it easy for me to find the desired sound I was looking for right away.  I turned the gain 1/4 a turn to match the 2 volt output of my headunit so the signal won’t clip, meaning my bass will sound crystal clear with no pops, thumps or crackles even at high volume.  The amplifier dissipates heat very well, even after extended periods of brutal bass notes it was only warm to the touch. I can play sweet bassy songs all day long without this amplifier breaking a sweat which is good news when it comes to my addiction to bass.  I tried to come up with shortcomings for this amplifier but so far I’ve had no negative experiences.  It’s priced reasonably for the build quality and power output and has been quite reliable for the duration of ownership.  If anyone tries to tell you that Kicker amplifiers are garbage, don’t listen to them….just don’t.

Earthquake Subzero SZ-10

Earthquake Sound SZ-10

Earthquake Sound SZ-10

Now the fun part!  If you are unfamiliar with Earthquake Sound, you are probably not alone.  They are a brand that should be as well known as Kicker or JL because of their high quality system components.  The Subzero is one of their top of the line subwoofers and I decided to go with one of their 10″ versions.  You might be thinking that just one 10″ subwoofer will not produce the pounding bass that two average woofers could produce but you would be wrong my friend.  I have this in a 1.0 cubic foot sealed box which is not exactly ideal for maximizing bass output in comparison to a vented enclosure, but that is exactly what it does.  This sub is rated at 750W RMS and like I stated previously, im pushing over 900 watts to it so it pounds hard and loud.  Connecting this subwoofer to the amplifier was easy due to the PSP terminals on the Subzero which use fuses to give you different ohm loads.  This eliminates the use of pesky jumper cables between the terminals.  The only complaint that I have is that my car is falling apart from all of the bass rattling the screws right from their panels.  I need to sound dampen my car to reduce vibrations and rattling before it’s too late.  If you’re wondering, it does play every genre of music exceptionally well, from the low bass notes of E-40 to the soothing bass lines of Sublime.

Oh, did I mention that it has some serious excursion? If you don’t believe me, check out this video of my Subzero and amplifier in action.  Enjoy : )

Any comments or questions about my system? Comment below!


Why Everyone Should Own A Subwoofer

Who Needs Bass?

Focal BUS 25

Focal BUS 25 10" Powered Subwoofer Enclosure

Picture this: You’re driving along listening to your music.  You pull up next to a 16 year old kid at a red light who has his subwoofers blaring so loud that your ears start to bleed.  You think to yourself, “How does that make music enjoyable?” Fact of the matter is that some people want bass so loud that you have to replace your windshield after every listening session.  At the same time, some people just want bass that will compliment their music in order to achieve the full spectrum of musical frequencies. No matter what your preference, there is a subwoofer for everyone.  Without a subwoofer, you could be missing out on listening to your music how it was intended to be heard.

Kicker PECVR12

Kicker PECVR12 Single 12" Amplified, Loaded Enclosure

Not everyone needs two 18″ subwoofers that will rattle your brain into next Tuesday.  While this application is great for genres of music such as hip-hop or dubstep, there are many other genres of music that do not require as much bass.  Easy-listening, jazz, classic rock, or blues just to name a few.  One could argue that bass is even more essential in these genres.  These soft musical genres have low-end bass frequencies that can be unheard without the utilization of a subwoofer.   Even if you have a vehicle with limited space, you can find a subwoofer solution that is right for you.  Amplified, loaded subwoofer enclosures are an all-in-one way of adding bass to any vehicle.  They include integrated amplifiers so installation is minimal.  These are ideal for leased or rented vehicles which you hesitate to tamper with.  If you own a truck, there are plenty of shallow-mount subwoofers and pre-loaded enclosures that can conveniently fit under the back seats.  All of these different options make it hard to argue against a bass filled system.

Whether you’re looking to put yourself in a bass coma or trying to recreate studio quality sound, there is always a way to get bass in your vehicle.  Being able to properly reproduce low frequencies will give your music a 3d-like tone.  Chances are you spend a good amount of time in your car.  So why not invest in some comfort food for your ears?  You don’t have to be a punk kid like me to appreciate large quantities of bass either!  We have a huge selection to choose from. Check it out!



Marine Vs Car Audio

Marine AudioEnjoy The Water

2012 offers an abundance of new audio equipment for your aquatic satisfaction.  It’s not quite summer, but now is the perfect time to start thinking of upgrading your watercraft’s audio components!  Marine audio can be installed on the likes of boats, sea-doos, jet skis, motorcycles, ATV’s, ect.  As opposed to car audio, marine audio is usually more durable and weather proof to allow for excessive wear and tear.  Getting the gear you need now will ensure an audio-inducing summer.

                                              The Difference

Kicker 10ZXM7005

5-Channel ZXM Series Marine Amplifier

Marine audio differentiates from car audio in a few major ways. Marine amplifiers and subwoofers are water resistant due to their increased exposure to salt or fresh water. They have special manufacturing designs such as watertight seals, coated circuit boards, and waterproof wired remote controllers. Another thing to take into consideration is sunlight exposure.  Usually, audio components are going to be exposed to long hours in the summer sun.  To compensate for this, manufacturers will coat parts with ultraviolet resistant materials.


JL Audio Marine M10W5-CG-WH

10" Single 4 ohms Marine Subwoofer Driver

When your audio components are wet or dampened, they are susceptible to corrosion.  Marine speaker wire is designed to reduce the risk of corrosion with stranded copper wire.  This wire also makes it flexible which is great for absorbing shock damage caused by the movement of the harsh marine environment. Due to the openness of a marine environment, marine speakers will always have hard dome tweeters to create the loudest sound projection obtainable. Marine head units will have rubberized buttons and splash guards to protect the internal parts from being wet. Today, there are an abundance of manufacturers who offer multiple lines of marine audio products to fit your specific needs.


We have a huge selection,  check it out!:

Marine Audio


Kicker PX200.1 PowerSport Amplifier at CES 2012

Kicker SubwoofersThe International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2012 is full of great and wonderful things, especially when you condense them into small packages. Kicker demonstrated their ability to take tons of power and condense it into a box roughly the size of your hand. Their new PX PowerSport Series line of amplifiers fit almost anywhere and are great for boats, RV’s, golf carts, motorcycles, ATV’s, and so much more. The biggest claim to fame with these amplifiers is that they can produce a lot of power from 12V systems that have low current capabilities. To demonstrate the power to size ratio, Kicker setup eight of their 10″ Comp woofers all wired to the PX200.1 monoblock class A/B amplifier. We were more than impressed with an amplifier that small pushing eight subwoofers and doing it well.

The PX200.1 is a reliable, weather-resistant power amplifier that comes in at 6″ wide by 2″ high, quite astounding. What is especially astounding is the fact that this little monoblock runs 200 watts at 0.5 ohms, talk about high power and low current draw! To make things easy, mounting hardware is included, though with such a small size, installing it into anything will be easy. We are excited to see what creative uses people find for these amplifiers in the near future.



Matching Subwoofers and Amplifiers

AmpliFinder Amplifier and Subwoofer Matching Tool

Earthquake Subzero SZ10 Subwoofer

Kicker ZX750.1 Amplifier

Making Matching Easier

One of the most common questions asked at Sonic Electronix is, “How do I know which amplifier I need for my subwoofer?”  This can be a hard or even intimidating question for some but fear not Sonic Electronix has your back!  Introducing our brand new AmpliFinder tool.  AmpliFinder is an amplifier finder tool that will take away the confusion of pairing a subwoofer with an amplifier.  Not only will it tell you which amplifier you require, but it will give you a complete list of every amplifier that is suitable for your subwoofer.

JL Audio W7 Subwoofer

MTX RT500D Amplifier

How it Works

AmpliFinder will lay out the possible wiring configurations for your subwoofer.  Depending on the ohms and number of voice coils of the subwoofer, different wiring configurations will be displayed.  AmpliFinder will also take into account the RMS power rating of each subwoofer to appropriately match that of the amplifier.   Just select the manufacturer, model number, and the number of subs you wish to power and prepare to be wowed by the abundance of possibilities.  For example,  the Earthquake Subzero SZ-10, when input into the AmpliFinder will give you the Kicker ZX750.1 as a choice which is a perfect match for the 750 watts RMS subwoofer.   Also, the JL Audio 8W7AE-3  when entered will give you the MTX RT500D which is a perfect match at 2 ohms as well.

  • Conveniently search for specific subwoofers with a user friendly interface
  • Displays complete list of compatible amplifiers
  • Visual wiring configurations included in search

Why wait? Give it a try now: