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Mitsubishi LT-55154 LED HD 1080p Television

Mitsubishi LT-55154 LCD LED Television

By Seth Wilde – Product Specialist

There is no excuse for not having a flat-panel television.  Not in today’s market and with all the technology that is available for us.  In the past several years, televisions have gotten bigger and thinner.  They have increased the resolution and color systems for a more detailed and vibrant image.  They have added more features that allow internet streaming, enhanced integration with other home audio devices, and even the playback of 3D images on their 3D TVs.  Each year televisions integrate new technology to put them ahead of the competition.  One of the company’s that is always ahead of the curve in terms of features, image quality, and sound quality.  One such example of this is the Mitsubishi LT-55154 LED Television.

Upon the release of this HDTV and the entire Unisen 154 series, the panel became a popular discussion topic, as it impressed the most critical of television experts.  The panel features a full 1080p resolution that is becoming more common.  The full HD resolution produces incredible detail and stunning realize with each and every frame.  Behind the front LCD display is a LED edge-lit system that brings rich color into the images.  Once connected to the internet, the Mitsubishi LT-55154 will allow access to online material such as Facebook, Vudu, Flickr, New York Times, Pandora, and more!  The world is at your fingertips.  Mitsubishi was very pleased with the new sound system that came with the televisions. Along the bottom is a full Dolby Digital surround sound system built right into the television.  This allows a 5.1 Dolby experience without the purchase of separate components and expensive sound systems.  The LT-55154 features a 12-speaker system along the bottom of the TV, however Mitsubishi also offers an 16 and an 18 speaker systems.  All of this incredible technology is packed into a very thin 2.9” panel that will easily fit in any room and look great on a flat panel television mount.


LED vs LCD TV Technology

By Gideon V. – Sonic Electronix Editor

Both LCD televisions and LED televisions offer beautiful screen displays. How do you choose between an LCD and LED monitor? It may depend on your personal preferences, as each type has its advantages.

LCD stands for Liquid Crystal Displays. LCD screens typically have minimal distortion, high resolution, and tend to be brighter than plasmas. LCDs are known for their realistic imagery, color accuracy, and sharpness. A great new LCD TV is the 52” Samsung LN-52B750 flat panel television. This TV uses the exclusive Auto Motion Plus technology, which minimizes motion blur. Samsung TVs use exclusive technology to enhance the picture quality. In addition, Samsung LCD televisions have amazing processing capability, as they can transfer between 100-120 Hz. This fast processing helps eliminate and reduce motion blur.

LEDs stands for Light Emitting Diodes, which are tiny lights used to reflect red, green or blue colors. This LED technology results in richer color reproduction and crisper images. Another great aspect of LED televisions is that they enhance the lifespan of a TV screen two times over the previously designed CCFL screens. Not to mention, LEDs do not use Mercury, which makes them much more eco-friendly.

LED monitors have a 3,000,000:1 mega contrast, which enables the screen to present a fabulous array of color shades, from the deepest blacks to the cleanest whites. The built-in advanced color processing provides a greater range of colors. These are a few of the reasons why LED screens can depict an absolutely stunning picture quality. The Samsun UN46B7000 is a 46” LED widescreen monitor with Auto Motion Plus technology. When you watch the game on this TV, you will feel like you are actually there. This television will leave you amazed at the realism and screen quality.