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Sonic Installation Bay Updates & Photos

Check out the latest photos from the Sonic Electronix Install Bay! This weeks updates include NVX Sound Dampening installation in the door panels of a Dodge Charger, and a custom fiberglass subwoofer enclosure under the seat of a boat. We chose the Kicker CVR subwoofers for great bass output & durability.

Join installers Allyn R. & Anthony B. as they walk you through the 2007 Dodge Charger SRT 8 install, complete with Clarion NX602 GPS Navigation Receiver, Kicker ZX Amps, Alpine Type-R Speakers, Kicker CVR Subs, Viper 5904 Car Alarm, and a Blendmount with Escort radar detector.


Marine Vs Car Audio

Marine AudioEnjoy The Water

2012 offers an abundance of new audio equipment for your aquatic satisfaction.  It’s not quite summer, but now is the perfect time to start thinking of upgrading your watercraft’s audio components!  Marine audio can be installed on the likes of boats, sea-doos, jet skis, motorcycles, ATV’s, ect.  As opposed to car audio, marine audio is usually more durable and weather proof to allow for excessive wear and tear.  Getting the gear you need now will ensure an audio-inducing summer.

                                              The Difference

Kicker 10ZXM7005

5-Channel ZXM Series Marine Amplifier

Marine audio differentiates from car audio in a few major ways. Marine amplifiers and subwoofers are water resistant due to their increased exposure to salt or fresh water. They have special manufacturing designs such as watertight seals, coated circuit boards, and waterproof wired remote controllers. Another thing to take into consideration is sunlight exposure.  Usually, audio components are going to be exposed to long hours in the summer sun.  To compensate for this, manufacturers will coat parts with ultraviolet resistant materials.


JL Audio Marine M10W5-CG-WH

10" Single 4 ohms Marine Subwoofer Driver

When your audio components are wet or dampened, they are susceptible to corrosion.  Marine speaker wire is designed to reduce the risk of corrosion with stranded copper wire.  This wire also makes it flexible which is great for absorbing shock damage caused by the movement of the harsh marine environment. Due to the openness of a marine environment, marine speakers will always have hard dome tweeters to create the loudest sound projection obtainable. Marine head units will have rubberized buttons and splash guards to protect the internal parts from being wet. Today, there are an abundance of manufacturers who offer multiple lines of marine audio products to fit your specific needs.


We have a huge selection,  check it out!:

Marine Audio


Marine Equipment at Sonic Electronix

Marine Audio & Video at Sonic Electronix

Summer is going to be here before we know it. While it is only March, the weather is starting to heat up and feel more like summer. Get a head start on the boating season and check out the newly expanded marine selection of products from Sonic Electronix. As you browse the Marine Audio & Video pages, you will notice that sonic is now carrying much more in terms of marine ready equipment. From boat stereos to 2-way radios, Sonic has what your boat needs. Now is the perfect time to start gearing up your boat for the lake!

Icom Marine 2-Way Radios

A new line that Sonic Electronix has started carrying is Icom, a popular radio communications company. They offer a large selection of personal communication devices, including Icom Marine 2-Way Radios. Here you will find exactly what you are looking for to keep your communication lines open while out on the lake. Many of their handheld radios float, which make them more suitable for the marine lifestyle.

Kicker Marine Tower Speakers

For those that like to listen to their music while out on the wakeboard, Sonic Electronix has the perfect solution for you. By adding some Kicker Marine Tower Speakers to your boat, you will be able to take that Kicker sound with you on the boat. The KMT6 comes with two loaded wakeboard tower speaker systems for a powerful marine boat system. The KM6500.2 is a high-fidelity marine system that requires the installation into a pair of cans, but the result is an incredible audio system.

Garmin Marine GPS Navigation

Never get lost out on the water with Garmin Marine GPS Navigation devices. Each is designed with marine life in mind and built to withstand the elements. You will be able to find exactly what you are looking for with the wide selection that Garmin and Sonic offers.

Now is the time to start getting your boat ready for those summer lake trips and Sonic is here to help you get everything you need!


Rock Your Boat with the Bazooka Ski-Trac System

Bazooka Ski Trac

By Samantha R. – Product Specialist

Introduced as “SAS” in 1983 and being selected as “one of the most innovative consumer electronic products,” Bazooka has been known for their unique, space saving “tube” style speakers and subwoofers that cease to amaze! Selling in over 47 countries to this day, Bazooka is expected to continue to grow dramatically even within foreign countries.

While being one of the biggest authorized dealers in the United States, Bazooka has introduced an incredible new design that will literally take your ears on a ride. Featuring 360 degrees of sound tracking, stainless steel tower mount and track bar, the newly introduced Ski-Trac from Bazooka has officially taken off. Close up shop and pack up the boat! With this design of riding entertainment you can be wakeboarding, tubing, skiing, or riding an airchair while the Ski-Trac provides the entire boat and you with all-around audio entertainment. The Bazooka Ski-Trac system mounts to your wakeboard tower and fully delivers audio and tracks wherever you go. Catch a wake, it follows. 360 the boat, it follows. Whatever you do, no matter what angle you choose, this system automatically intensifies your riding experience keeping all speakers on you. While keeping some entertainment on the boat, the track bar rotates and completely spins around to follow the rider in the water. Equipped with nylon bushings for a smooth ride and an oversized rope guide, this unit has been waiting to be discovered.

Save some money and purchase the full Bazooka MT-ST-K6CHB bundle which includes the Compression Horn Tubbies MT6502CHB. Sold separately, the next addition would be a marine certified camera and some bright lights to make your ride that much more extreme. Allowing you to record your sweet tricks and insane bailouts, this could be a considerable advancement to anyone’s boat. In some states, night water skiing is very popular such as the Louisiana Night Jam. Join the trend and strap on some tower lights to your Ski-Trac unit and you’ll be set for an exciting cruise after-dark. Now you may be thinking, “Well what about wires?” Bazooka is thinking ahead and has incorporated a wire swivel for all electrical and low voltage connections. This incredible feature eliminates tangles and avoids wires getting caught and damaged so you can still enjoy your ride without worrying about the amount of tension.

No matter how far our technology has gone to this day, who would have thought our music could literally follow our every move.


4th of July Sale Starts Now!

4th of July Sale Starts Now

By Seth Wilde – Product Specialist

Its that time of year again.  The time to set off some fireworks, light up the barbeque, celebrate our freedom, and install a car stereo!  Sonic Electronix is having their annual 4th of July sale and it is going on right now!

This once a year sale from Sonic Electronix has got all your bases covered for all your electronics needs.  For the car, these deals include in-dash stereos, car amplifiers, car speakers, and car subwoofers.  Electronics in the home include televisions, surround sound speakers, blu-ray players, and more!  Planning to upgrade your boats audio?  Now is the time!  Save on marine stereos, amplifiers, speakers, and tower speakers.

Some of the greatest deals that Sonic is offering include the Kenwood DNX5160.  It is an in-dash GPS navigation system with DVD playback and a 6.1” screen.  With navigation by Garmin, advanced audio controls, dual zone capability, and the ability for the addition of just about any expandable module, the double Din DNX 5160 is an excellent aftermarket receiver for just about any vehicle.  Sonic Electronix is also offering an incredible deal on the Mitsubishi LT-55154 LCD/LED TV.  The television itself has a large 55” display and a fast refresh rate of 120 Hz for a lifelike image.  With purchase of the television, Sonic is including a free wall mount, power strip, HDMI cable, screen clean, as well as a Polk Audio PSWi225 home theater subwoofer.  All of this included for free with the purchase of the television.  Prices are also getting slashed for marine produces, such as the Clarion CMV1 and the Kicker KM6500.2.  The CMV1 is one of the few marine headunits that features a DVD player.  For those that are looking for a new set of tower speakers, the Kicker KM6500.2 is an excellent choice that will play your music loud and clear!

View the Sonic Electronix 4th of July sale now!