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Top 3 Marine Stereo Deals at Sonic Electronix

Rockford Fosgate RFX9700CD

Gearing up that boat for yet another fun filled summer? Tired of your marine audio system not measuring up to music you’re used to hearing? Start your summer off right with an aftermarket Marine Stereo Receiver. These stereo receivers are different from the standard CD receiver you see in most automotives. They’ve been marine certified, meaning their much more protected from the elements than their land dwelling counterparts. The Top 5 Stereo Deals you can find on Sonic Electronix were put together in an easy to view list below. Check them out!

The Rockford Fosgate RFX9700CD is a great receiver to get your marine adventures off on the right foot. This receiver features an easy-to-read display along with marinized knobs and buttons for the ultimate water seal. Packaged along with Rockford Fosgate’s reputation for power output, you’ll get an immediate boost in sound quality and volume to all of your connected speakers.

Next up is the Sony CDX-M10 Marine Stereo CD Receiver. This features an EQ3 3-band parametric equalizer to help tune your audio. A 24-Bit digital-to-analog converter is also featured with best tuning memory to allow for the best possible sound quality from your audio device.

Finally is the Dual MXCP25 Marine Combo that features a Head Unit as well as 6-1/2″ DMP66 marine speakers. The head unit has blue button lighting and conformal coated circuit boards and plenty of playback and audio features to keep you occupied with. It also features 1 Set of 2V preamp outputs to allow for the addition of an amplifier. Speakers are also included which can be powered directly off of the radio. This combination is a perfect value package when it comes to quickly upgrading the audio that you listen to on your marine vessel.
Any of the above packages are a great deal and popular sellers are Sonic Electronix, it just depends on the application and what you’re looking for


Top 3 Popular Marine Speakers At Sonic Electronix

It’s getting to be summer again which means the start of a few months of hot sun, perhaps a cook out or two, and hopefully lots of water! To kick off the upcoming season Sonic Electronix has picked out the top 3 Marine speakers found on their store. These three speakers all have their own benefits, check them out!

MB Quart NKE 116
First up is the MB Quart NKE 116 6-1/2″ 2-Way Marine Speakers. These speakers feature a polypropylene woofer cone with a rubber surround and a titanium dome tweeter. Rated at 60 watts of RMS power they can run well off of a stereo system, and can also be enhanced with an external amplifier. These speakers are perfect for adding on quality audio to your marine or outdoor vehicle without breaking the bank.

Rockford Fosgate RF Marine M162S
Second up is the Rockford Fosgate RF Marine M162S 6-1/2″ 2-Way Component Speaker System. These separates present different mounting options than other Coaxial speakers. The benefit to these component speakers is that you can use the separate drivers to result in better imaging and audio staging with your installation. The Rockford Fosgate M162S marine component speaker system is designed with an injection molded polypropylene woofer cone with a rubber surround and a titanium dome tweeter. These speakers can handle 75 watts of RMS power, so use with an aftermarket amplifier is recommended.

Polk Audio MM651UM
Last up is the Polk Audio MM651UM 6-1/2″ Ultra Marine Monitor MM Series Speakers. These marine speakers are designed with woven glass composite cone woofers with a butyl rubber surround and a 1″ silk-polymer dome weather resistant dynamic balanced tweeter. These speakers are completely sealed with a built-on grille for maximum resistance to the elements. A sealed crossover assembly is built into the back of the magnet of the speaker, and along with Polk Audio’s Klippel distortion analyzer the speakers are designed for maximum sound quality. Also featured is a 1-3/8″ large diameter voice coil and a neodymium magnet structure for increased dynamic mid-bass response.


Marine Audio Installation Tips

Kenwood Marine KMR-700U

By David D. – Product Specialist

Now a days it’s rare to be on the lake or river and see a boat without some sort of sound system in it.  Some of them sound good, and some don’t. In this article I will provide you with some useful tips on how to install a good quality sound system in your boat.

A head-unit is usually the first thing you purchase when putting together a sound system. There are head-units manufactured specifically for marine use such as the Kenwood KMR-700U. When you mount your marine stereo, the recommended mounting angle is 20° and should never be mounted over 30°. If you do choose to mount the deck at an angle over 30°, the CD player will still function but you risk losing the shock protection, this could permanently damage your newly acquired headunit.

When it comes to the Marine Speakers, there are a couple different ways of mounting them. You can get flush mount speakers, box speakers, or a set of tower speakers. Flush mount speakers require you to cut a hole in your boat to mount them. This method takes up the least amount of space and keeps the speakers out of the way from any activity going on in the boat. With box speakers, there is no need to cut a hole anywhere in your boat, they come equipped in a boxed enclosure and are already set up for peak performance. The downside of box speakers is that they do not mount flush and they can take up space. Tower speakers are great for wakeboarding boats, these speakers mount on the top of your tower and can be aimed or positioned however you please. When dealing with any kind of Marine speaker, you want to aim them where your ears are going to most likely be. In a vehicle this is not that important because the sound has surfaces to bounce off of.  In a boat, there is a lot of airspace the sound can get lost in. When wiring your speakers, you want to try to stay away from normal speaker wire; it has copper that can easily corrode due to moisture. An ideal marine speaker wire should have some plastic coating on the wire that extends from end to end. You can also wrap all your wires with electrical tape for extra caution.

To power your marine audio system, you will need a marine specific amplifier like the Kicker ZXM350.4. When installing an amplifier in your boat, it is recommended to use 1 amplified channel per speaker, however you can use more than one speaker on one amp channel. If you plan on doing that, you have to be careful because if this isn’t set up properly because you could damage your amplifier. Please read the owner’s manual of your amplifier to make sure you’re not exceeding the power ratings. The amplifier is the so-called “brains of the operation”, so when choosing one make sure that this isn’t the component you try to save money on.

I hope some of these tips helped you and I look forward to hearing you out on the lake.


Clarion CM1625

Clarion CM1625

By Chelsey P. – Product Specialist

Now is the time to take advantage of the amazing weather by taking your boat out to the lake or river. Since it may be the first time your boat has seen the water since last summer, you may be worried about the way your speakers sound. If this is the case it may be time to look into getting an upgrade. Having the loudest stereo system out on the water maximizes summertime fun, not only for you but everyone around you. In order to receive the sound you want, you first have to start with a great brand. Clarion has been known in the past for making quality products that will last for years and the Clarion CM1625 marine speakers are no different. You may notice outdoor environments require plenty of sound to overcome surrounding noise. The CM1625 speakers are a 6-1/2” 2-Way speaker with a responsive polypropylene woofer for achieving the maximum in sound entertainment while being able to withstand outdoor heat. They are the perfect choice for loud, outdoor fun because they push 200 watts max of pure, crisp sound.

Clarion ensures that these marine speakers will stay in perfect shape while you are out on those long water adventures. Of course they are water-resistant with a drain channel, allowing water to escape from the front. By having this drain channel, you are increasing the chance of the speaker not being ruined due to water. Not only are they resistant to moisture, they even meet the UV and salt/fog exposure standards. By exceeding these standards, Clarion makes a promise to you that these speakers will last no matter how much sun exposure they receive or how many times they get splashed by the salty ocean. While you are reading this, you may ask yourself, “How does she know how these speakers sound?” Well, since the weather was so amazing this past weekend, we actually had a chance to test these speakers out on the water. They sound just as great as Clarion said they would, and even exceeded my expectations. Remember, there are many different component upgrades that you can add to your boat but speakers are essential to great a marine audio sound system.


Rockford Fosgate M282 Marine Speakers

Rockford Fosgate M282 Marine Speakers

By Seth W. – Product Specialist

Here at the Sonic Electronix main headquarters in southern California, the weather is starting to feel more like spring and the temperature is starting to get hot. That means it is time to start preparing the boat for summer-time fun on the lake. There are many ways to upgrade the sound system in a boat including amplifiers, subwoofer, speakers, horns, and more. Arguably the most important component of the marine audio system is the speakers that convert the electrical signal to music.

For any marine application where speakers are needed, the Rockford Fosgate M282 speakers will play loud and clear. These speakers are not your typical marine full-range speakers that are commonly found among boats. The M282 speakers are large 8” coaxial speakers with a bridge-mounted tweeter. By raising the tweeter off of the cone, the bridge-mounted tweeter allows the sound from the cone to flawlessly reach the ears of the listener in a natural and uninterrupted pattern. The surrounds are made from specialized UV and salt/fog resistant TPE (Thermo-Plastic Elastomer), perfect for use in any marine environment. The marine certified components are designed to withstand the harsh marine lifestyle and will last for years to come and many summers on the lake. The input terminals are corrosion resistant and are designed uniquely for the M2 series of speakers. The Rockford M282 marine speakers are available with both white grilles and black grilles. However, around the office at Sonic Electronix we are really excited about the special edition M282B speakers. They are the perfect combination of the black and white speakers. With summer right around the corner, now is the perfect time to start looking for the best way to enhance your boats audio system. These large 8” Rockford Fosgate speakers will not only make any listener happy, but the limited edition M282B series will make any boat unique and one of a kind.