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Top 3 Marine Stereo Deals at Sonic Electronix

Rockford Fosgate RFX9700CD

Gearing up that boat for yet another fun filled summer? Tired of your marine audio system not measuring up to music you’re used to hearing? Start your summer off right with an aftermarket Marine Stereo Receiver. These stereo receivers are different from the standard CD receiver you see in most automotives. They’ve been marine certified, meaning their much more protected from the elements than their land dwelling counterparts. The Top 5 Stereo Deals you can find on Sonic Electronix were put together in an easy to view list below. Check them out!

The Rockford Fosgate RFX9700CD is a great receiver to get your marine adventures off on the right foot. This receiver features an easy-to-read display along with marinized knobs and buttons for the ultimate water seal. Packaged along with Rockford Fosgate’s reputation for power output, you’ll get an immediate boost in sound quality and volume to all of your connected speakers.

Next up is the Sony CDX-M10 Marine Stereo CD Receiver. This features an EQ3 3-band parametric equalizer to help tune your audio. A 24-Bit digital-to-analog converter is also featured with best tuning memory to allow for the best possible sound quality from your audio device.

Finally is the Dual MXCP25 Marine Combo that features a Head Unit as well as 6-1/2″ DMP66 marine speakers. The head unit has blue button lighting and conformal coated circuit boards and plenty of playback and audio features to keep you occupied with. It also features 1 Set of 2V preamp outputs to allow for the addition of an amplifier. Speakers are also included which can be powered directly off of the radio. This combination is a perfect value package when it comes to quickly upgrading the audio that you listen to on your marine vessel.
Any of the above packages are a great deal and popular sellers are Sonic Electronix, it just depends on the application and what you’re looking for


Sony Marine/Boat CD MP3 Players

CDX-H905IP combo

By Chelsey P. – Sonic Electronix Writer

It may not feel like summer any more, but don’t let that discourage you from purchasing the latest head unit for your boat. We currently have 3 Sony packages that are sure to have everything you will need and more while out on your boat. Each package includes a Sony head unit and, as a bonus, a wired remote control. These marine stereos have a boat theme that should blend in great with your boat’s interior, and they are built to last.

First, the Sony CDX-H905IP combo consists of the CDX-H905IP marine receiver and the RM-X11M remote. The CDX-H905IP MP3 player puts a fresh face on marine audio components with a bright display and intuitive controls. It features CD, MP3 and WMA playback and will play all your favorite music while cruisin’ out on the water. Not only do you get amazing sound playback from the CD and MP3 player, there is also a built-in iPod adapter located on the back of the head unit. This allows for a direct connection from your iPod to the receiver. And without the need for any extra cables, you can easily plug your iPod in for hours of music. As for audio features, there is the EQ3 Equalizer with seven preset tone curves and a dynamic soundstage organizer. The Sony CDX-H905IP has the option for Sirius or XM Satellite radio and HD radio playback as well.

CDX-M60Ui combo

Second, the Sony CDX-M60Ui combo includes the CDX-M60Ui marine CD player with MP3 and WMA playback and the RM-X11M remote. While this unit doesn’t have direct iPod connection, the rear USB input allows the connection of an iPod with a standard iPod cable. If you don’t have an iPod, a USB thumb drive preloaded with music will also work with this option. The built-in amplifier will carry the music through any type of weather, while the equalizer works to produce a perfect blend of frequencies. Along with CD, MP3, WMA and iPod playback, you have the option of adding Sirius satellite radio or HD radio to your head unit. All of these “extras” combined make this feature-packed head unit a must-have for both car audio enthusiasts and beginners alike.

Lastly, the Sony CDX-HS70MW combo consists of a basic marine head unit and the RM-X11M remote. The CDX-HS70MW stereo is specially designed to withstand the marine environment. It comes with CD, MP3, and WMA playback capabilities for reliable entertainment while on the water. Unlike the previous two receivers, this one does not come with a built-in iPod cable, but it does have a separate module that needs to be purchased for iPod playback. Don’t let that deter you though; this head unit is a great buy! The built-in amplifier will play your music over any type of noise and can use an external amp for extra power. This receiver also comes with the ability to add on satellite and HD radio, making the possibilities endless.

And, as mentioned, you will receive the Sony RX-X11M Marine remote with each one of these CD player combos (Note: you can also purchase any of the CD players separately). It has a splash-proof design made specifically for Sony marine stereos. With its large, easy to use buttons, you will have no problem controlling the volume, source selection, mode and turning the stereo off.

Don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity to get a wonderful head unit with a bonus wired remote for the fraction of the cost!


Dual Marine Head Units & Stereos

By Gideon V. – Sonic Electronix Editor

The calm and silence of nature is relaxing while at sea, but it is nice to have the option of listening to your favorite music and radio programs when boating. Face it, there are times when you find yourself out at sea wishing you could catch the broadcast of a game or a talk show. Adding a marine head unit to your boat allows you to do both. With a marine stereo installed into your boat, you can listen to your favorite tunes and broadcasts throughout all of your excursions. The Dual brand offers some of the most affordable, yet high-quality, marine head units.

Dual marine head units are practical for boats, motorcycles, and other outdoor applications because they can endure outdoor elements such as rain and sunlight. Dual marine stereos are specifically designed to maintain strong performance despite facing outdoor conditions. These models are water resistant, which means they will guard against moisture and water splashes. The clear-coated circuit boards prevent moisture from corroding the internal wiring. Dual head unit use special faceplates that are UV-resistant to protect the LCD display from sunlight.

Dual marine stereos include an AM/FM tuner so you can tune into all of your favorite radio shows and sports broadcasts. Besides radio, you can play all of your favorite CD, MP3, and WMA songs through these stereos. Like car stereos, Dual marine head units include standard controls for volume and track selection, as well as built-in equalizers.

The Dual MXCP50 is an in-dash marine receiver combo package featuring a pair of 6-1/2” marine speakers. Besides a beautiful blue, white and green marine head unit, you get a pair of dynamic dual cone 6.5” marine speakers that are sure to please your on board crew. These speakers have 40 watts of RMS per pair while the head unit puts out 18 watts of RMS by 4 channels. As with marine head units, marine speakers are built with special water and corrosion resistant properties to ensure long lasting playback.

If you want a marine stereo with a rear aux input for portable media player compatibility, the Dual MXCP7030 is a great choice. You can use the Dual iPlug for connecting an auxiliary source. This package also includes a set of 6-1/2” 2-way marine speakers rated at 40 watts of RMS power. Your passengers will love the detailed and crisp sound produced by this awesome marine head unit and speakers combo.

A trip on your boat is already a fantastic way to spend your leisure time, but imagine the added pleasure of listening to your favorite tunes while sailing the seas. What are you waiting for? Order a Dual system today!


Sony CDX-M50iP Marine Stereo

By Gideon V. – Sonic Electronix Editor

Today I had a chance to look at the Sony CDX-M50iP marine ready CD/MP3 player, and I came away impressed. Ever since the iPod came out, boaters have longed to use their iPods with their marine stereos. This marine stereo allows you to do just that. The built-in iPod connection enables you to control your iPod through your faceplate controls, so you don’t need to worry about fiddling around with the iPod. You can also charge most iPods, but the Apple iPhone 3G, iPod Nano 4th Gen, and the iPod Touch 2nd Gen cannot be charged unless you purchase the Scosche IFWA PassPORT charging adapter. Even if you don’t own an iPod, the front aux input is a compatible with most other portable MP3 or CD players.

The expandability options are impressive for any stereo, let alone for a marine series stereo. This unit is HD radio and satellite radio compatible. HD digital radio provides additional programming free, plus it provides a clearer broadcast of the regular AM and FM channels. You just need to purchase an additional tuner for this marine stereo. The satellite radio ready function means it is ready for commercial free satellite broadcasting, with the additional purchase of an antenna and tuner.

Just from handling this model, it is clear that it has been designed for outdoor usage. The integrity of the coated circuit boards and the firm layers of UV- and salt-resistant paint will protect this stereo, even in outdoor environments. The internal circuitry is protected by a sealed gasket, which prevents any liquid from penetrating through the CD slot.

Controlling your stereo without having to touch the faceplate is important for outdoor durability. The good news is this stereo comes standard with a marine remote. What makes this stereo even more valuable is that you have the option of adding a wired remote. A wired remote allows you to maintain full control over the stereo, even if you mount the head unit in a secluded spot away from the outdoor elements. If you don’t feel it is necessary to add a wired remote, you can use the provided wireless remote. All things considered, this marine stereo is a great addition to any boat.


Sony CDX-H905IP Marine Stereo

By Gideon V. – Sonic Electronix Editor

Marine audio products are built to survive elements that regular electronics cannot handle, such as light rain, moisture and harmful sun rays. Marine stereo components are great for building stereo systems in boats, motorcycles, and outdoor areas because they are water, fog, salt, and UV ray resistant. These products use only the strongest materials, so you can enjoy your stereo system in the outdoor environment without worrying about rust and corrosion.

In terms of expandability and features, marine head units are quickly becoming equals to aftermarket car stereos. The Sony CDX-H905IP is a marine MP3 CD player with iPod control. This splash-proof marine head unit has a built-in iPod interface cable for iPod controls, charging and playback. You can take your iPod with you and use your stereo faceplate to control your playlists while sailing at sea. If you have an iPhone, you can add on the Scosche PassPORT IFWA for plug and play charging of the iPhone 3G.

The CDX-H905IP has a rear RCA input for further expandability options, such as satellite radio or navigation. The sealed, flip-down design keeps the internal circuitry protected from moisture and dirt. The faceplate has customizable red and blue color schemes and its rounded shape looks as though it were a part of your boat’s controls.

Although the CDX-H905IP includes a wireless remote control, you can add the Sony RM-X55M wired marine remote control. The Sony RM-X55M sends a signal to the CDX-H905IP internally, so you don’t have to point it at the stereo for remote control operation. This further protects the stereo from the outdoor elements since you don’t have to mount the stereo in an open area.

For a total boat sound system, you should consider adding marine speakers to your boat. A great set of marine speakers for your boat are the Sony XS-MP1620B. These 6-1/2” 2-way boat speakers are a great addition to your boat stereo system. As they handle 45 watts of RMS power each speaker, you should add a four-channel marine amplifier to power them. A head unit, such as the CDX-H9051P, only provides 17 watts of RMS by 4 channels.