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Rockford Fosgate PBR300X1 Amplifier has the Smallest Footprint

Rockford Fosgate PBR300X1

In the car audio industry it is not enough to simply improve on last year’s model but to advance in a direction that will take the entire industry in a new direction. With technology as advanced as it has become companies are finding new ways to improve the quality and durability of their products. Rockford Fosgate has taken their 38 years of experience in combination with technological advances and has introduced not only a new product in 2011 but a whole new class of product. The new PBR series amplifiers are available in both a mono and 4-channel version and are CEA-2006 Compliant giving you accurate power ratings. With new technologies, amplifier class and most importantly a new chassis that will leave you wondering how on earth that is even possible, Rockford Fosgate’s 2011 PBR car amplifiers will not only set a new standard but will open the flood gates to the future of the car audio industry.

The Rockford Fosgate PBR300X1 mono car amplifier is rated at 300 watts of continuous RMS power at 1 Ohm and is equipped with a new Boosted Rail Technology (BRT), which makes it possible to generate power without the need of a switching power supply. By achieving this, the PBR300X1 has introduced an amplifier class categorized as class BR, in which it falls into all on its own. Non Multiplying Advanced Design (NOMAD) is a “real time” analog computer design to protect the amplifier from any speaker shorting or low speaker impedance. The circuitry deals with output stage protection by calculating at each instant how much current can safely be allowed for each output based on their individual voltage drop. This new technology ensures the safety of not only your amplifier and car audio system but also of you, by eliminating the need to worry about any possible blow out. Discrete Surface Mount (DSM) is a manufacturing process that utilizes high-speed robotics, high-quality parts and large board traces to improve efficiency of the circuit and lower operating temperatures. This is done by laser-etching discrete components to meet a very low tolerance. To minimize distortion and increase power efficiency the PBR300X1 uses a patent pending Dynamic Thermal Management design which distributes excess heat evenly across the entire amplifier heatsink. The Punch EQ2 is an on-board equalizer circuit that will help correct acoustical deficiencies found in listening environments by providing a Low-Pass, High-Pass, and All-Pass operation giving you more control over your frequencies, bass boost and mid-base and treble boost. These technologies make the PBR300X1 highly efficient and reliable no matter in any environment and situation.

Rockford Fosgate PBR300X1 If the technologies were not enough to set the PBR series amplifiers apart from anything else in the industry, its new chassis will be as important to the new line of Rockford Fosgate car amplifiers. When was the last time you can say that you could fit a car amplifier inside your glove compartment? Its minuscule size makes it ideal for installation into practically any vehicle. Due to its size you can now mount the amplifier closer to your head unit while still keeping it concealed, this will eliminated the need for long wire runs which in turn will improve the quality and sound of your car audio system by eliminating distortion and interference usually found in installations with longer runs. Size matters just as much as quality in this industry no one wants a bulky piece of metal in their vehicle and sometimes space is an issue. The new PBR series amplifiers have fixed this problem with an eye popping chassis that is sure to make some noise in the car audio industry.


MTX Audio Terminator TNP212D 12″ Loaded Subwoofer Enclosure


By Chelsey P. – Sonic Electronix Writer

The MTX Audio TNP212D is an amplified bass system sure to make your heart pound. With this package, there is no need to worry about which amp goes with which sub because it has already been done for you. How awesome is that! This package includes 2 Terminator subwoofers that are enclosed in a sealed box and a MTX Audio TN250/1 monoblock amplifier. This enclosure package was created with one thing in mind: to terminate the competition who make cheap loaded subwoofer systems.

The Terminator series subwoofers push 200 watts each for a max of 400 watts per pair. This power handling is more than enough to make your presence known when driving down the street. The rubber surround makes this subwoofer capable of withstanding all of this power. It provides strength and durability while you are bumpin’ through the street. The subwoofer enclosure is a dual 12” sealed box with MDF solid construction allowing the bass to be heard loud and clear.

Last but not least, the monoblock amplifier features a class D design that will push 200 watts at 2 ohms. It has LED Indicators and built-in adaptive cooling fans so your amp doesn’t get to hot. This amplifier is a perfect addition to this subwoofer and enclosure.

MTX built this enclosure to the perfect specifications for the subs and the amp to perform at their best. Leave your fear of a bad system at the door and enjoy hours of clean, loud bass.