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New Unreleased Monster Headphones, The Next Generation

With the introduction of the artist-branded headphone, Monster (the company formerly known as Monster Cable) made a tremendous splash in the music and fashion worlds. The enormous success of the Dre Beats and other models can be taken as preamble to the next movement of the Monster brand that promises to take the design aspect  of Monster headphones to new heights. Whatever your stance on the performance of the Monster brand, even some of the most ardent audiophiles must admit that the new line-up of Monster headphones are aesthetically original. Three of the more distinctive models are the the Infinity, the Diesel, and the Tranquility designs.

First among this innovative list are the Inspiration headphones. The Monster Inspiration headphones are the brands first over ear headphones to feature active noise cancellation and a distinctly streamlined construction. Aside from being the first of Monster headphones to feature active noise cancellation, the Inspiration will also be equipped with an in-line microphone capable of answering and ending calls. Stylistically, the Inspiration will offer a range of headband modifications that are anticipated to feature a broad range of styles and concepts. Moreover, the Inspiration will be available in a sharp Titanium finish, Pearl White, and Silver limited edition.

An even more adventurous design, the Vektr headphones feature an intricately jagged geometric patterning that resembles modern architecture.

Designed with Diesel, the Italian clothing brand, Monster’s Vektr headphones boast of titanium-coated drivers. The Vektr also features a collapsible design that allows them to be compactly and safely stored. Like the Infinity, the Vektr also feature an in-line microphone that allow users to use the Vektr for phone conversation.


Lastly, the Tranquility series aims to do exactly what its name implies: calm you down. The Tranquility series has so far been lauded as an audiophile grade set of headphones with a folding design. The remarkably sleek and thin construction is paired with sound isolating ear cushions and features active noise cancellation powered by a rechargeable battery. Furthermore, the Tranquility features dual 1/8″ (3.5mm) input and output plugs to easily connect the Tranquility.

With the impending separation of the Dre Beats from Monster, the relatively newly formed headphone company is seeking to further define itself in the world of headphones by creating completely distinct and original designs. These three anticipated models are a good projection of the direction Monster intends to take as a growing and developing manufacturer.


Monster Cable Solo HD – (PRODUCT) RED Edition

Monster Cable Beats by Dr. Dre SOLO HD Red Edition

By Seth Wilde – Product Specialist

Getting the highest audio quality often comes with a high price tag.  It is common to think that the higher the price tags the higher the sound quality of the products.  While this is true, it doesn’t mean that there aren’t affordable, high-definition headphones available.  At Monster Cable, they live by the motto, “Life’s too short to listen to bad headphones”.  They strive to make audiophile grade audio products that will sound better than anything ever heard before.  But now it is more than just the music.  With Monster headphones, there is unity through music.  With the introduction of (PRODUCT) RED headphones, they are helping to fight AIDS.  It has become possible to fight AIDS and listen to high quality music at the same time.

This revolutionary merge is available in the Monster Cable Beats by Dre SOLO HD (PRODUCT) RED edition headphones.  The headphones themselves offer High Definition (HD) sound, proprietary titanium coated drivers, and ControlTalk.  The design is based around ease, travel, and good looks.  The tri-fold design folds the headphones into a compact shape and fit them snug in the included travel case.  A comfortable, lightweight design is ideal for those that spend a lot of time on the road, flying, or general traveling.  With looks this good, Monster made sure to protect it.  A scratch resistant glossy finish is used on the outside to keep the headphones looking brand new. The incredible features don’t stop with the headphones, but travel across the world.

Make a difference through music.  The Beats SOLO HD (PRODUCT) RED helps to eliminate AIDS in Africa.  Suddenly the price of the headphones doesn’t seem high enough when Monster is donating a portion of the proceeds directly to the Global Fund to Fight AIDS in Africa.  That means there is no middleman to filter some of the money.  Monster joins together to make the most of the donated money.  With (PRODUCT) RED Beats, saving lives never sounded so good!


Monster Cable Beats by Dr. Dre

By Gideon V. – Sonic Electronix Editor

The bar has been raised, and it’s just what the doctor ordered. The new Monster Cable Beats by Dr. Dre, or “Beats by Dre,” are the latest must-have set of headphones. Featuring flawless sound reproduction and a hot-look, these headphones are the elite pair on the market. Famous hip hop producer Dr. Dre was in the lab for three years with Monster designing the Beats. Dr. Dre is quoted in TIME magazine as saying his goal in creating the Beats was to give people a way to “hear what the artists hear and listen to the music the way they should – the way I do.” Mission accomplished: Beats by Dre are studio quality headphones that are compact enough to be practical for everyday use. The headphones can be folded into a small carrying case for transport.

Monster Beats by Dre are especially convenient for music phone owners, because these headphones include an iSonitalk cable. This cable allows you to pause your music while answering calls with your iPhone or other music phones. These headphones have other cool playback controls. For example, you can also mute your music with one tap of the ear piece, and tap it once more to turn the sound back on.

In comparison to other headphones, The Beats are unique in that they are internally amplified, which results in incomparable high-definition sound quality. They also feature a cutting-edge driver design which gives an unmatched level of precise audio clarity, and the sizeable speaker drivers generate deafeningly deep bass.