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New Unreleased Monster Headphones, The Next Generation

With the introduction of the artist-branded headphone, Monster (the company formerly known as Monster Cable) made a tremendous splash in the music and fashion worlds. The enormous success of the Dre Beats and other models can be taken as preamble to the next movement of the Monster brand that promises to take the design aspect  of Monster headphones to new heights. Whatever your stance on the performance of the Monster brand, even some of the most ardent audiophiles must admit that the new line-up of Monster headphones are aesthetically original. Three of the more distinctive models are the the Infinity, the Diesel, and the Tranquility designs.

First among this innovative list are the Inspiration headphones. The Monster Inspiration headphones are the brands first over ear headphones to feature active noise cancellation and a distinctly streamlined construction. Aside from being the first of Monster headphones to feature active noise cancellation, the Inspiration will also be equipped with an in-line microphone capable of answering and ending calls. Stylistically, the Inspiration will offer a range of headband modifications that are anticipated to feature a broad range of styles and concepts. Moreover, the Inspiration will be available in a sharp Titanium finish, Pearl White, and Silver limited edition.

An even more adventurous design, the Vektr headphones feature an intricately jagged geometric patterning that resembles modern architecture.

Designed with Diesel, the Italian clothing brand, Monster’s Vektr headphones boast of titanium-coated drivers. The Vektr also features a collapsible design that allows them to be compactly and safely stored. Like the Infinity, the Vektr also feature an in-line microphone that allow users to use the Vektr for phone conversation.


Lastly, the Tranquility series aims to do exactly what its name implies: calm you down. The Tranquility series has so far been lauded as an audiophile grade set of headphones with a folding design. The remarkably sleek and thin construction is paired with sound isolating ear cushions and features active noise cancellation powered by a rechargeable battery. Furthermore, the Tranquility features dual 1/8″ (3.5mm) input and output plugs to easily connect the Tranquility.

With the impending separation of the Dre Beats from Monster, the relatively newly formed headphone company is seeking to further define itself in the world of headphones by creating completely distinct and original designs. These three anticipated models are a good projection of the direction Monster intends to take as a growing and developing manufacturer.


Sonic Electronix’s Top 5 In-Ear Headphones Part 2 of 2

Last week we kicked-off our list of top five in-ear headphones and got off to a great start. This week we continue with some very prestigious companies like Grado, AKG, and the infamous Monster Cable who are widely known for their over-the head Beats by Dr. Dre. This is our conclusion from last week’s blog so make sure to read the first part to get the full effect of this list. You can read the part 1 of 2 by following this link: Sonic Electronix’s Top 5 In-Ear Headphones Part 1 of 2. To all our Facebook fans feel free to leave us some comments on what you think of our list, something we might have left out? Or what your list would have looked like.

Grado iGi

Grado iGi

The Grado iGi in-ear headphones use a proprietary bandwidth dynamic design that provides a very warm and precise sound that is unrivaled by any other ear-bud in its price range. The small medical-grade silicone earphone tips allow for a tight and comfortable fit that nestles within the ear canal. This tight fit produces superior noise isolation and improved bass reproduction. These Grado ear-buds offer a full-bodied range of vocals to really bring out the best in your music listening no matter what genre of music you are listening to. The Grado iGi also feature a raised Dot side indication so you will never have to confuse the right from the left and to make sure you are using your headphones properly and to their full potential.



AKG is known for manufacturing some of the best pro audio and personal audio listening devices. These AKG Q350-Black special edition Quincy Jones Signature Line in-ear headphones provide that quality that comes with the name AKG. The closed-back dynamic design reproduces deep and rich bass that is not found in your standard pair of headphones. The sound reproduction is clean, crisp with amazing highs, mids, and lows. These headphones really and truly do offer a full range of sound that gives a complete listening experience every single time with just about any genre of music. Their ultra light-weight design ear-buds offer extreme comfort for long listening sessions a long with high-quality noise-isolation for increase quality and performance. The in-line microphone provides complete music control while on your iPhone. AKG provides three different size silicone sleeves to get the most perfect fit that better suits your ear-canal. There really is not much to say about these in-ear headphones when someone like Quincy Jones puts his name on a brand like AKG the name really does speak for its self.

Monster Cable iBeats-BLACK

Monster Cable iBeats-BLACK

Last but not least are the infamous Monster Cable iBeats-Black by Dr. Dre in-ear headphones. These ear-buds offer the iconic Beats style and bass producing sound in a more compact design than its predecessor. The sealed in-ear construction and multiple design offer unsurpassed external noise blocking and improved bass and sound reproduction to truly enhance your listening experience. The single-billet machine-precision metal housing reduces vibrations to decrease interference and provide the best possible sound without interruption or cord brushing static. A hard chrome earphone finish provides rugged durability making them perfect for travel or when on the go. A built-in Control Talk Mic allows for hands-free calling and online chatting, and also offers track seeking capabilities without the need to touch your listening device. The iBeats are specially designed for iPad, iPhone, and iPod but will provide deep bass, enhanced highs, and clear mids on any listening device. With a company like Monster Cable and a name like Dr. Dre you know that you are getting some of the best stuff on the market.


What Makes a Good RCA Interconnect Cable?

RCA Interconnect cables are a very important component of aftermarket audio systems. They are responsible for sending the audio signal from the car receiver to the amplifier. From the amplifier, that signal is then sent to the speakers and becomes audible to our ears. Quality RCA cables will result in better sound quality. In this blog we will discuss characteristics of RCA cables that separate the low-end cables from the high-end. When searching for the best RCA Interconnect Cables, use the following as a guide to find the cable best suited for you.


Kicker RCA Cables w Gold ContactThere are a lot of different materials out there that are used to create an RCA cable. Each of these materials will have different properties and efficiencies when it comes to transferring audio signals. Always look for pure Oxygen Free Copper (OFC). The higher the quality of copper, the cleaner the signal will be.

Also look for contacts made from highly conductive materials. Since the audio signal has to go through two contact points when being transferred from the source unit to the amplifier, it is important that low quality contacts do not degrade the signal. Look for materials like Gold, Rhodium, or Silver. The Kicker X-Series is an excellent example of quality gold contacts.

Twisted Windings

MTX Streetwires RCA Cables Hyper TwistHow the copper cable is wound inside the cable jacket is very important. When a RCA cable uses a twisted winding method, the cable is able to reject outside noise. Many reputable companies will use twisted pair technology, even though it might be hidden behind an outer jacket. Other companies, such as MTX on their Streetwires ZN7 Cables, will use a clear outer jacket that shows off the twisted windings.


Monster RCA Cable 400 CarA solid, tight connection is very important for RCA interconnect cables. When the cable is connected to the receiver or the amplifier, there should be no chance that it could fall off from vibrations. Monster Cable 400 Series Cables use an 8-cut turbine connector and a split center pin to ensure the cable will have a secure fit. Look for connectors with split tips and a multi-cut outer shield.

This is a basic guide to a RCA cable that is best matched for your needs. While all cables are relatively the same (copper wire with connectors soldered on both ends), these construction methods will decrease the amount of outside noise. Higher quality cables will result in better sounding music.


How to Listen for Good Sound

How to Listen for Good Sound

We all hear sound and we all listen to music. Whether we are in the car driving to work or shopping at the mall, we are constantly listening to music. The more we listen to music, watch movies, and participate in other activities that require us to listen intently; our ears start to recognize quality audio. We can help train our ears to hear quality sound and distinguish the good from the bad as we start to understand the attributes of good sound. As we listen to different headphones, we can hear the differences between them. For example, the Monster Beats by Dre will sound a lot different than the Grado RS2i. This blog is a basic introduction to some thoughts behind good sound quality. The intent is to change the way you listen to your music the next time you put on a pair of headphones. For this introduction to good audio, I will break the concept into three different questions that you can ask yourself as you listen to the music.

Question 1: Is the music loud enough?

The loudness of the music should be at a level that is comfortable to listen to. When the source volume is set at an average level, the speakers or headphones should not be to loud that you have to turn the volume down or too soft that your ears strain to hear the music.

Question 2: Is the music clear enough?

The clarity of the music is very important. This is what allows you to understand the music. When listening to music with vocals, the clarity is what allows the listener to hear, understand, and comprehend the words that are said. For those that are listening to spoken word, the clarity of the music is what allows the listener to distinguish the difference between words that sound similar (such as “cat” and “bat”).

Question 3: Do you feel like you are there?

Hearing music is different than experiencing it. As you listen to the music, listen to see if you feel like you are at the original performance. Higher quality recordings will be able to do a better job of retaining the quality of the original recording, but the speakers play a vital role in delivering that sound to your ears. Can you hear the sound stage? Does the sound from each instrument independent and not become muddy with the others? Is the sound separation apparent? Many of these questions relate to the main question at hand. You want to be able to feel like you are listening to a live performance, not a recording. The greater the fidelity, the better the speakers are able to do this.


Special Edition Daft Punk Monster Tron T1 Headphones

Daft Punk for Tron Legacy

When the Parisian duo Daft Punk officially formed a band in 1992, they never thought that they would take the world by storm. While many Paris based progressive dance artists came onto the scene around the same time, Daft Punk quickly rose to the top and became a worldwide sensation. The release of Tron: Legacy marked a whole new chapter for this traditionally club based group. The 2010 Tron: Legacy movie from Disney featured a soundtrack created by Daft Punk. The music was an inspiration for the actors while they were filming the movie, as well as a popular downloaded album across the world. For Tron fans and Daft Punk fanatic alike, there has become a new way to experience the music created by this French duo. In partnering with Disney, Monster has released the Special Daft Punk Edition of the Tron T1 Headphones.

Daft Punk T1 Monster Tron Headphones

These Daft Punk Tron T1 Headphones create a listening environment unlike anything else. Monster designed, engineered, and manufactured specifically for the sounds of electronic music. Similar to Dr. Dre’s Beats by Dre headphones, these On-Ear Headphones will create a listening experience that Daft Punk (and other electronic artists) would be proud of. In addition to the specific electronic tuning, the T1 headphones also feature advanced passive noise isolation to keep your listening experience more of a personal experience. On the ear cars there are LED light drivers that have 64 adjustable embedded TRON Legacy animated light effects. In-line is the Monster ControlTalk that offers volume adjustment, as well as track changes on compatible MP3 players and smartphones. The leather band and ear cups are comfortable, so you can listen to your music all day long without discomfort. For fans of Daft Punk and other electronic music, check out the Monster Special Daft Punk edition of T1 Headphones for a marvelous electronic listening experience.