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Monster DNA Series Headphones

Monster DNA

If you’re going to be seen with headphones on your ears then you want to make sure they don’t leave you looking like a homeless person, right? Monster has recently released their line of highly expressive DNA Series headphones which are available in both on-ear and in-ear fitments. Whether you’re trying to relax or trying to establish a new world order, these headphones will be able to fill the void of audio and fashion in your life.

Monster DNA On-Ear Headphones

The DNA on-ear version is sure to have anyone turning their head with its sleek deign and multitude of color choices. The In-line ControlTalk allows you to seamlessly connect to most Apple iPod, iPhone, and iPads.  They will allow you the functionality of play/pause/skip for music playback and to easily answer and end phone calls at the touch of a button. The unique shape of the earpads provides optimum comfort for long listening sessions and the large drivers give you a bold and dynamic sound which will have your ears doing happy back flips. Additionally, they offer very excellent noise isolation so you can phase out all the poor, audio-deprived souls.

Monster DNA In-Ear Headphones

The DNA in-ear headphones are very lightweight and portable which allows them to be used in endless applications.  Just like the on-ear version, the in-ears have the ControlTalk Controller to give them music playback and phone call functions. They are ideal for work out sessions where mobility is a must and the tangle free cables support this claim.  They include several different sized ear tips so even if you have deformed ears like me you can find a way to make them work.  Also, they included a nifty carrying case which makes these headphones truly portable.

Remember that your DNA is what makes you unique.  Don’t ruin your uniqueness with standard, run-of-the-mill headphones!


Top 5 Portable & Bluetooth Speakers

Let’s face it, everyone loves to listen to music.  It’s expressive and makes us want to dance..horribly.  However, there are situations where you might find yourself without a speaker to play your favorite tunes.  At the beach, at work, attending your local fight club, or whatever you’re into, there is almost always an opportunity to create a soundtrack to your life. There are some portable speakers that rise above the rest in terms of quality and unique features.

Aliph Jawbone Jambox

Aliph Jawbone JamboxOne of the first manufacturers to enter the portable headphone scene was Aliph Jawbone.  They released the very popular Jambox which has many positive reviews.  The Jambox is bluetooth making it very easy to connect to your smartphone or Bluetooth compatible devices. The huge user-friendly buttons on the top make it seamless to navigate through your music and pick a song that fits the environment.  Also, the battery lasts up to 10 hours so you can party all night long.  What more could you ask for?

Diamond MSP100
Diamond MSP100BThis little speaker is ideal for laptops, MP3 players, and cellphones.  The very unique shape of the speaker allows the user to place it in locations they otherwise would not be able to such as a cup holder.  The retractable cable makes it a no-brainer in terms of portability and storage. Just plug and play your device through the 3.5mm jack and you’ll be in musical paradise for up to 6 hours of play time!

Monster ClarityHD

Monster ClarityHDProducts by Monster do not usually disappoint.  The ClarityHD is no exception with its Bluetooth compatibility and built-in microphone for answering calls without your phone. You can also use the Noise-canceling Bluetooth speakerphone for Skype and other video chat programs. This unit is specifically meant for optimization with blackberry devices which is pretty rare nowadays.  When it comes to Monster portable speaker, these are one of the best.


HMDX AudioThis little guy is similar to the Diamond MSP100 with some major difference.  This is a Bluetooth speaker with a shape the can contour to that of a cup holder. This is significant because you can place this speaker in your car’s cup holder and use the Bluetooth to connect to your smartphone allowing for a complete Bluetooth solution for your car! This makes it one of the most unique portable speakers we carry.

Pioneer Steez

These things are pretty legit if I do say so myself.  The Pioneer Steez portable music systems are like your own personal DJ. It has Mixtrax technology which enables you to accomplish tasks like tempo control and DJ mix which creates a non-stop mix by genre with transition effects between tracks.  It also has many equalization features so you can truely customize your music.

All of these great options give you no excuse to live without music in all aspects of your life!



Jambox Vs iClarityHD

We take two of the most competitive and popular Bluetooth speakers-and pit them against each other in an effort to determine which is the better option. Today’s match features the Aliph Jawbone Jambox against the Monster iClarityHD. Each device will be evaluated in 3 key categories including Hardware & Software, Construction & Interface, and Sound & Style. Each contender will be given a score from 1 to 5 in each category. The winner will be the device with the highest average score.

Round 1: Hardware & Software

In terms of hardware, both the Aliph Jabone Jambox and iClarity HD are fitted with 3.5mm inputs. The auxiliary 3.5mm allows users to connect virtually any device directly to either device. Moreover, both Bluetooth speakers are properly loaded with an accessible USB charging port for simple charging.

Yet one very clear difference between these Bluetooth speakers arises when we observe

the time of continuous play they can perform. On the one hand, the Jambox boasts of up to 10 hours of music while the iClarityHD is expected to bump for only 5 hours. Yet another hardware distinction comes to the fore when the iClarityHD noise cancelling microphone is compared to that of the Jambox. Of course, being one of the top Bluetooth headset manufacturers the Jambox mic is of superior quality and transmits your voice clearly.

One area in which the Jambox is clearly superior is in software.  Being fully compatible with the MyTalk platform, the Jambox can be loaded with various apps, upgrades, and features. Among its many benefits, the platform allows users to select different voices and offers the LiveAudio app which essentially calibrates the Jambox to deliver more “lifelike” performance.

Winner: For the most part, the Jambox and iClarityHD are equally matched. But the distinctive software features, extended battery life, and superior Bluetooth microphone give the Jambox a slight lead in this category.


Jambox: 4

iClarityHD: 3

Round 2: Construction & Interface

Build quality is generally a good indicator of overall durability. If this is true, you can expect the Jambox to be around for a long time. Compared to the iClarityHD’s completely plastic construction, the Jambox features thick rubber caps on the top and bottom and a tough metallic body. The rubberized bottom of the Jambox prevent it from sliding around and keep it stable on uneven surfaces.

Pairing either devices with a Bluetooth compatible device is remarkably easy. Both speakers pair quickly and reliably with the push of a single button. Nonetheless, the Jambox wields a secret weapon–it can be paired with up to two Bluetooth enabled devices simultaneously, a feature enabled by the MyTalk platform.

In terms of navigation, both devices are simple to use and have clearly labeled controls. In another well fought category, the Jambox’s advantage is again very slight. The ability to pair to multiple devices is an impressive novelty that alone might not warrant a wind, but its the solid construction of the Jambox that really pushes it ahead of the iClarity HD. In this category, the iClarityHD delivers only the bare minimum.


Jambox: 4

iClarity: 2

Round 3: Sound & Style

This category has a clear victor. Its virtually impossible to deny the superior styling of the Jambox. With its modernistic design approach, the Jambox’s simple lines and solid colors make it immediately attractive. Because its function is not immediately betrayed by its design, I have found that this immediately gets people asking about its function.

On the other hand, the Monster iClarityHD looks decent but does not have the same allure of the Jambox. Its function is straight forward and it looks a lot like an alarm clock (never a good association).

In terms of sound, the Jambox knocks the iClarityHD out again. While the iClarity is definitely a good option, with loud and clear reproduction, it does not match the or surpass that of the Jambox. One of the reasons for the superiority of the Jambox in the sound category is that it is fitted with a proprietary passive bass radiator which enhances the bass response of the Jambox and gives the sound greater depth and detail. Like in the preceding categories, the iClarityHD only delivers the bare minimum and while its sound certainly of acceptable quality it is not immediately impressive.


Jambox: 4

iClarityHD: 2

Winner and Closing Comments

The Jambox consistently delivers excellent quality in every category we rated, making it the clear winner over the Monster iClarityHD. Of course, we do not rate these contenders on cost efficiency because the price tag of a device can often convince buyers to give up certain features in order to save a buck. While there is certainly nothing wrong with frugality, I feel it can be the source of bias. But in the interest of a balanced and fair evaluation, it must be said that the Moster iClarityHD is certainly a great value for the price point and while it may not stack-up against the Jambox spec-for-spec, it certainly makes it a much more viable option for a greater population.

However, if you are willing and able to spend the cash necessary to get your hands on a Jambox it will certainly be worth it.

Today’s winner by total average score:

Aliph Jawbone Jambox= 4

Monster iClarityHD= 2.33