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MTX 1 Year Extended Warranty Promotion

MTX Warranty Extention

Customer satisfaction is often overlooked by big companies in today’s fast growing car audio industry. MTX has always pride themselves in not only providing top of the line products but also, unmatched customer service and satisfaction. MTX has taken their dedication one step further by extending the warranty of their amplifiers by 1 year when purchased along with a qualifying StreetWires installation kit. Every amplifier needs and installation kit in order to work properly. Unfortunately not all installation kits are of great quality or even accurate when listing the gauge of their wire. MTX feels that in order to get the best possible performance from their amplifiers that only installation kits by StreetWires will be up to the test. They feel that StreetWires will not only improve the sound of quality but will also keep your amplifier running at its optimum potential. They stand behind this notion so much that they are willing to extend the manufactures warranty on their amplifiers by one year when purchasing a qualifying installation kit to go along with a qualifying MTX amplifier.

The extended warranty will be offered on all Thunder Elite, Road Thunder, and RFL amplifiers. Each amplifier will have a designated, qualifying StreetWires installation kit, and in some cases more than one installation kit will be available for a particular amplifier model. With these many options MTX has guaranteed that any possible set up that you need, will be available for this amazing promotion.

As an authorized MTX Audio dealer we are able to offer this great deal. This promotion however will be available only for a short period of time, so act quickly. Once a qualifying amplifier and installation kit are purchased together, all that needs to be done is to register your products at MTX’s website. The original sales receipt and amplifier serial number will be need to conclude the registration. After completing the registration MTX will automatically extend your warranty by 1 year. By registering your product, MTX will be able to give the best customer service in the case that a warranty is ever needed.


How to Prevent your Vehicles Amplifier from Overheating

MTX Audio JackHammer Amps Do Not Overheat

By David D. – Product Specialist

If you have a sound system in your vehicle, then it is possible you are familiar with your amplifier overheating at times. I have had this problem before with my own system and always wondered if there was something I could do to prevent this from happening. Working at Sonic Electronix has taught me some things about car audio and now I would like to spread some of the knowledge I’ve obtained to you. In this blog, I will give you some tips that will help you prevent your car amplifier from overheating.

Amplifier quality is the biggest factor when it comes to amps overheating. Higher quality amplifiers such as MTX Audio, JL Audio, Kicker, Alpine, and Infinity are designed to use the electrical power that is provided by your vehicles battery and alternator in the most efficient way possible. The high quality amps put out music, not heat like a lower quality amplifier would. Cheap amplifiers waste more power than they actually produce in sound. That wasted power turns into heat, which causes your amplifier to overheat.

Ventilation is key when installing an amp in your vehicle.  Since heat rises, you should never mount your amplifier upside down or under carpet. If you can’t seem to stop your amp from overheating, you can get a amplifier cooling fan; this will blow the heat away from your amplifier keeping it running as it should.  Some amplifiers, such as the MTX JackHammer amplifiers, have a fan and cooling system built-in to the chassis of the amp.

Another big component of overheating is mismatching the speaker’s power to the amp. If it’s too much power from the speakers to the amp, it will cause the amplifier to overheat. Match the load of the speaker to the amp precisely as possible, this will put out the correct amount of power while producing as little heat as possible.

Proper Installation can also cut down on your amplifier overheating. Make sure you create your own ground connection; the most efficient ground connection is when the wire is touching sanded metal. You do not want the ground wire touching paint or any preexisting nut or bolt.

Higher quality amplifiers are less likely to overheat, so keep that in mind if you are installing a sound system in your vehicle. If your amp overheats all the time, your sound system is useless.