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MTX Audio’s New Road Thunder Series 2011 Amplifiers

MTX Audio RT500D

MTX Audio is one of the leading companies in the car audio industry and is constantly working hard to take their products to the next level.  The Road Thunder Series will be the new addition to the already popular family of MTX amplifiers for 2011. Road Thunder amplifiers will be available in 5 different models, ranging from Class D Mono Block Amplifiers to 4-Channel Class A/B Amplifiers. With these different models to choose from MTX has ensured that their new line will be available for any car audio system, be it an entry level system or a more professional system. All Road Thunder amplifiers have a brushed aluminum finish giving them a professional look that will compliment any vehicle. The new Road Thunder series amplifiers will be sure to outperform any other amplifier in their class.

The RT500D will be one of the new Class D Mono Block amplifiers in the new Road Thunder Series. Rated at 250 watts RMS at 4 Ohms and 500 watts RMS at 2 Ohm will make this amplifier perfect for those looking to add some power to their car audio system without the need of any major upgrades to the battery or alternator.  The new RT500D will feature MTX’s patented Adaptive Class D Topology technology. By constantly moving the amplifiers switching energy, the harmonics are less likely to interfere with any FM frequencies and are not picked up by the audio system’s ground. This will improve the overall signal-to-noise radio giving a much cleaner and crisper sound without the worry of interfering noise usually found in other Class D amplifiers.  The MTX Smart Engage technology will allow for installation into any system in any car. Smart Engage eliminates the need for adapters or converters when installing the RT500D into any factory A/V system. This means that you will be able to retain factory features like navigation or steering wheel controls without the need to remove the factory source.  A dual layer printed circuit board with twice the amount of copper that is found in other amplifiers will be featured in the RT500D, which will improve the THD+N making it a more accurate amplifier.  With an added external bass control and patented features this amplifier is sure to satisfy your car audio needs.


MTX Audio JackHammer JHP212D Powered Subwoofer Enclosure


By Gideon V. – Sonic Electronix Editor

The MTX Audio JHP212D combo provides so much bass that it will make your vehicle sound like a jackhammer on wheels. This incredibly loud combo will have your ear drums begging for mercy as the two 12” MTX JH4512-04 subwoofers pound with the beat. These subwoofers are built-in and pre-loaded into the MTX Audio Bass Slammer BS212S subwoofer enclosure. This preloaded design makes it easier for you to install and provides the subwoofer with optimal air space to ensure peak performance. At the heart of this system is the 600 watt MTX JH300 amplifier, a Jack Hammer series Class D monoblock amplifier that keeps the subwoofers “juiced” and ready to go.

A jackhammer does not go about its business quietly. The JackHammer JH4512-04 12” subwoofer is no exception. And with this special combo you get not just one, but TWO of these JackHammer subwoofers. In total this pair can handle up to 1,000 watts of power! To keep up with such vivacious thumping, this subwoofer has been fashioned with innovative features to prevent it from breaking down. The stitched cone and rubber surround enhances this subwoofer’s flexibility, especially during peak excursion. The special Spider Plateau Venting cooling system keeps the sub voice coils cool even during the most intense beat breakdowns. Altogether, the end result is a long-lasting subwoofer that will sound great.

The MTX Bass Slammer BS212S subwoofer enclosures houses two 12” subwoofers. You can purchase it separately and unloaded, but as I mentioned, this particular combo includes one BS212S dual 12” subwoofer enclosure loaded with two JH4512-04 subwoofers. Its sealed hatchback style is perfect for the JH4512-04 subwoofers and it provides an optimal amount of box volume. The result is tight, accurate bass that an ordinary sub box would fall short of matching. To top it off, it is fully carpeted with durable gray carpet covering for added protection.

This total bass package allows you to bring the power of a jackhammer to your car audio system. The MTX Audio JHP212D is far from a starter-system. This system will blow you away with its sheer power and sound quality. This bass combo will satisfy car audio beginners and enthusiasts alike.