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Spin That DJ!

You’re set! You’ve got all the right DJ equipment, you’re motivated and inspired by your idols, and you are ready to set sail on your journey as a disk jockey. But wait, how do you use these turntables anyway? If this is where you are stuck at the moment, here is my attempt to help get you on the right track.

Audio Technica AT-LP60 Belt Drive Turntable

Audio Technica AT-LP60 Belt Drive Turntable

In general, there are two different types of turntables that DJs use. One set of turntables have a “belt drive.” Belt drive tables tend to be inexpensive and specifically for beginners, because there is only so much that you can due past the initial stages with a belt drive deck. The turntable plate on a belt drive component is connected to a motor with a flexible belt, so when you actually touch the record when mixing the belt slips and the platter stops. These types of turntables are reasonable for basic mixing, but are never going to be appropriate for scratching (where a DJ is handling the record constantly).

Audio Technica AT-LP120-USB Direct Drive Turntable

Audio Technica AT-LP120-USB Direct Drive Turntable

The second type of turntable has a direct drive deck that attaches the motor directly to the platter. This creates the drives strength, called torque, better. The quality of the turntable with a drive deck is going to be dependent to the price you pay for it. The price of the deck goes up as does the price of the motor and for that reason the torque gets higher. As a beginner you’ll most likely use a deck with a torque of about 1 kg/cm, a mid-range deck is between 1 and 2 kg/cm, and the top of the range model offer torque from 2 to 4.5 kg/cm.

Now if you are still looking to purchase some equipment and you are on a budget, you may want to keep in mind that it may be more effective if you place more of your budget towards a better deck and less on a mixer. It is very likely that as time goes by you will grow out of whatever mixer you first purchase and will soon upgrade to another. But, if you start out with a good set of turntables, you won’t have to worry much about any upgrades later on since they will most likely last for a good amount of time.


How to Choose DJ Equipment Based On Your Skill Level

To put it simply, unless you’re independently well off, you should probably aim for some of the lower priced DJ gear.  Try to do a lot with a little, and see how far your motivation takes you.  If you find that your motivation has taken you to the boundaries of your gears’ capabilities, then you know it’s time to upgrade.  Frankly, I think that it tends to be overwhelming if you’re presented with too many features and options right off the bat, thus you’re liable to lose focus and/or interest.  Of course, not everyone is like that, so you just need to make that decision for yourself.  The rest of this article will be for people who, figuratively speaking, want to learn to crawl before they learn to run marathons.

Numark DJ 2 GoUnless you’re planning on bringing your own PA system and lights to the places you play, you’ll be fine to start off with a DJ controller, some software and some headphones.  First and foremost, when you do a net search for DJ controllers and you come up with a decent list, be sure to sort the list by price from lowest to highest so it’s easier to see what’s available in your price range (one of the greatest features of internet shopping, in my opinion).  One of the cheapest yet reputable DJ controllers I know of is the Numark DJ 2 Go.  Currently priced around $50-$70, the DJ 2 Go not only carries the well-known and respected Numark name, but also comes with Virtual DJ LE and is pre-mapped to work perfectly with the software.  It features two platters, a crossfader, pitch and level controls and sync buttons among a number of other beneficial things.
ION Discover-DJOr, if you want something a little different, you could consider the ION Discover DJ which is currently priced around $60-$80.  The Discover DJ controller has pitch and level controls like the DJ 2 Go, but also features bass and treble controls, platters that are double the size, and the Discover DJ offers you the ability to “scratch,” like you were using vinyl.  It comes with MixVibes CROSS LE software which is also pre-mapped to the controller.


The software you should choose is really a matter of preference, but again, don’t aim too high when you first start out lest you get overwhelmed and lose interest.  If learning all about your controller and software seems daunting, take it down a notch or two and work your way up.

Pioneer HDJ-1000K

The Pioneer HDJ-1000K is one of the most popular DJ headphones on the market

As far as headphones go, you really should get a pair that’s comfortable, closed-back, and that has a ¼” plug.  Ideally, you’ll also want to go for good-looking headphones (as DJing does have an element of image to it), and you’ll want ones with swiveling ear cups so you can monitor both the mix that the audience is hearing, and the next track you’re cueing up.  Beyond those essential components, the DJing world is vast and full of loads of different types of gear, all with their individual pros and cons.  Do your research, read reviews, even try the gear out (if you’re fortunate enough to have the opportunity), and your DJing career will expand and evolve in lots of exciting ways.


Follow Your DJing Dreams With Numark’s iDJ Live

Numark iDJ Live (Box)

The holidays are almost over folks, and if you have any aspiring DJs in your midst, you should definitely consider putting a last minute call to Santa and his elves for the Numark iDJ Live! As stated in the product’s description, the controller is perfect for music lovers who have never tried DJing before. With its streamlined interface, the iDJ Live is designed for beginners and pros on the go and is very much plug-and-play. All you need is an iPad, iPod touch or iPhone (be sure to check the compatibility chart on the product page), the Algoriddim Djay app and you’re all set. Of course, you can always hook the unit up to larger speakers for a better experience, too.

Sounds great! But what would I need for that?

The iDJ Live comes with a dual mono 1/8″ (3.5 mm) headphone/speaker splitter cable, so all you would need is a male-to-male 3.5 mm cable like this: Aux cable
…and some sweet speakers like these:
(You’d be very wise to get a speaker system with a subwoofer.)
Limitless Creations x643

and you’re ready to rock!

About the unit

The iDJ Live comes with dual bass, treble and volume controls, sync and cue buttons to keep your mix tight and two large platters that can be used to either “scratch,” or search through tracks to set cue points. It also comes with a Browse knob that scrolls through your music library the way you’re used to doing with your “i” devices already, so there’s no need to learn a confusing new interface. You can even record your mixes or set Automix mode to let the iDJ Live and the Djay app mix your favorite playlist(s) automatically.

The iDJ Live includes a handy iPad stand as well, enabling you to keep an eye on your screen without having to bend over the controller or having to rig up a shaky DIY stand of your own. Also, as the iDJ Live unit does draw power from the iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch, it would be in your best interest to save some battery life by turning off 3/4G and/or Wi-Fi, turn off location services like GPS, and adjusting your display brightness. If you’re worried whether or not it’ll get to your house in time for Christmas, if you happen to live in the greater Los Angeles area, you can swing by and pick it up from Sonic Electronix’s will call area up here in Valencia.

That about wraps it up, so on behalf of the team at Sonic Electronix, I’d like to wish you all very happy holidays!


Numark TTXUSB Direct-Drive USB Turntable

Numark TTXUSB Direct-Drive USB Turntable

Numark is very popular amongst the modern day DJs, their products simplify a DJs job and make it really easy to keep up with technology these days. Even if you’re not a modern DJ and have some old school vinyl records, they have products that will suit your needs like the TTXUSB professional direct-drive turntable.

This Numark professional turntable system was created with the traditional turntablist in mind but also has all the features that will satisfy the non-turtablist DJ. The TTXUSB is equipped with both a straight arm and s-shaped tonearm, the straight arm is most well known for being better for scratching while the more traditional S-Shaped tonearm is better for mixing. The body of the TTXUSB is a made up of 4-parts, a cosmetic cover, plastic body, a synthetic anti resonant inner core, and a silicon rubber base. The top panel features an attractive, hard to miss neon blue circular display that shows all the information you will need to know when operating such as the pitch adjust, platter speed, beats per minute (BPM), RPM, motor speed, solid block that indicate platter rotation, and the start and brake setting when you’re adjusting them. Not discriminating against righties or lefties, Numark has equipped the TTXUSB with 2-large start/stop buttons in each corner, making scratching more convenient no matter what your strong hand might be. Numark has made the pitch slider and speed controls much more user friendly, now you can easily unscrew the controls and swap them around, this is a great feature for the battling DJs, now the pitch will not be obstructed by the tone arm anymore.

For ultra quick conversion of vinyl to digital media, this turntable system features a USB connection . This could also not be done without the included EZ Converter DJ software. With just a few mouse click, vinyl to digital conversion takes just minutes, now all your old school vinyl records are now a part of you iTunes music library.

When you combine the affordable price with the amount of features found on the TTXUSB Direct Drive USB Turntable, you have yourself a deal that is very hard to pass up.


Numark NuVJ Video Mixing Console

Numark NuVJ Video Mixing Console

Numark is known for producing top notch DJ equipment that usually focuses more on the audio side of DJing. But if you’re a DJ who needs or likes to use video in your mixes and performances, then Numark has made the perfect product for you with the NuVJ intuitive video mixing console and performance controller.

The Numark NuVJ is a versatile DJ style video mixer that allows DJs to integrate images and video clips basically the same way you would mix music. This video mixer will add effects to images and video, mix them through the built-in crossfader, and allow you to create your own spectacular video shows. The great thing about this controller is that it is compatible with most of your existing gear. Also, the Arkaos v1.50 DJ software that is included will work with most computers and laptops, providing simple integration when using this product.

NuVJ has a layout that most DJs will be familiar with; there are two decks with each side featuring its own jog wheel with a scratch button, 6 parameter knobs, 9 trigger buttons, crossfader, and a speed vertical fader. The 3 function buttons that are located next to the parameter knobs will light up blue when in use. The top of this controller is equipped with a backlit blue dot matrix LCD display which makes it easy to see what you are actually doing. The front of the NuVJ features a fader mode A-B-C selector switch for the fader start, an auto fade speed knob that will adjust the crossfaders mixing speed, and a fader On/Off button.

Some other cool features include automated play for stand–alone operation, synchronization to audio-in or internal BPM generator, library of small movies, pictures, and graphic sets. The NuVJ connects to the USB port of Windows and Mac based computers and is an ideal performance tool for nightclubs, mobile DJs, stage performances, and other venues you might use it for.