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Factory Stereo OEM Integration

Factory Stereo OEM Integration

In the past 25 years, there has been a drastic change in the type of car stereo systems that vehicle manufacturers have been incorporating into their new models of cars. Most premium models of new cars are built with high quality In-Dash CD players that you simply cannot remove without re-doing the whole system because it is part of the vehicle’s network. However, this does not mean that you have to settle for the lack of extra features the factory radio contains. To keep up with today’s technology, manufacturers such as Scosche, Metra, PAC, iSimple, Axxess and many others created convenient OEM Integration products. These integration products allow you to add on some of today’s most sought aftermarket components such as Bluetooth, GPS Navigation, iPod, HD Radio, Amplifiers, Subwoofers, and much more with the benefits keeping the factory receiver. In most cases, factory receivers are built with higher quality components than aftermarket headunits and usually last just as long as the vehicle itself.

Now-a-days, with the “no cell phone use while driving” law, the most popular add-on most people want to integrate into their vehicle is Handsfree Bluetooth. No matter what vehicle you drive, there is a very good chance there is a Bluetooth Integration product that will work for you. This is all made possible by companies like Metra, Scosche, and PAC who created easy plug-in harness’s that are compatible today’s most popular Bluetooth Handfree Kits. First you will need to purchase a Handsfree kit like the Parrot MKi9000 if you don’t have one already. The next step would be to find the harness that is compatible with your car and Bluetooth Kit, get it installed, and that’s it, you have yourself Bluetooth with a factory system.

With CD’s almost becoming a thing of the past, most people keep all their music on their iPods. Luckliy, these same great companies I have mentioned above, also make iPod interfaces kits that allow you to connect an iPod or an iPhone to your factory stereo with simple plug-n-play installation. One quality interface you can use is the iSimple PXDP. The PXDP is a universal iPod Interface that allows you to control an iPod directly from the factory radio and is compatible with most popular makes of vehicles. Most iPod interfaces do require a vehicle specific harness to install.

If you are not completely satisfied with the sound quality of your factory car audio system, it is possible to add an amplifier, speakers, or even a subwoofer to your vehicle without changing the factory receiver. To add an amplifier, all you need is the amp of your choice, a matching extension cable, and a vehicle specific T-harness to avoid having to splice into your factory wiring. Blaupunkt is known for making quality vehicle specific amplifier solutions that provide a crisp, clean sound to your factory system.

If you’re looking to add some bass to your factory system, but don’t want to lose any precious cargo space, MTX has come to your rescue. The MTX Thunderform Enclosures are custom fit solutions that are designed specifically to fit into a convenient spot in your vehicle. They come in a pre-loaded or an empty option and are made for mostly all makes and models of vehicles.

OEM integration is the best way to keep your factory system while adding on any aftermarket component that you may desire. Whether it be adding a CD Changer, iPod integration, Bluetooth, HD Radio, Amplifier, Speakers, Subwoofers, or more, it can all be accomplished while keeping your vehicles dash untouched.


The JBL MS-8 Audio Optimizer

JBL MS-8 Sound Processor

By Seth Wilde – Product Specialist

Are you looking to get better sound out of your car’s existing audio system?  If so, then get ready to learn about the JBL MS-8 audio optimizer.  No matter if you have a stock system of an aftermarket system, this device will bring clarity and dynamic imaging to your mobile audio system.  If you are looking to experience music in a way that you never dreamed possible, then this easy to install sound processor is about to forever change your life… and your ears.

The JBL MS-8 is rightfully called a sound optimizer.  Once installed, this revolutionary device will forever change the way you experience music in your car.  It is designed to bring the audio system in you car to life, filling your vehicle with rich music you only thought possible in expensive audio systems.  One of the main purposes of the JBL MS-8 is to take your audio system and turn it into a finely tuned system that audiophiles become jealous of.  All of this is completed in a fraction of the time that professional tuning takes, as well as a fraction of the cost.  The MS-8 is installed in-line to your speakers by way of the speaker wires or RCA low-level inputs.  Included in the box are a small display, a pair of bi-aural microphone headphones, and a remote.  The tuning process is perfected as the headphones analyze the music and make the necessary adjustments according to the listener’s location, internal acoustics of the vehicle, and many other options.  The advanced DSP processor and Logic7 system bring incredible sound quality to the car’s audio system.  While this device was originally developed for audio optimization in factory audio systems, it can also bring the most out of any type of aftermarket audio system.  At JBL, it is all about the sound and the MS-8 is proof of that.


Installing an Apple iPad in a Toyota Tacoma

The 12-volt industry is constantly evolving and looking for new ways to enhance the drivers experience in the car.  One of the popular styles of car audio installations included integration and OEM integration.  This means that the installer is taking aftermarket components and making them look as though the car came that way.  OEM integration will typically leave the stock car stereo and use other components to enhance the audio in the car.  Other types of integration include adjusting aftermarket items to look as though the manufacturer meant for them to be there.  Recently, a video on YouTube showed SoundMan Car Audio install and integrate an Apple iPad into a Toyota Tacoma.  At their shop in Santa Clarita, California, the installers at SoundMan used an Audison Bit One processor to play the audio from the iPad.  A special dock is used to convert the audio signal from the iPad to a digital optical signal, which is needed to connect to the Bit One.  After a lot of custom work and integration of aftermarket components, the iPad was successfully installed into the Tacoma.  The Bit One controller was installed to the left of the steering wheel and seamlessly integrated into the vehicles interior.  The controller allowed the audio of the iPad to be controlled, as well as the switching of audio sources.  Bluetooth was also connected so that the driver can talk hands free with a push of a button.  The final installation featured a custom dash kit with a suede back panel, which the iPad rests on to keep the back scratch-free and protected.

The video became an instant YouTube hit once people found out that an iPad could be installed in a car.   Both of the videos below show the installation process and some of the troubles that they encountered throughout the procedure.  Projects like this are what car audio installers dream of.  It encourages us all to think outside the box and do something that the world has never seen before.