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How To Add a Video Game Console To Your Vehicle


Please don't do this

Get Your Game On

So you figure music is not enough entertainment for your daily driving rituals? Well then why don’t we take it to the next level by adding a video game console? This has become a common practice in the car audio world with the likes of Xbox 360 and Ps3.   Just imagine the possibility of your passengers playing Forza or Gran Turismo while you drive.  For all you parents out there, just imagine the golden silence you can achieve by keeping your kids occupied on long road trips. Contrary to what you might think, it is fairly easy to add a game console to your vehicle and there are several ways that it can be accomplished.


Audiovox Headrest Monitor

The first thing you’re going to need is some sort of video monitor to interface with the gaming console.  Headrest monitors are an excellent option for adding a gaming console.  They come in all sorts of colors to match the interior of your vehicle and will provide a steady way for your passengers to play awesome games.  If you’re looking for a singular, larger screen then you might want to consider an overhead monitor.  They come in sizes all the way up to 15 inches so you can witness detailed depictions of Master Chief destroying grunts in Halo.  Alternatively,  if you own a double DIN stereo with video in capabilities, then you can connect the game console to that as well.  However, we don’t suggest that you play games while you drive.  Not only will you look ridiculous but you might undo all the work that you did by totaling your car.

Whister Power Inverter

Whister Power Inverter

Another vital component to adding a gaming console is a power inverter.  This is how you will be able to give your gaming console the power that it requires.  A rule of thumb is that you want a power inverter that will provide at least the wattage of the gaming console.  For example,  the Xbox 360 is roughly 160 watts so you will want an inverter of 160 watts or more.  It is best to mount the inverter somewhere hidden like under the passenger seat.  To add further convenience you can pick up the Stinger SGP that will connect to the inverter and add a convenient RCA input and power plug.  Do yourself a favor and avoid choosing the Wii to add to your vehicle.  You’ll just end up explaining to a cop that your broken window was the result of an intense round of Wii boxing.




Can Installing Car Audio Equipment Void My Vehicle Warranty?

For Once the Law is on Your Side!

“We told him that his vehicle warranty was void and he bought it!”

Have you ever wondered if there are any disadvantages to installing audio equipment, remote starts, or overhead monitors in your vehicle? You may have heard someone say that doing these types of installs will void your vehicle’s manufacturer warranty. The law can be a tricky beast to tame and can often lead to much confusion on matters such as these. To put it frankly, your vehicle warranty will not be voided due to these types of installs, so long as they are done properly.

The Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act, a federal law created in 1975 which establishes warranty requirements, states the following:

“Warranties, written or implied, cannot be conditioned on the consumer’s use of any article or service identified by brand, trade, or corporate name. This prohibition against conditioning warranties on the use of authorized items or services can only be waived by the Federal Trade Commission if two specific factors are found: 1) The Federal Trade Commission is satisfied that the warranted product will function properly only if the article or service so identified is used and 2) The Federal Trade Commission finds it is in the public interest. The Federal Trade Commission in determining what is in the public interest, seeks and accepts comments from the public.”

After reading this you may be ripping your hair out in confusion. However, when you break it down, it turns out to be quite simple. To void the warranty, the manufacturer must convince the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) that the installation or service will cause a malfunction to the vehicle and that it is in the public’s best interest to do so. This is very hard for manufacturers to accomplish considering the technological and economic availability of third party accessory options. Vehicles of this day and age feature a lot more electronic integration. For this reason, it is hard to say that the source of a malfunction in your vehicle is the result of aftermarket accessories. If your Manufacturer or dealer tries to tell you that your vehicles warranty is void due to a third party installation or service, then ask them for the determination from the FTC which supports the claim. You can even go as far as to contact the FTC yourself to preserve your warranty. Don’t let the man bring you down! Fight for your warranty rights today!


Concept Overhead Monitors Perfect for Family Trips


Have you ever been driving down the road with others in your vehicle, all the while wishing that you were alone on the open road? Not saying the company isn’t nice, but when there are multiple people in your ride, it can be a common thing to wish that you had some solitude to focus on your task at hand. In fact, having an overhead monitor in a vehicle has to be one of the best ways to improve your driving experience in a family road trip. When it comes to a quality solution at a practical cost, Concept designs some of the best overhead monitors available on the market today.

The Concept CFD Series is a great solution for all in one overhead monitor. With these units, there’s no need to purchase a separate DVD player to provide video. The Concept CFD Series comes with its own slot loading DVD player. This means an easier installation, along with a more slim and compact design. All of the CFD Series features an impressive screen resolution of 1024 x 600 pixels, which is a high resolution for this size of screen. A Dual IR transmitter for wireless headphones is also featured on with the Concept CFD series, so no more having to deal with tangled cords, or limited distance. With 2 Sets of RCA A/V outputs, and 1 RCA A/V input you can wire this monitor up with other displays or sources around the vehicle, such as a head unit, or other DVD players, or even a gaming console.

The Concept CFD-101 comes along with both gray and tan covers.

The Concept CFD Series is a great solution for many different vehicles. They are available in different sizes as well, 10.1” and 13.3”, both featuring native resolution s of 1024 x 600 pixels. All of the units have a base color of black, but come with trim rings which can change the color to both tan, and gray. Concept manufactures great units for the vehicle, and are among the highest in demand. Check out the Concept Store today!


Car Overhead Monitors

Rosen T8 All-in-One Entertainment System (AS3232)

By Samantha R. – Product Specialist

Technology has come a long way since the original flip-down overhead monitors was initially introduced.  Deciding whether you want a built-in DVD player or just an overhead monitor makes all the difference to an audio/video system. Featuring fixed or swiveling displays with a wide variety of features and add-ons, choosing an overhead monitor has never become more personal. Having an attractive set-up is ideal when adding to a vehicle because we usually want it to look like it came stock from the factory and unmodified which makes choosing a color and size most important. Sleek in design and out of the way, adding an overhead monitor would bring your family and friends just the right amount of enjoyment that any road trip needs.

Patron Pro Audio PAF16IR by Absolute
Overhead Monitors
Being standard doesn’t always mean fewer features. A standard overhead monitor does the job right with entertainment without the luxury of having a built-in DVD player. Perhaps you already have a DVD head unit and all you need is a monitor to display the action. The Patron Pro Audio PAF16IR would be a perfect example of an overhead monitor that could bring you an excellent entertainment system for your family, while not burning a hole in your wallet. Overhead monitors without a built-in DVD player can still provide you with many great features. Occasionally, these monitors will come with a digital TV tuner allowing your kids to watch some television on the road! Whether you are using your head unit to put on a movie, hooking up an external player or even playing your Xbox, these monitors have a compact, durable style that really gives a bang for your buck!

Overhead Monitors w/ DVD Players
Hook up the headphones and drive in peace! Keeping your kids entertained and quiet on the way to school, on a road trip, or even just driving around town can be important. With a stylish design and functionality, everything becomes a little simpler when deciding to go with a built-in DVD monitor. The Rosen T8 AS3232 for example, shows the potential a DVD overhead monitor can have. Providing you with controlled dome lighting, FM transmitters, shallow system install, and a DVD player, this overhead monitor brings the theater right to you.