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iRoc vs oCar: Which Is Right For You?

iRoc oCar

You use your iPhone daily. Why not take something you are so familiar with, and put it in your car? We’re talking about a car stereo that has the ability to harness the powers of the Apple iPhone and turn it into a mobile entertainment system. Two particular manufacturers have created two products so elegant and functional that some will find it challenging to choose between one. The Oxygen Audio oCar and the iRoc Radio are so similar, but so different. We’re going to help you with your decision and break it down for you.

The iRoc Radio

As beautiful as it is practical, this solid stereo will impress you and your passengers every time. Don’t worry about removing your favorite case, simply load your iPhone into the front panel of the iRoc and fire up your favorite album or music video. If you are concerned about losing your steering wheel controls, worry no more; you have full control of the iRoc just like you did with your factory radio. The built-in microphone on the front of the iRoc conveniently allows incoming calls to be handled without the use of your hands, allowing you to focus on the wheel. For personal phone calls, sync up your Bluetooth headset in a matter of seconds.

  • Continue using your favorite phone case
  • Maintain steering wheel controls
  • Bluetooth headset synchronization

The Oxygen Audio oCar

This single-din wonder will make life on the road much easier on you. Easily snap your iPhone into the included phone case and mount it into the oCar dock. Twist the iPhone dock counter clock wise and aim it toward you for a more personal experience. Sync up your wireless headset to the built-in Bluetooth and make as many hands-free calls as your heart desires. Be sure to download the free Sound Control and Radio Tuner applications from the App Store for a full oCar experience. If you are worried about the safety of this stereo, detach the control panel when you are leaving the vehicle to reduce any chance of theft.

  • Adjustable phone orientation
  • Bluetooth headset synchronization
  • Detachable front control panel

Make A Decision

With both stereos being so well built around the iPhone, it really comes down to preference. While both share features like video output, free apps and separate subwoofer control, they also have many features that set them apart. Please let us know which one you prefer by commenting in the section below!


The Oxygen Audio oCar Stereo Receiver

The Facts

The oCar, by Oxygen Audio, is one of the first in-dash receivers that fully integrates your Apple iPhone into your vehicle. Being built with a universal design, this radio replaces your factory stereo and is compatible with most standard vehicles on the road. If you own an Apple iPhone, this is the perfect unit for your car. Simply attach the included cell phone case to your iPhone, and click your phone into the center of the stereo for a secure hold. Once your phone is attached, it will receive a constant 5 watt charge to ensure your battery power is always topped off.

The Figures

The Oxygen Audio oCar supports playback of any audio and video you can access from your iPhone, whether it be YouTube, Pandora, or the music you have stored in your music library. Being able to produce 4 channels of 22 watts RMS, this stereo will force your stock speakers to liven up and sound better than ever. If you plan to use multiple car amplifiers, this stereo supports it. 3 pairs of 4 volt RCA outputs are provided for direct input into your amps. Download the Oxygen oCar apps from the iTunes store to even further expand the stereos functionality. With these apps, you gain a 3-band equalizer as well as a local and national AM/FM tuner.

The Fun

This premium car stereo incorporates everything you do on your iPhone into your vehicle. There is no need to spend time learning how to adjust your sound or mess with confusing menu screens, because there is no learning curve for a device that you already use on a daily basis. The familiar iPhone interface is utilized throughout the entire design of the stereo, making it very easy for anyone to operate. Pick your oCar up today and open the doors to a world of media and social entertainment like you have never seen before!